Capcom's iOS games present a truly insane roll of the dice. You've got terribly reimagined ports of classics like Mega Man X [$4.99], wonderful ports of underappreciated games like Ghost Trick [Free], ports that are maybe a bit too perfect like Street Fighter II Collection [$3.99] or the dearly departed Marvel Vs. Capcom 2, and games that take familiar names and series and go in strange directions like Ghosts 'n Goblins Gold Knights [$0.99]. This time, however, they've really gone and done it. Just when you think they can't make you doubt them any further, they go and totally redeem themselves with an absolutely fantastic iOS version of Monster Hunter Freedom Unite [$14.99].

Let's start off this review with the bare facts. Yes, only the second paragraph and we're already dealing with nudity. That's how you know it's a spicy one. Monster Hunter Freedom Unite was originally released in Japan in early 2008 on Sony's PSP system. It was an expanded version of the second Monster Hunter Freedom game, which was itself an enhanced portable version of the Japan-only Monster Hunter 2 for PlayStation 2. While the series had gone relatively unnoticed on the PS2, it steadily picked up popularity in its handheld installments. With the release of this game, the series exploded in popularity in Japan, selling over a million copies in the first week alone, and establishing the series as an icon of modern Japanese popular culture, a position it still enjoys to this day. Not bad for what amounts to an expansion pack.


After this game, the series branched out, with one further installment in the Freedom series on PSP, which was never localized, and a few mainline sequels for Nintendo systems, two of which have seen English versions. Yet, for many fans, Monster Hunter Freedom Unite is the installment that holds a special place in their hearts, and that might explain why Capcom has selected it to be the first traditional Monster Hunter game on iOS. Best of all, they've enhanced the game in a few ways, most notably allowing English handheld gamers to play together online for the first time without any additional hardware, and carefully redesigned the interface for touchscreen play instead of just cramming eight virtual buttons on the screen and calling it a day. If you're keeping track, that makes this an enhanced port of an expansion of an enhanced port of a PlayStation 2 game. If that doesn't give you warm fuzzy Capcom nostalgia, I don't know what else to say here.

It's no secret that, like fellow Japanese pop culture gaming icon Dragon Quest, Monster Hunter has had a tough and bitter battle winning over Western gamers. It's a series whose tempo doesn't quite fit the expectations you might have just from hearing the abstract concept. You hear 'Monster Hunter' and you're probably imagining epic battles between your well-equipped, armor-clad hero and terrifying, fire-breathing dragons and such. Well, those fights are in the game, but this game takes its hunting seriously, and there's more to hunting than just drunkenly stumbling into an animal's space and waving your weapon around at its nose until it dies. For every thrilling action-packed fight, there's at least triple the amount of time spent preparing traps, planning escape routes, gathering supplies, and so on. Charging into things disorganized will earn you a swat on the nose, and as the monsters get bigger and more dangerous, those swats will take off appropriately large pieces of your face.


Monster Hunter is an action game that is often mistakenly thought of as an RPG, and while it does have RPG elements in its equipment and quest systems, the real progression for the player is in skill and knowledge, not higher levels and new abilities. Your equipment will get stronger as you play through, but almost all of the abilities you will ever have or need are yours to use from the start. It's up to you to make the best of them, and part of that is learning how each monster you'll come across behaves. It's perhaps hard to adjust to when so many of today's games are built around meeting the player in their comfort zone, but this stubborn refusal to settle is a big part of why Monster Hunter is ultimately such a satisfying experience. There are a number of things about the game that will certainly chafe you until you get used to them, and the game will force you to do so whether you like it or not.

This is never more apparent than in the early part of the game, where you will have to complete a couple of hours worth of training missions, many of which involve very little hunting of monsters at all. You'll be sent out to gather certain herbs, or carry an egg from a nest back to your camp, and when you finally are sent to kill something, it's a relatively non-hostile creature that will barely fight back. You will probably be ready to throw your paintbrush and paint bucket on the ground and tell the teacher off for wasting your time when you just want to learn how to fight. The final beginner training mission sends you after something a little bit more dangerous, however, and it may dawn on you during that mission what the purpose of all that figurative fence-painting really was. Walking up and poking the monster with your weapon of choice is only a small part of winning in Monster Hunter, while knowing the environment and how to take advantage of what it offers are huge aspects, and by the time you finish the training missions, they'll be second nature to you.


