I feel like we might've gotten a little spoiled with last week's insane bonanza of game releases, because this week, on any other week, would look pretty decent… But after last week's over 50 games that appeared, it does look like a bit of a weak week. But, hey, quality over quantity and all that. It looks like there's some good games in here.


Here's what's on our radar and should be available at 11:00 PM Eastern tonight in the US App Store:

  • monetarydread

    Early Morning Post... A great start to a new day.

    • michellefgoss

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  • thejbe

    Still no Monster Hunter 🙁 come on CAPCOM please.

    • ImJPaul

      We are all with you, man. Just tell yourself, "good things come to those who wait".

      • Derrythe

        Or, say 'If they release it now it'll be a buggy mess and you'll whine about that.

      • Meowman154

        Ya I can't wait any longer but if it releaseed earlier it would be full of bugs. That's y they pushed watchdogs back so long because it was full of bugs

      • MrSpud

        All they need to do is translate it, and it's not that text heavy so how buggy can it be since it's already out?

      • GaZ-OiD

        Unless their crap and bugged to death still lol sorry 🙂 ........GaZ

  • Bloodangel

    Nothing tickles my fancy this week 🙁
    The tank game looked interesting, but a post on there says it's nothing like the screenshots 🙁

    • lanights

      Try World of Tanks Blitz, it's MUCH better.

  • Zazzy

    Nothing for me my ocd can have a week off 🙂

  • H4nd0fg0d

    Looks lame, by my measure. No MC5, screw it.

  • Billy Ocean

    bill killem had some real polish to it. would be cool to play a game like that and not have to do it in 20 second chunks. maybe buzz will be like that?

    • Anotherkellydown

      Yeah I'm definitely grabbing Buzz Killem tonight. Really liked Bill Killem.

  • ImJPaul

    Still a chance some of the big name games we've all been waiting for appear randomly today or tomorrow. If not, a few of these looks semi-promising. 🙂

  • nini

    No iPad games this week?

    • VirtualBoyFreak

      Did you get FTL? That's the iPad-only release of the year IMO 😉

  • nini

    Week weak as spoken by Eli, guess that's how we're saying it now.

    • http://toucharcade.com Eli Hodapp

      Damn it, I write these as soon as I wake up mind you.

      • Anotherkellydown

        Keep up the good work. I can overlook your minor, infrequent blunders 😉

      • Jake7905

        It looks like the wrong side of the bed can really effect these posts. Next time, a little Starbucks first.

      • anabolicMike

        Maybe we will get lucky and he will have missed something awesome

  • Zeillusion

    Zombie panic looks great! It is a weak week but this looks interesting / fun.

  • Meowman154

    Weak week if only monster hunter would come out

  • SirFobos

    Wondering what companies will do huge 4th of July mega sales

  • melocoman

    Deep loot looks good

    • evilabdy

      I'm def excited about that one.

  • bcredonk

    Some okay stuff, I'm still waiting on seabeard news. Most I've seen is a tweet from them saying sorry for radio silence more news soon.

  • caaalrb

    I just want Seabeard

  • Goggles789


  • Stormourner

    aaaaawww yeeeeaahh!! at last Fates Forever on my iPad forever =D

  • anabolicMike


  • whitechapel

    No monster hunter;,(

  • BaronVonMonster

    Hi guys!

    I'm one of the 2 man indie dev team (Monster and Monster) responsible for Deep Loot.

    Embarrassingly we forgot to move our original release date back so a very old buggy version of the game accidentally launched in NZ which we then pulled pretty sharpish.

    Even as you read this comment there's a much newer version being finished & uploaded containing a ton of fixes, tweaks & new features. It will be much more stable, nicer to play and overall be a much better experience.

    Hopefully this also means we can lock down a release date. Reckon it will be in a couple of weeks once the new version has been approved and our launch stuff is ready to go.

    Apologies once again.

    Dave aka BaronVonMonster aka The Art Monster