Midnight Star from the ex-Bungie and Wideload founder Alex Seropian's studio Industrial Toys has soft-launched in Ireland. The first-person quasi-on-rails shooter, which hopes to make the genre work on mobile at last with loads of touchscreen-friendly features, is now available in its "0.1" version just in the Irish App Store for now. The game is allegedly still far away from its final release, with more territories expected to get the game as time goes on.

Midnight Star Soft Launch

The last time we talked about Midnight Star is was way back in December of 2012, when it was called Morning Star. While it's only limitedly-available now, this is the first opportunity for the public to try this highly-anticipated game. For you lucky Irish and people with an Irish iTunes account and a "Kiss me, I'm Irish" shirt, you can grab Midnight Star from the link below.

Irish App Store Link: Midnight Star, Free (Universal)

  • JCho133

    *Goes to make an Ireland account*

    • evynjeg506

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  • DuckyShot

    I have faith in this game but I wish it wasn't on rails :. But it might be really good.

  • Boris Nguetie

    on rails............................................... NO.

  • curtisrshideler

    On rails?! I thought Deus Ex worked quite well as an FPS, and it didn't have to use rails.

  • curtisrshideler

    But, maybe they've got something up their sleeves that will make this work really well.

  • TJF588

    This game is my favorite "Weird Al" song.

  • deadfolk

    Yay! First time ever we get something first!

  • Martymcsmartie

    On rails. Better have something special or it's going to suck

  • V for Viennetta

    Does anyone have game footage of they can share yet? When this was first announced on TA in 2012 as Morning Star, the promo looked stunning. I'm stuck on a rock halfway between England & Ireland and can occasionally glimpse the Emerald Isle when the fog lifts & the tide is out - I'm just not quite close enough to download this from your AppStore! 😀