The basic structure of the game never really changes much. The town of Pokke serves as a hub where you can take on missions, tend to your farm, and upgrade, buy, or craft items and equipment. You can access your item box, save your game, or just chill out by talking to the townspeople. When you're ready to head out, you can take a mission from a variety of sources. The missions are ranked according to difficulty and completing them will earn you cash, items, and guild points that go towards increasing your Hunter Rank. As your Hunter Rank rises, you'll have access to more difficult missions with greater rewards. Increasing your Hunter Rank is one of the main goals of the game.

After taking on a mission and departing Pokke town, you'll travel to whichever destination the mission takes place in automatically. These places are large maps made up of several smaller interconnected areas, and cover a variety of terrain types such as snowy mountains, volcanoes, deserts, and jungles. You'll start off in your camp area where you can access your bed and a couple of special item boxes. Each mission has a time limit, and you need to accomplish your goal before it runs out. If you happen to run out of health during a mission, the cute little Felyne characters will drag you back to your camp. You'll incur a time and reward penalty, but you're free to try again if you have enough time left. Once your goal is met, you'll be given your reward and transported back to the town.


You can choose between 11 different types of weapons, each with their specific strengths and weaknesses. You will need to play very differently depending on the one you choose, but there's no penalty or loss for changing weapon types, so feel free to keep a variety on hand to suit the needs of each mission. You can't change your gear while you're in a mission, though, so it's good to have a fallback weapon that suits your personal playstyle for cases when you're not sure what will be best. Some of the weapons allow you to run, block, roll, or use items when they're unsheathed, while others restrict you heavily at the cost of power. No one weapon has it all, so you're always going to have to work around drawbacks, no matter what you bring. If only you could somehow have four different weapons to work with, some of those bigger monsters might go down more easily.

The game's format is wonderfully suited to handheld play, since many of the missions are relatively short, giving you a convenient stopping point if you need to put the game away and do something else. At the same time, improving your equipment, increasing your Hunter Rank, and improving the town offer great over-arching goals that keep you coming back. There are tons of missions and a lot of things to do in the single-player mode. I haven't even mentioned fishing, bug-catching, mining, cooking lunch, combining items, running your Felyne kitchen, playing with a pig, training your assistant, and so on. It's basically Animal Crossing with gobs of violence and skinning your neighbors so you can wear their faces as hats. You could easily spend dozens of hours playing the game on your own, and you probably will. The funny thing is, it's actually just the warm-up for the real show.


Sooner or later, you're going to run into monsters that test your skill a little bit too much. As I mentioned, no one weapon does it all, but if you could bring in a few, you can probably cover most weaknesses. Well, for the first time in English on a handheld system, it's very easy to play online multiplayer in the iOS version of Monster Hunter Freedom Unite. All you need is a WiFi connection, no extra console required. Up to four players can join together to take on a variety of missions with some truly amazing spoils. Like everything else in the game, playing effectively as a team takes a careful, planned approach. You can hit each other if you're not careful, and most groups of hunters are only a few bad swings away from things going completely bananas, especially against some of the more powerful monsters. If you work well together, however, the rewards are great, both in terms of items and personal satisfaction. This is where the series shines brightest, and it works perfectly in this version.

The biggest thing I was skeptical about with this version was the control system. Sure, the game supports MFi controllers, and it obviously plays as well as it did on PSP with one, if not better thanks to the camera being mapped to the right stick, avoiding the player having to use the "Claw" grip. Most people aren't rocking controllers, though, and those that do have them don't always bring them when they're out and about. So, in the interest of science, while preparing for this review, I played the game primarily in touch mode, and I'm happy to report that it works better than I would have imagined. Things are streamlined in a way that there's never an excessive amount of virtual buttons on the screen at any given point in time. Contextual actions only have their buttons come up when needed, and certain things assigned to extra buttons have been intelligently collapsed into the existing layout. The camera is a bit more fussy to deal with here than it is on a controller, but it's partially made up for by allowing you to quickly snap the camera just by touching the screen. On the other hand, using items is easier with the touch layout. The directional stick takes a little getting used to, but if you've been gaming on iOS devices, you'll be fine.

