The idea behind the TouchArcade Game of the Week is that every Friday afternoon we post the one game that came out this week that we think is worth giving a special nod to. Now, before anyone goes over-thinking this, it doesn't necessarily mean our Game of the Week pick is the highest scoring game in a review, the game with the best graphics, or really any other quantifiable "best" thing. Instead, it's more just us picking out the single game out of the week's releases that we think is the most noteworthy, surprising, interesting, or really any other hard to describe quality that makes it worth having if you were just going to pick up one.

These picks might be controversial, and that's OK. If you disagree with what we've chosen, let's try to use the comments of these articles to have conversations about what game is your game of the week and why.

Without further ado…


Monster Hunter Freedom Unite

The spread of mobile devices means that more people are playing video games now than ever before, with the casual, "pick up and play" time killer-type games proliferating like mad. That's great and all, but what about something you can really, and I mean really sink your teeth into? That's where a game like Monster Hunter Freedom Unite [$14.99] comes in. This is not your typical mobile game. People talk of spending hundreds upon hundreds of hours inside the Monster Hunter world, and there's so much to see and to do that you could probably play only this for the rest of your life and be perfectly content.

The crazy thing is that despite how deep the game is, it still feels just perfect on mobile. Monster Hunter has always been kind of a divisive series, as it is a very difficult game to learn and it isn't shy about not holding your hand through the process. But, its arrival on iOS means it's being exposed to an absolutely massive audience, which means it has a chance to win over a whole new batch of fans. If you've heard of Monster Hunter but never really got into it, the fact that Freedom Unite plays on a device that most of us carry with us at all times and at a price that's markedly cheaper than on other game systems, now is probably the best chance to try it out and see if this type of game is for you.

Speaking of price, while Monster Hunter Freedom Unite is definitely a bargain compared to what it would have cost originally on the PSP, it's high by App Store standards at $15. Still, it's criminally cheap compared to how much content it has, and if you're among those who are sick of free to play and just wish there were "real" games sold for a single price, this is your chance to put your money where your mouth is. Be sure to check out Shaun's in-depth review as well as the thread in our forums for more, but if you need something to keep you busy this weekend, and for many weekends to come, check out Monster Hunter Freedom Unite.

  • EvilAbdy

    WOO! Great choice. Great game. I just wish it was on PS3 in the US 🙁

    • michellefgoss

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      • Design by Adrian

        She was fired because for 7 months she ignored work while playing Monster Hunter!

  • bluefire48

    Just got through playing my first 2 hours and I didn't even scratch the surface yet I was very engaged. Well deserved.

  • Meowman154

    Best game on ios by far I've only played 2 hours and I've only completed 1 quest (besides training) I can tell I'll put at least 100 hours into this game

    • Mike1022

      I've put 90 in it so far.since the jpn version came out and I'm nowhere near the end 😀

    • Heboi456

      Trust me you'll end up putting in a lot more

      • Design by Adrian

        That's what she said!

  • ImJPaul

    I bought this. Gonna dive head first after my run through of FF6.

  • TreeHouse

    My comments on this keep disappearing but I'm curious as to exactly how steep the learning curve is. Is it horrible and will turn off the casual gamer or is it accessible enough to be a good challenge and worth trying?

    • Emuchu

      Monster Hunter as a series tends to have a fairly even difficulty curve, with a few spikes here and there. The game gives you plenty of time to get accustomed to the controls and fight smaller monsters before they really start throwing the bosses at you.

      The most divisive things about Monster Hunter are its pace, and its unforgiving nature. Monster Hunter moves at a very deliberate speed, where every action, from using a potion to attacking, has some delay before and after, so you will never get away with mashing buttons. And the game is very quick about punishing you for using attacks or trying to heal when there isn't a good opening for it. If you can understand this concept, the difficulty isn't so bad.

      • lll Anubis lll

        Couldn't have said it better myself. The only thing I would like to mention is I believe this version has online multiplayer which should help out a lot with the difficult missions.

  • Duranki

    Is there iCloud support? I could see myself going between my iPhone and iPad frequently.

    • Themostunclean

      No, not yet at least. You can transfer character files between devices via iOS data management applications on your computer though.

  • Ty Brown

    I bought this for my iPhone 4 assuming "Performance wasn't guaranteed" only meant that it wouldn't impair the game completely. Eh, I guess if it doesn't come out for Android by December if it ever does, I'll just get PPSSPP and emulate the PSP version before I leave the Apple universe, I spent the money, I want my game. lol

    • Design by Adrian

      So what you are saying that it's unplayable on iPhone 4?

      • Ty Brown

        Pretty much. When you first start in your home, it's fine, but when you go outside, it slows down by 25~75%.

