Minecraft: Pocket Edition [$6.99] has version 0.90 coming out this Thursday, July 10th, and they're promising two big things: infinity, and less unintentional sheep punching, along with a number of other small improvements and added features to bring the game closer and closer to the PC original.

Yes, the game will now finally support infinite worlds. Just try walking to the edge. You cannot any more. Deal with it. Make worlds as big as possible, or just wander around aimlessly for a while. There's also a new interaction button, which will make it much harder to accidentally attack things that you instead meant to just interact with, such as sheep. Look, sheep don't deserve to be punched in the face, most of the time. They're cute, fluffy animals who just have lots of useful wool that can be sheared without harming them. Unless they insult you, then there's no reason to go just punching them. Thank you, Mojang, for saving the sheep.


That's not all for the added features: there's caves, new blocks like mushrooms, wolves (which can be tamed!). New mobs of endermen and mooshrooms can be found in the world, which has new feature generation, along with biomes including jungles and extreme hills. None of these features may sound particularly impressive to an outsider, but they just help to flesh out this incredibly expansive game. The update launches on July 10th, seemingly for both iOS and Android.

  • Apricosomoso

    Woo! Now it can start to keep up with survivalcraft...

    • Billy Ocean

      if only i could tame those son of a bitch wolves in survivalcraft. they're bullies!!

      • DeadlySkittles


  • PresidentZer0

    Why no mfi controller?


      they might never, i mean they didnt put xbox wire controller support for the pc version

    • AlexMilo

      Someone might do it but you would have to jailbreak. :/

      • RhettMC

        No you don't have to jailbreak

    • michelleobetts

      My Uncle
      Joshua just got an almost new white Kia Rio Hatchback only from working
      part-time off a home computer. try this R­e­x­1­0­.­C­O­M­

  • Bobonze

    I wish they could sync it to the PC version


      the work that would be needed for that is alot, and even then it needs to be the exact same thing on both platforms

      • AlexMilo

        Well I have actually heard that PC Seeds works on Pocket as well, so a kind of connection does exist. Syncing will probably be whenever smartphones and tablets can support the actual PC version of the game. That might not take too long though!

    • marcanthony0313

      You can do it to where you can transfer your world pretty easily. But not sync, no.

    • DeadlySkittles

      It can't cause PC are stronger and have more things and IOS and Android can't handle those things they add in PC

  • Firedog5698

    There making pocket edition better and better at the moment

    • C. Stubb


      • MisterMiracle


  • Holcman

    Yes, this will get me back into playing it again!

    • AlexMilo

      But lacking both Experience and Hunger (MC-essentials following infinity and caves) will probably cause me to pick the game up and leave it a few hours after untill the next major update. :/

      • Jacob007


      • DeadlySkittles

        But they said in 0.9.1 maybe they can add skins 😀 I think u can make ur custom and buy those packs like Xbox


    Wow I may actually start playing the pocket addition again. I hated that I was stuck in a box without caves. Now if we can just get the red stone up and running, or have they done that already? (Sorry haven't played pocket addition in a long time now)


      no, they havent but i mean redstone is not very very important, might be in the next update or the following..

      • AlexMilo

        Hunger, Experience and Enchantments first, THEN redstone. 😉

      • DeadlySkittles

        alex no it's the way around REDSTONE first :3

    • DeadlySkittles

      Redstone has not fully been implemented yet u can mine the ore and get it but right now redstone can only be used for rails

  • Lohengriehn

    finally caves

    • loophole

      Ik! I've been waiting so long for this update. I've been following the twitter pretty much every day since February

  • theethanman2000

    Whoohoo! Finally! I've waited so long for this!!! 😀

  • jason

    I downloaded Survivalcraft and couldn't get into it. Should I give this one a go?

    • XzJ450NzX

      Survivalcraft is anazing.

      • Lightning Storm

        You misspelled "a disappointing, blatant rip-off"

  • thestapler

    Really excited about villages.

  • Kane

    When version 1.0.0 hits the AppStore, then I will be interested in trying this minecraft stuff.

    • AlexMilo

      If you're not into Minecraft by now you should DEFINITLY wait, the Pocket Edition is really not worth it at the moment (not to me atleast). There's some huge elements of Minecraft which are still not included:
      Hunger (essential for immersion)
      Experience (essential for enchanting and show accomplishment)
      Enchanting (better armor and tools makes the game a lot more intuitive)
      Redstone (a fun and useful gadget i.e. for machinery and experience grinding)
      The Nether (another world to explore and a way to travel to your friends faster)
      The End (again, some kind of accomplishment / goal)

      • thiagovscoelho

        Experience would at least be a reason not to die. When I'm low on health right now, the best strategy is to put my stuff in a chest and die. That feels like kind of defeating the goal.