That sets the pace for the port overall. It's absolutely fantastic. The bump in resolution has had no effect on the framerate, so everything looks great and runs smoothly, even against big chunky monsters. The excellent music and awesome sound effects are all here, and, like other English versions of the series, the translation is top-notch, with lots of funny text and no glaring problems with readability. Like reading this review, getting completely into Monster Hunter Freedom Unite requires patience, but once you understand the game, it's basically a bottomless pit of enjoyment, as the massive thread in our forum will attest to. You could spend literal hundreds of hours playing through all of the content it has to offer. This is a flawless version of an incredible game, and my animal-faced hat is off to the people at Capcom for putting this together.

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  • KingAce34

    This is one of the few games on ios which is truly a Masterpiece which I can say so for my self.

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  • miroa

    Wonderful review! This should convince those who were on the fence and explain what the game is to the newbies. Thank you.

    • Jake7905

      Shaun MustRead is at it again.

  • Amalgam

    Wow.... Finally

    I playing MH3 Ultimate in 3ds right now but i miss intense battle with 2 Rajang

    I will buy it tonight

  • XzJ450NzX

    The compatibility of this game is stuffed up. Im using an ipod 5th gen 16gig and it is saying it is not compatible yet the iphone 4s is. The both have the same chip. (A5)

    • Based Xatu

      I think it's a ram issue or something.

    • Nekku

      Device requirements including a camera and auto-focus. That's why it is working on an iPad Mini 1st Gen which has auto-focus but it isn't working on an iPad 2. You will have to delete this line(s) inside the info.plist file to be able to install it on your device.

      • chaZ

        So if I do this it will work on my Ipad 2? What do I have to do?

      • Nekku

        - download it on your PC using iTunes
        - open the downloaded IPA file with WinRAR
        - search for the info.plist file inside the /payload/ folder
        - open it, scroll to the end of file and search for
        auto-focus-camera and front-facing-camera.
        - completely delete these two lines
        - save the file, close WinRAR and install the app through iTunes.

      • Nekku

        Guys sorry for confusion. Editing the plist file doesnt work for unknown reasons but you can download the game with iTunes and install it with iFunbox just fine xD
        Totaly forgot about that.
        So go for it all you iPad 2 and iPod touch 5 16GB users, it's great!


      • CzarBrain

        Thanks so much! Did the ifunbox and it worked awesomely for the clunker iPad2.

      • visualplayer

        The way you post this code, baby. Awoo!

      • XzJ450NzX

        Oh well, ill just use appcake. Super slow downloads. :/

      • XzJ450NzX

        Yep i downloaded it using appcake and it works! Very smooth. Playing with a ps3 controller. 😀

    • pocketpcandgeek

      The problem is from the RAM and developers. I'm sure they didn't played the game on iPod Touch 5th. So they just need to add a line in there IPA file to make an exception for this device.

  • skoshu

    Whoa, tempting. Just need to know if this plays acceptably on an old ipad mini. If it does i'll grab it.

    • XzJ450NzX

      It should considering its compatible

      • skoshu

        Yeah, but then it also says "performance on devices listed is not guaranteed", so i'd rather wait for feedback by players.

      • XzJ450NzX

        Theey will probably update the compatibility list after a week or so. Ive seen ios games that happen like that.

      • XzJ450NzX

        e.g the collectables. It was unsupported on my ipod but i somehow got it to download and it works like a charm.

    • Patt

      it seems to run just fine on mine.

    • Kriss.

      It runs smoothly!

  • chaZ

    Wish I could play on my Ipad 2 🙁

  • nadav bar kama

    ok ok ... now lets see all the F2P haters and Premium game heros ... put your money where your mouth is!

    • Morgan01 questions. They did a nice job with touch controls.

    • Design by Adrian

      Sure, I'll buy it! Because it's actually a game!

    • Bool Zero

      Already did last night... Your point? I've always supported the "high" premium priced games, not just with words but with my money... I just wish there were more of us...

