The biggest release of the week is undoubtely Civilization Revolution 2 [$9.99], both in overall depth/scope as well as price. We're still working on our review of the game, but in the meantime, if you're wondering whether or not Civ Rev 2 is worth the fifteen bucks, the thread in our forums is filled with some great first impressions from our community.

In particular, dannythefool answers questions many forum posters and front page commenters have been having about the game. As he describes it, "It's basically Civ Rev 1 with more polish." The UI has been improved and generally streamlined, although he does mention a couple negatives such as the AI not being any smarter, and there still being no multiplayer or cloud saves. Graphics have been substantially improved though, with increased attention to detail everywhere in the game.

...gameplay is more or less the same as Civ Rev 1. All the Civ Rev particularities are still there, you still form armies, you still build roads between cities in one action, caravans are still there, artifacts are still scattered around the map, and so on. If you've played Civ Rev then you will feel at home in Civ Rev 2. If you hated Civ Rev 1, you'll hate Civ Rev 2, it'll just look prettier while you hate it.

Meanwhile, Piph offers a new player's perspective, feeling very confused with the goal of the game, and actually ends up having a lot of the same issues/concerns I did when I played the original Civ Rev:

So, as a new player, I have to admit I feel more than a little lost. I understand the controls and how to build units or buildings, and I'm researching new technologies and whatnot for sure, but I guess I feel a little... Bored? Aimless?

Everyone immediately offers peace, so it feels like any attempts at combat are completely voluntary. I've yet to be attacked or feel threatened, let alone encouraged, to actually do anything.

Thankfully, dannythefool responds which a post that really encapsulates what the Civ Rev games are all about for new players:

That's kind of what 4X games are like. You explore, you eventually build a settler and found a new city, you eventually build an army and fight someone else. That's the genre in a nutshell. Civ Rev is no different.

There's some hidden depth. E.g. as techs unlock more buildings and units, you can get a tremendous advantage by building the right things at the right time, or by micro-managing your production, or by "discovering" the right ancient artifact at the right time, and so on. On lower difficulty you don't need that advantage, so that'll always feel a little less complex just because you might not notice and because you generally need to do less things to be able to win.

Dannythefool enjoys learning playing the advantages in these games, as each leader has its own little bonus. Additionally, and I agree here, he really enjoys watching your tiny little starting settlement turn in to a huge powerful nation. That evolution is ultra cool.

As mentioned, we'll have our full review up as soon as we can properly put the game through its paces, but in the meantime, our forums are a great place to be.

  • mantascorp

    It's a tough call here. While I want to scream INSTABUY! and praise the game for going against the freemium model and bringing out a premium product, I'm seriously torn.

    If this is just mainly a graphical upgrade with some UI tweaks and a couple bells and whistles thrown in, without changing the AI issues and other downsides to Civ Rev 1...I just don't think that justifies such a hefty price tag.

    Is be happy to pay $5 or even $8 for a retina upgrade and graphical overhaul, but $15 is an awful lot to charge for no real improvements under the hood.

    • Jay G

      You've basically described Civ III through V.

      • Poo

        Civ V is very pretty though.

      • mantascorp

        Civ V was a pretty major update to the franchise, especially with the inclusion of hexes and only one unit per tile. The bottom line is that this sequel looks more like a remake, and the core AI doesn't seem to have been updated. Still waiting on reviews. Wanna be excited, but I'm hesitant.

    • Slothwerks

      I haven't played it yet, but sometimes it's those "UI tweaks" and "quality of life" type fixes that make a huge difference (eg: early RTS games that lacked 'unit grouping' features)

      • mantascorp

        Unfortunately, from the gameplay videos, this doesn't look to be the case. The tweaks were not revolutionary (ha, a pun) in any noticeable way.

    • rewind

      "Praise for going against the freemium model?" Ahahahahahaha, why do people have such odd hatred?

      • Ubisububi

        Because freemium is a bad deal for gamers. Every F2P game on the market would be more fun without the timers, grinding, and various currencies.

        Not such an odd hatred, I'd say. What IS odd is a gamer that advocates freemium. I can see going with the flow and all that, but to argue that it's better somehow; I just don't get that.

  • curtisrshideler

    I've never played a Civ game before, but because of this one being completely premium and what I assume is an offline game, I'm tempted to give it a try. The only thing holding me back is that it takes up almost 1GB. And I have this dumb habit of filling my phone almost full. I need to make room!

  • Ubisububi

    I'm enjoying it so far, although I was really hoping for an option for larger maps. I've always felt like each Civ was just a facelift of the one prior, and I'm primarily a single player gamer so this suits me just fine.

    I just wish I could figure out how to skip a unit for a turn without placing him on defense...

  • Piph

    I'm glad I didn't feel alone there, at least. Getting quoted for an article ain't bad, either.

  • Jake7905

    So it's a graphically updated, pure premium version of Civ Rev, with minor new content added. $15 sounds fair to me. Just don't go in expecting Civ 5 and you'll be satisfied.

  • dingusthingus

    Seems a bit greedy to not include multiplayer when civ rev 1 has it. Guess they want to charge for it again.

    • ScotDamn

      Actually they said it wasn't a very popular element in the first one which is why they left it out. They had to add it on as IAP in the first one though which could explain why it wasn't as popular.

  • ScotDamn

    Great way to encourage positive/informative forum posting. Some darn good insight from people and thankfully not full of anti "you know what" talk.

  • Ultima12

    $15 for a brand new civ rev game is one hell of a deal!

  • anabolicMike

    dannythefool being quotable and someone we should all base our choice on seems rather..... Strange.... Dubois???? What's the word I'm looking for? Hmmm. Anyway, you have him quoted like the Steve Jobs of Civ2. His name is dannytheFOOL!!! You sir have out me in a predicament I so not know how to get out of!!!

    How do I trust a guy who knows he's a fool well enough that he puts it into his name! Course that right there does show that he has indeed gotten to a level beyond many of us. I don't know man, I don't know. I think this article has just made my decision more convoluted and makes me wonder if I should append thefool to my name as well!

    • anabolicMike

      For later use can we use to make breaks in paragraphs? I am on the mobile app and would like to make my comments better spaces and the like 😀

      Thanks eh

      • anabolicMike

        It does work. I put in the tag of which you know I speak. BR with pointy brackets. Nice! I wonder if we can have an edit comment or delete comment added to the mobile app. Cause I just triple posted. Sorry

  • worldcitizen1919

    I've played the genre many times but by far this is the most enjoyable 'presentation' I have experienced on any platform. The game both plays and feels much more immersive with this GUI. Perhaps playing it with touch did the trick I don't think so because the previous touch version wasn't as enjoyable as this. I have to surmise that 'a picture says a thousand words' and a lot of it has to do with the art style employed. It's just more intuitive and I'm getting absorbed in the game. Absolutely love it. 10/10

  • Elle Wong

    "and there still being no multiplayer or cloud saves." - The first game did have cloud saves, so this version is actually a downgrade in that sense.

  • HelperMonkey

    Interesting article. (Hodapp is watching you...)

  • Threeboy

    im glad cleopatra's boobs are historically accurate and huge