  • Shadowking2214

    Now that 0.9 is coming I wonder if 1.0 will be the end of alpha and beginning of beta

    • XzJ450NzX


  • DeadlySkittles

    Umm I can't wait it's also 1 day before my bday (July 11) and Also it's 1,549,942 people's bday too ^_^ and I can't wait to tame a doggy 😀

    • AlexMilo

      Now you're mentioning it, it would actually be quite genius if they added gifts to Minecraft. Just a block you could place stuff in which would drop these items when destroyed. That mod has to exist somewhere 😛

      • DeadlySkittles

        Alex I think there is a mod but it was for 0.7.0

  • Wolfcoyote

    Screw those Silverfish! But other than that I'm VERY excited for the update. This will finally pull me away from the Mac version and away from my uncomfortable desk/chair. Any game that pulls me away from my desk and allows me to sit or lie comfortably and enjoy it is a plus in my book.


    My sister and I just flipped

  • Gh0stM4r1n3

    So stoked for this. I had to buy GTA V for my Xbox just to keep my focus in something else xD

  • Brian Wigington

    While in the Alpha test for my Galaxy Note 3 I have finally begun to enjoy this game. Bought it when I had an iphone, hardly played it. Now it has really gotten where it needs to be.

  • thiagovscoelho

    Oh man, that's awesome! At first I read it as "Minecraft going $0,99", I would be very peeved by that.
    Maybe I'll touch Minecraft again now. After having built a nigh-indestructible house where monsters aren't a problem I sort of got comfortable and found not much reason to continue. Maybe someday I'll buy the real PC Minecraft.

  • thiagovscoelho

    Wait, is that thing in the video a village? ARE WE GETTING GENERATED STRUCTURES that would be AMAZING

    • br4nd0n

      Yes we are, villages, strongholds, etc. MUCH EXCITE!

      • AlexMilo

        But without Ender Pearls (and therefore no Eyes of Ender just yet) the Strongholds are going to be quite hard to find. Also the portal there aint working and probably wont before a long time past 1.0.0. Looking forward to be looting dungeons and make grinders from spawners though.

  • greatnoob

    On the beta list for Android, most of these features are actually really polished (just a bit of crashes and graphical glitches). In iOS 8 they'll be allowing beta testers too just like on Android - kind of an equalizer for the platforms.

  • monika

    AWSEMONE! now they have villages!

  • 61050

    holy shit, i can almost see it now....

    version 1.


  • Firedog5698

    Is it me or did I see a village at 6 second mark? Villagers

    • chickaber


  • khann

    Cave and infinite worlds! I just hope they manage the files sizes. Maybe a switch to unchunk some areas without player made structures.

  • Dueler

    I predict a big sales boost when this hits, I mean it'll finally feel less like 'My First Minecraft' and be worth diving into. Cave generation is something I have been waiting for since day one as the mining was inherently less adventurous infinite world gen isn't something I thought I would see so that's an awesome bonus.

  • anabolicMike

    About barking time. About barking time barking farking time.

  • 1D12

    LITERALLY CANNOT WAIT!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH MOJANG!!!! One problem: I was trying to connect to my sisters world from her server and it wouldn't let me. We've done it so many times before and it's weird why it's not letting me do it now. We're connected to the same wifi and everything! Please fix!!!

  • RhettMC

    I'm really excited!!

  • EatMyDst

    I'm glad that with the mobile Minecraft they're getting a second chance at development. The game is way less buggy and it's plays really smooth. And it doesn't appear they're adding hunger. It was what completely took the fun out of PC Minecraft. That and enchanting because when they added enchanting they nerfed unenchanted swords to shit. Anyway, I'm really excited about this update. Once it comes out it'll definitely be better than survival craft because of the better mobs and no hunger.

  • Spudboy2012

    Anyone get the update yet? Midnight here.

  • Travischan03

    Just got an update here, annnnd spoiler alert: It's disappointing.

    No caves, no infinite worlds.

    It's not even 0.9, it's 0.8.1

  • Salsander

    Shafts have also made it into the game as well! 🙂