      • nadav bar kama

        my point? premium model isn't good, its bad! for companies for developers and for users. this is a great title by a huge well known studio! and how many downloads does it get? 2000? 3000?
        - not to mention all the premium "fans" that talk the talk, but never walk the walk ...
        - games should be fun! and great to play.
        - and should find a "healthy" balance built upon F2P.
        or just ignore the writing on the wall ...

      • killbill8921

        130000 players online. The numbers are a healthy indication.

      • YARRRRR

        You are right, in the same way that for example producing artwork by hand one piece at a time is bad for museums for artists and for art admirers.

      • YARRRRR

        also, over 1600 estimated daily downloads according to thinkgaming

    • curtisrshideler

      Never played a MH game, but I am a strong premium supporter. Bought it ASAP this morning. Only a few training missions into it, but this is a solid, full game. Worth every penny. Thankfully, there aren't any IAP here!

    • rewind

      You guys all make me sick. Freemium rules! $0.99 cent games are okay too. But $14.99?! That's beyond ridiculous.

      • Niclas Johansson

        How much cash have you sunk into Boom Beach and Candy Crush?

      • rewind

        Haha, does everyone know what games I play now? 🙂 I've never spent a penny on Candy Crush, but I've thrown a lot of iTunes gift cards into Boom Beach. That's the great part about it, you don't have to spend money on every game, but they still make a ton of money off the 10% of players who do buy IAP.

      • Design by Adrian

        Is it ridiculous to pay $50 for a general Nintendo DS game? $15 is a bargain!

      • rewind

        They are $40, but yes, it's ridiculous. It wasn't ridiculous in 2006 though. I've spent over $6,000 in Wii, DS, Xbox, and Xbox360 games, and the worst part is that I only really enjoyed about 20% of them. But there was no other option back then. Now, I can play games for free, and only pay if I enjoy them (or not pay and still enjoy them). It's saved me a lot of money.

      • curtisrshideler

        Has the type of game you "enjoy" changed over the years? It's hard to see someone who mainly played lengthy RPGs on GameCube or DS enjoying F2P timer-ridden IAP-filled tapping apps now. I have a couple F2P games on my device, but for the most part my devices are filled with lengthy RPGs or Action/Adventure games that are premium because that's what I've always liked.

      • rewind

        Eh, they were more like Wii Fit, Mario Kart, Super Mario Galaxy, games that you can play with family and friends. And I would play them for 30 minutes and then go do something else productive. With F2P games, it's the same kind of thing. I play for a little bit, and then read a book, or take a walk, or actually experience life off of a video game. So timers and lives don't bug me.

      • HungarianUrinalCakes

        Wait... What?? You criticize people (we make you "sick") for spending premium money on a game with -- oh, I don't know, 100+ hours of gameplay, when you admit to "iTunes gift cards on a F2P game... MONEY IS MONEY! You spent it just like we did! What exactly is the difference in the way you spent it from your point of view?

        I get that your better than us because you read, and go for walks, talk to girls, and generally enjoy having a life and therefore don't have the time to sink into games of this caliber while we are all presumably hiding from the sun with MHFU in our hands right now. You don't have the shame of admitting to people that yes, you play games on your phone because let's face it, society accepts Candy Crush, right? You are one fucking cool dude! (/sarcasm)

        We paid for a game with ultimately unlimited replay value and our money is stretched to mere pennies per hour of entertainment the more we play it. You literally shit your money down the toilet and have nothing to show for it anymore on something that you admitted that you get bored of. So uh... What the hell is your point again?

      • rewind

        They said "now let's see all the F2P haters and premium heroes," which shows that they don't respect MY type of games. I'm not criticizing their spending decisions. I gave my opinion on the whole situation, but I never said that they were spending their money wrong. You all can go on buying premium games, and I don't have an issue with that. I'm just defending my free-to-play tastes.

      • nadav bar kama

        hello rewind, i do respect all kind of games, and myself play F2P and premium, my issue is to all the comments and commentators automatically regarding F2P as a non decent or valid business model ... i have seen to many times on TA people just ripping off at games just because they are FREE!!! (sometimes even before trying it!) ... and i am just curious how many of them bought this fantastic title ....