  • speedyph


  • Mike1022

    Btw guys it said ipad2 isn't supported but I installed it and it's running fine on mine!

  • tognesimo

    Game of the week, game of the year(2008)! Cashcom!

  • Jazzyjesus

    Am I the only one that thinks the camera is total rubbish?

    • curtisrshideler

      I do wish I could look up and down. But it works fine otherwise.

      • Themostunclean

        Swipe up and down to change viewing angle, it's not perfect but suits touch controls well to prevent accidentally swinging the camera up during a battle.

    • Themostunclean

      Try playing it on a single analog mobile device (PSP, 3DS for MH3). Compared to those it's awesome.

      • NinjaKitteh

        It's great on the 3DS with a circle pad pro.

    • killbill8921

      i use the lock on to track the monsters, is a convenient tap on the boss monster icon and tap that boss monster since I only need to know where my target is and not busying seeing adjusting the camera. Normal mobs however, you gonna have to do the extra work.

  • Press2Play

    Playing this game with ds3 and it's freaking awesome.

  • Scot Damn

    Between this game, Civ Rev 2 and the launch bundle in Fates Forever, I've spent more than I care to type in just two days.. I'm absolutely stoked about it all though! Tons of replay value between the three! Great iOS week.

    • Ultima12

      I agree!!!! But worth every penny. 3 huge games. I won't be touching my console for a while. Lol

  • Ultima12

    What a great ios week!!! My personal game of the week is Fates Forever. That game is freakin awesome!!

  • curtisrshideler

    My only concern is... Can I use that extended care from Apple to replace my iPhone 5S when the battery will no longer hold a charge because of playing this game too much?!

  • geno11233

    Game off the year.

  • worldcitizen1919

    Game of the Year!

  • FledgeFish

    I'll buy it once there's iCloud support

  • smiley_u

    Another one of those games (like Wayward souls) which makes me baffled at how well it is received by the community. I agree the game is very deep but the combat (at least on touch screen) is completely lousy.

    I don't deny the game is challenging but the challenge does not come naturally and is more embedded in the lack of information and awkward combat. Are standards of iOS gamers that low to even compare this to the likes of Dark Souls?

    PS: I did buy the game and spent several hours finishing up a few quests with one star.

    • Jazzyjesus

      Agreed. The standards of iOS gamers seem allot lower than console gamers. While I agree the game os ok, it is very dated. the controls and camera are pretty bad.

      • Themostunclean

        Controls and camera are identical to even the most recent in the series. The new touch controls even alleviate some of the issues present in the PSP version.

      • NinjaKitteh

        Except for 4. They changed the camera controls a lot from what I've read. Can't wait for it to drop here at the beginning of 2015.

      • BoonyTuesday

        It might be because there is a wider range of genres on iOS than consoles and iOS has more variety of players.

    • zakroma

      Man wayward souls is very ovverated. I barely touched it after 1 day of total hype.
      Hope it's not the case with this one

      • LarryWP

        Agree 100%. I'm still amazed Wayward Souls got so many great comments. I just chalk it up to me being an idiot, maybe retarded, possibly both. 😉

    • Wood

      This is an older game to be fair. But In terms of a dark souls comparison, this game was a primary influence on the design of the deliberate timing based combat and brutal difficulty of dark souls.

      • smiley_u

        I'm not sure how you can say this game was the primary influence on Dark Souls - is there anyone on record from From Software saying something like that?

  • anabolicMike

    I have tried this yet but will. HOWEVER there is a game that I am currently playing on Android that is astounding. It's on it's way to IOS and it's an awesome epic game. It's called: Siralim. I don't know if you guys have brought this game up yet but you gotta give it a look! It's an RPG with Pokemon elements an almost infinite replayability. It's like final fantasy meets Pokemon meets diablo meets a BJ. I love it!!!!

    Eli!!!! Go check it out dude! Siralim! I don't know if it's out on IOS yet but it will be. I can't believe that I almost ignored it because of the graphics! Someone slap me! I know better then that. Ok I'll check out this monster hunter game. It's unfortunate I think I got spoiled by Siralim!

    • houseofg

      This feels like a shill, and a bad one at that.

  • september

    It's cheaper on the PSP currently and I would prefer direct controls, is there many enhancements with this version that would make this a no brainier over the original?

    • Themostunclean

      Do you have an iPad or an iPhone? My personal opinion from playing both versions is the iPad wins out. Bigger screen, higher resolution textures, better camera control, easier to read text. If you're playing on an iPhone, especially a 4S or older without MFi, then PSP is probably better. MHFU has a ton of UI elements on screen, especially with the touch controls, this makes things extremely cramped.