      • Bool Zero

        Your argument is that most freemium games are, well, debatably games at best! I highly doubt that any of the freemium games compare in quality, gameplay and actual fun that those games you paid more money for either. As it stands you are entertaining yourself but highly doubt you are getting the same satisfaction. As it stands, most freemium games are just graphical pretty spreadsheet games with very fuzzy math and "dice" rolls designed against the player, where there is actually no strategy to winning as opposed to a strategy to playing against their inherent monetization. You're not playing a game in most cases with these freemium title; you are just placating and abiding against their Vegas slot machine styled psychological manipulation as you chase the dragon that can never actually be caught. Occasionally you pay in to earn the feeling that you got a little bit closer you really haven't, as you ultimately find another paywall, and then another, and then another... As a enthusiast in actual Game Theory (the scientific theory as applied in everything from chess to politics) these freemium titles I find are actually not "games" but rather "toys"... I guess it works for some but I refuse to play games that feel intentionally hamstringed with the sole purpose of holding back content behind timers and paywalls to manipulate the player. I prefer paying for a full and us manipulated experience upfront then have my enjoyment proviso to how much I'm willing to throw at a game at any given time.

      • Bool Zero

        "My argument with your argument[....]"

      • visualplayer

        You have a good point. Many freemium games are just addictive timewasters. You don't actually play or think. You just tap...

      • rewind

        I try to avoid those games. If I realize that there is very little strategy involved, I won't play it. But a lot of free games these days do involve strategy to a certain extent.

      • visualplayer

        A few. I like Ultima Forever; strategy and development involved there and also free. Nimblebit stuff too. But those are the exception rather than the rule and what usually happens is I play for a while and when I meet some inner deadline I go ahead and make one IAP for what I think the game is worth-did that with pocket planes.

      • YARRRRR

        i did that a couple times with f2p games. Then i realised a single payment of what the game is worth never gets any close to taking down the paywall, and therefore the game is either worth thousands or nothing. And none of those games is worth thousands.

      • Themostunclean

        20% is ridiculous. Either your taste in games is questionable or you just fail to do any research into your purchases. I've enjoyed 99% of the premium console games I've spent my money on. Of course I don't blindly throw money around. Considering your freemium preference, maybe blindly throwing money around is more your style.

      • rewind

        Haha, nice one. 🙂

      • visualplayer

        I remember when the first Final Fantasy was $50. Ah, old days.

      • YARRRRR

        Oh, if that is the case then, well, you being bad at financiall calls eplains your position, but still does not allow jumping to thes conclusions. And actually with your problem the best solution is not f2p, but premium games that are free for 2-3 hours and then you either buy full content for a one-time fee or uninstall if you do not like it.

      • Ubisububi

        This guy is always waving the F2P banner wherever he posts. Frankly, I just don't get why anybody would prefer timers, currencies, and pay-to-win over owning a game outright. Whatever floats his boat, I guess...

      • curtisrshideler

        Yeah, it's like he's 10 years old and never owned an original NES, Gameboy, Genesis, SNES, N64, GameCube, PS, or other consoles that had real games... Or maybe he just likes tapping on F2P apps because he doesn't like regular games or he's not good at them. Eh. Thankfully, though, we can still buy games like this and he can still buy IAP or nothing at all on his apps.

      • rewind

        Yeah, it's great! You can play your games, and I can play mine. I'll still tell everyone why I like F2P games better, because I'm a very outspoken person (I think you all know that) But we can each live happily ever after. Oh, and I'm not a 10 year old. 🙂

      • curtisrshideler

        Yeah, the 10 year old thing was a cheap shot. My bad. It was so 8 years old of me, huh? 😉

      • Amalgam

        Just try monster hunter please, i dare you

      • Themostunclean

        He's just one if those people who thinks "a game is a game and free is always better". Obviously he doesn't understand that FTP and premium are so completely different at the core that the former can hardly be considered a game. Or he's just a troll.

      • PoloBaquerizoH

        Candy Crash fan that doesnt now how to difference the quality between a premium game and a fremium one, to have a console game (big premium prices) on my ipad has no comparison

    • Patt


      • funny_man_vanya

        Somehow the idea of playing a game and having someone figuratively tapping my shoulder asking for money every once in a while a very disagreeable experience.

    • killbill8921

      Just one Rathalos Ruby, one frinkin Rathalos Ruby...........

  • dudewelcome

    This is and may always be, in my opinion, the closest-to-perfect game that will ever grace the App Store

  • speedyph


  • makitango

    It's premium week and I like it!

  • HelperMonkey

    Shaun, I know you like to be efficient and precise, but I think we'd all like to see something a bit more comprehensive in your reviews. For instance, what did you have for breakfast yesterday? And how about your opinion on instant replay in basketball? I mean, these games cost money, and I don't even know your favorite color!

    • skoshu


      I like his style though. Guy can write, so i have no problem with not everything being 100% relevant to the game. I think a lot of fun in writing has to do with creative freedom to go tangential sometimes. He's my fav reviewer because i tend to work similarily.

      • Torque2k

        I'm pretty sure there was a fair amount of sarcasm in the OP's post. Pretty sure. 😉

      • skoshu

        Uh, yeah. Hence my reply!

    • skoshu

      If you think it simply is too much tho...idk, this seems a pretty big and interesting release. Seems warranted in this case.

    • Shaun Musgrave

      That was all in my original 15,732 word draft. I knew I shouldn't have compromised!

  • Quickmix

    Instant Buy 🙂

  • Chq

    13,99€? Omg!

    • TigerBoat

      That's a lot of Es...

  • Blodia

    Why was Street Fighter II Collection "too perfect"?

    • Niclas Johansson

      Maybe because it was just a straight pixel-for-pixel port of a game that has since been run over by (mostly its own sequels and) other games? I remember being ansolutely jaw-droppingly awestruck by the original SF2 on snes - the character sprites were bigger and more dynamically animated on the screen than anything else from that era (think Super Mario, even Super Metroid, etc), and the control was something entirely new. SF4Volt being available on IOS, there's not really much appeal left to the original.

  • thejbe

    Been playing since release, really happy with controls, the way it looks and the overall feel of the game. My only issue is NO ICLOUD SAVE!?!? WHYYYYYYY????

    • Design by Adrian

      I don't like the controls that much, actually. I often "miss" the arrows, or sometimes it feels it doesn't register "top right" etc. Also, I always end up running past a monster, which starts attacking me from behind. Is there a way to lock the camera at least?

  • visualplayer

    I think this is going to be interesting and these higher-priced games are heralding a change in the app store market (Civ 2, Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, etc.) We're going to see the 2.99 game-4.99 price range disappear first, then the gap will widen. Finally, we'll only either see freemium games OR higher quality 14.99 games (which I think should be the max price point; they don't have delivery or hardware or physical production to worry about thanks to the app store, so that works.) The sad thing is, I'm the category of people who now only have time for freemium crap–but I have the heart of a gourmet gamer, and this game looks like something I'd want to buy.

    • lll Anubis lll

      Go for it... Just do it.... Go for it... JUST DO IT!

    • rewind

      Yeah, we're reaching a point where people will either pay or not pay. $0.99 games aren't very profitable anymore, because the "cheap people" are becoming "free people."

      • visualplayer

        I call them the gambling people. I think it's the same as the group of people who just go to casinos and die in front of slot machines.

      • Jake7905

        The "free" people have always been the "cheap" people. You know, the type that waits on a price drop on a .99 cent game.

  • Zazzy

    Game center id Zazzy1980 add for hunts in the future,will be playing this a lot methinks 🙂

  • jzerocsk

    "It's basically Animal Crossing with gobs of violence and skinning your neighbors so you can wear their faces as hats. "

    Burying the lede much? If you made this the first sentence I could have gone started downloading it and came back to finish the review while I waited! 🙂

    • kendahlj

      Not many people here are going to know what a lede is...

      • jzerocsk

        Would be awesome if there was a way on the internet to search for things like word definitions. Someone should invent that!

  • Klonis

    I have an iPod touch 5th generation 32g and the game runs excellent!

  • FRnchFRy

    Stupid hotel wifi.....INSTALL!INSTALL!INSTALL!

  • Zenfar

    Looks amazing!

  • melocoman

    Good review

  • bluefire48

    Is the game universal? I.E. Buy once and play on iphone and ipad?

    • bluefire48

      Never mind. I see it is.