      • september

        Thanks for that, I have an iPad and you make some good points

    • Shaun Musgrave

      Pros: Cheaper, has buttons, better battery life, if you have a Vita you can use the right stick to avoid "The Claw".

      Cons: No online multiplayer unless you use Adhoc Party through a PS3, worse graphics, "The Claw" (you have to twist your hand to move using your left thumb on the stick while controlling the camera using your left index finger on the directional pad while using your left middle finger on the L-button), no camera lock-on.

      If you're only playing single player and don't mind contorting your hand, the PSP version is fine. No differing content.

      • Alan Baldwin

        Don't forget, MFI controllers. I'm playing it on my iPad with a stratus, it's pretty sweet. Can't wait for the Stratus XL to come out for when I'm at home.

  • Papa Deuce

    So basically almost 100% of this game is killing monsters? Not much else?

    • DenzilofDojima

      The aim of the game is to hunt and eventually kill different monsters yeah. But the gather/prep/hunt/kill/upgrade cycle is so compelling you can lose hundreds of hours to it once your hooked.

  • DenzilofDojima

    First time I've jailbroken in over a year just so I could play this with my dualshock3. Heaven!

  • Apalachicola

    Didn't hook me. The controls are awkward (get a controller or buy it on another platform). There seems to be little voice over. Goals were unclear. Tutorial is nonsense. The art is generic, unremarkable. The menus are dated and impenetrable. The writing is bland. Fans of the series might like it, but for me, a neophyte, it bored me quickly. Not recommended, especially at such a high price. I didn't have a chance to try multiplayer.

    In a nutshell: too much learning curve, not enough standout qualities. I suspect the game might get better if I were to sink more time into it, but that seems more like work than fun.

    • lelamquan184

      I guess you are more fond of traditional RPGs with solid stories and such, so this game may not be your cup of tea. Monster Hunter is basically a hunting simulation with a bit of RPG element. If you like games like deer hunting, then you have come to the right place.

      • Apalachicola

        Pretty much. I was sort of hoping it would be more RPG-like than it turned out. Absolutely no offense intended to the folks who love this game, but it seems bland without the usual JRPG accompaniments of pretty art, characterization and a compelling story.

    • smiley_u

      This sums up all my thoughts exactly (especially the part where it feels more like work than gaming) - like I said before I'm basically writing this off to the lower acceptance threshold of iOS gamers in general - no offense.

      • bilboad

        This game isn't my cup of tea either, but I think you're incorrect in attributing its popularity to iOS gamers' having low standards. This series is already immensely popular on other platforms, so its popularity obviously has nothing to do with iOS specifically. I think it's just a game which scratches certain itches that not everyone has. There are lots of very popular games which have similar elements of collecting, organizing, tending to and upgrading large inventories of stuff, which are very popular and compelling for lots of people. I feel like I'm just missing some personality trait that would make those games enjoyable. When I've tried them they just feel like work to me, but I realize that for a lot of people that's very fun.

  • Shaun Musgrave

    If I had to guess, it's probably one of a few things or a combination. First, this was sort of the Street Fighter 2 of the series in Japan and thus holds some special significance as a result. Second, they already had localization done from the PSP release, making it easier and cheaper to get out worldwide. Third, if they started with 3rd it would be harder to go back and sell 2nd G, while this way they could test the waters and if it went well, maybe consider 3rd for release. Why sell just one when you can sell two, right? But it could be lots of other things. Licensing, as you mention. 3rd probably still sells a bit at its Best Hits price and they didn't want to salt that earth just yet. Who knows? Anyway, the iOS version was a huge hit in Japan, so I'm hoping that leads to an English version of 3rd at some point, too.

  • Terwilke

    For everyone worrying about the learning curve... Takes a while but it's worth it. Played the first freedom on psp and learned everything and now I just jump into all the monster hunter games

  • whitechapel

    one of the creators of monster hunter helped make dark souls two. Also dark souls and monster hunter have very similar gameplay in regards to dodging attacks looking for openings learning your enemies moves . dark souls two has also coppied a few greatsword attacks from this game xD

  • Multiboy2k


    If you are reading this, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, port the MH3U over to iOS. As you can see here, new people are instantly loving the series and for us veteran hunters, we are anxiouxly salivating at the thought of the premier 3DS version redone with high resolution graphics and such done on iOS. It's practically a license to print money at this point.

    @Capcom Forever!

  • killbill8921

    not surprise, been playing like nuts since it's debut launch, what surprises me is how quickly I progressed compared to my PSP era!

  • Samurninsai

    I just wish it was on Android.