  • pipja

    Truly epic review article. I am pumped after reading it even though this aint my cup of tea. Great job bro.

  • jesse_dylan

    Hmm, think ill stick to mh3u on 3ds and await mh4.

  • PresidentZer0

    Good game. Camera control is kinda weird on mfi controller. Is there a way to lock on targets?

  • Ultima12

    Wow!! I guess I'll be getting this. I was trying to decide between this and Civ Rev but I think this won.

    • curtisrshideler

      Me too. And this won out for me.

  • Luciano1084

    Good review Shawn..... Damn good review..... Bought civ yesterday today this 🙂 🙂

  • curtisrshideler

    Also, this game turns my phone into a decent hand-warmer. So, that's a nice extra perk.

  • Bool Zero

    Damn fine review from my favorite reviewer!

  • Tom Tjarks

    I think this will have much more traction now. Monster Hunter 3U on the 3DS has done well, and the survival gamers from Minecraft, Rust, DayZ and more might really grok the progression in this game over when it was first released.

  • EZ Ice

    Not iPad2(wifi+cel)

    • DuckyShot

      It wouldn't be able to handle it

    • Nekku

      It runs totally smooth on iPad 2. But you will have to buy it with iTunes on your PC and install it with iFunbox to bypass the restrictions.

  • Meowman154

    Finally no more waiting I didn't think it would come

  • DuckyShot

    The best $15 I've spent on a game

  • Billy Ocean

    hopefully this release makes a giant mountain of money and more japanese game companies will realize that the west actually does want to play their games.

    • curtisrshideler

      And that's exactly why I keep pouring money into Square Enix. They brought FFT, FF I-VI, and latest Dragon Quest VIII to iOS. That and this game have me so excited about gaming again. And I can do it all on my phone! If they make it, I will buy it. That's my motto!

  • Phosphor_chip

    Amazing game! Everyone who wants to see more premium games like this on iOS need to vote with their dollars

    • Themostunclean

      I think Japanese publishers have realized that this type of pricing works with big licenses. A few western publishers have too.

      As an earlier poster said, we'll probably see a widening gap with freemium (the tofurkey of games) on one end and higher priced premium (filet mignon) on the other. .99¢-$4.99 games will disappear.

  • Austin Lyon

    I've been googling Monster Hunter news every day since E3 waiting for this under-the-radar release. This was the first article I saw to report on it, and it's brilliant. Thank you!

  • the_rebel14

    This is awesome! To bad I don't have enough money in iTunes right now... To Walmart!

  • Ben

    I'm not sure about the on screen d-pad are the controls easy to get used to? I'm not a fan of on screen d-pads but I really want this game

    • EvilAbdy

      on screen dpad is fine. very well done.

  • smiffee666

    buy buy buy (to my life, job and family) have read the review twice now waitin for the kids to go to bed and then i'll get stuck in, dem pesky kids!!! cheers shaun for your word spells : ))

  • gollum34x

    If I installed this through if ifunbox would it work on the iPod touch 4th gen. Please help.

    • XzJ450NzX

      No way. Ipod 4th gen struggle to play those big 3d games due to its power

      • gollum34x

        Thank you for telling me so I didn't waste 15$.

  • tranceforma

    Incredible. Loving it

  • Jak Constantine

    Big let down. Wanted to play it, but I it's not compatible for IPAD 2. I can try the other method maybe. I Hope they make this game compatible in the future like what square enix did with Dues Ex

    • Design by Adrian

      There's a trick to make it compatible, look for the most popular, or 2nd most popular post in this thread.

  • Themostunclean

    I love that TA allows profanity. No sarcasm, profanity is completely warranted in this case.

    • LarryWP

      Yeah, it really helps things out considerably. Especially getting Jesus and his middle and last name involved. No reason to even begin to consider this sarcastic.

  • gollum34x

    DangitI was really hoping to play this. But thanks for telling me before I wasted 15 $

  • alex13111

    How does this play on the iPhone 5? I'm curious. Thanks for the help. Is it too cramp? Or will I be able to play this without much worry? I absolutely loved MHFU on PSP, put a lot of hours into it. Just curious. Thanks! (Yes that is 2 thanks in one post)

    • EvilAbdy

      I've been playing for a bit and killed the first big monster. No issues. Controls are fine, just takes a little getting used to. I played it on the PSP, but like the camera controls better on this since you can swipe to move it around. ( of course I played on the psp go so that might be a little different then a normal one)

  • spike17spiegel

    I never played mister hunter but always thought it looked very interesting. I might just give this a try!

  • smiffee666

    plays great on ip5 for me, truly portable, though am not too far in yet only early in training as kids wernt for going to sleep early last night

  • smiffee666

    sorry, should justify that stmnt, direction control is good and all the action buttons are context senditive so change when certain actions become available, not too cramped at all, really workable

  • smiffee666

    happy independance day to you guys over pond : ))

    • Doc Robby

      Thanks mate! Very kind of you. 🙂

  • RoboWarrior

    Runs incredibly smooth, 45+ FPS and no crashes. There is not need to reboot or clear your multitasking cards.

  • iManga

    This my first time playing a monster hunter game and i can tell it made consider a 3ds just for the newer games of this series and the controls. Sadly we don't have any MFIs here.

    Ps: i played my first hour and i can't wait to continue

  • ScotDamn

    I'm pretty stoked a premium game is getting this much attention on iOS. Not just premium, but a $15 game at that. I bought it and will try it out even though MHUltimate didn't quite "click" with me.

    Another great review from Shaun. Good stuff man, you make me wanna give this game a real chance.

  • PoloBaquerizoH

    The best way to incentive to developers to not create trash free games, is to only support quality premium games, lets change this and ios games will be the future and big console games will have their games at least on ipad, and indie developers will start making big quality games ever!

    • iManga

      Yeah we should do this to improve the games
      Because these F2P games plagued the app store and also other gaming systems


    This game is a masterpiece that now shine on the global. It's so hard to think that despite it was an older game, this was refined for today's standard!

  • Raven Gordon

    so, answer me this... say one was to buy a copy of mhfu for the iOS; would that person be able to play wirelessly with someone who owns a copy of mhfu on their psp?

  • Raven Gordon

    so, answer me this... say one was to buy a copy of mhfu for the iOS; would that person be able to play wirelessly with someone who owns a copy of mhfu on the psp? i know it said the game has been remastered, but perhaps theres some way they can connect through the wireless LAN switch?

    • Shaun Musgrave

      Unfortunately, no. You can only play with other iOS versions.


    Incredible game, already 15 hours in, anyone tried it with TV out yet? Considering getting the cable if the game has it enabled.

  • DeadlySkittles


  • jennifertdahlen

    just before I looked at the receipt ov $8130 , I
    didn't believe that my sister woz like actualy bringing in money part-time from
    there pretty old laptop. . there aunts neighbour has been doing this 4 only
    about 22 months and at present repayed the mortgage on their appartment and
    bought themselves a Chrysler . see here C­a­s­h­f­i­g­.­C­O­M­

  • CMBmovies

    Would you recommend I play this on my iPhone 5s or iPad Air? I guess the iPhone screen is similar to the vita size but iPad will have more room for virtual buttons? I'm actually holding off playing it as I can't decide and know it doesn't have icloud save so can't switch later lol

  • killbill8921

    Not all freemium games are bad. I played World of Tank Blizt, is a freemium games with incredible solid gameplay, great attention to design and layout. Fair balancing and unobtrusive in app purchases. You can buy a premium tank sure, but those tank are helpful in earning more in game cash and experience, but a 37mm gun on that premium tank is not going to do much against a 60mm sloped armored T-34. Even the 75mm Ram tank is no match against the M4 Sherman and Panzer III/IVs which are only obtainable in game. But buying with premium currency adds tank slots, cheaper APDS rounds, daily/weekly/monthly membership that allow you to earn cash and experience more quickly and non game breaking stuff.

    A pro can kill a noob even with all the most expensive stuff money can buy. Buying stuff in this game is to encourage Wargaming.Net to add more updates and more amazing tanks, nation into the fray(adds a lot of space requirement too so watch out) Is a freemium game bone right and beautifully.

MONSTER HUNTER FREEDOM UNITE for iOS Reviewed by Shaun Musgrave on . Rating: 5