Many people who go to conference like GDC and WWDC know that TouchArcade is inexplicably tied to Denny's fine dining establishments. It has become tradition since the inception of TouchArcade in 2008 that the staff visit Denny's anywhere between two and seven times during a conference. Running around a city like San Francisco, meeting with developers, going to events and parties… it wears you down, and Denny's is always there waiting with open arms and Moons Over My Hammy 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

However, with as much sarcastic love as I have for "America's Diner" I'm at a loss as to exactly how to feel about the just launched Denny's Atari Remix [Free]. What exactly is Denny's Atari Remix? Well it's a selection of classic Atari arcade games "remixed" with delicious Denny's breakfast foods.

The granddaddy of brick breakers Breakout? It's now Take-Out and features an egg for a ball and bricks made of pancakes, fried eggs, and yummy bacon. Centipede? That's now Centipup, and has you blasting at a centipede of pancake balls with a bottle of syrup, turning each segment into a fried egg when hit. And finally there's Hashteroids, which replaces the asteroids in Atari's iconic inertia-based space shooter Asteroids with giant clumps of hash browns that you blast with a bottle of ketchup. Yes this is real life.

takeout centipup


Now, I've seen some crazy advergames in my time, but Denny's Atari Remix is right up at the top in terms of craziness. Here's the kicker: it's actually really good. "Take-Out" is easily the best iPhone implementation of Breakout that I've ever played, and the riffs on Asteroids and Centipede are also really well done. Even better than in the massive Atari's Greatest Hits app from a few years ago.

So if you aren't offended by a little product placement (ok, A LOT of product placement) and want some old-school fun on your iPhone, you could do a lot worse than download Denny's Atari Remix. It's free, it's fun, there's no IAP, and you can be constantly reminded of all the poor decisions you've made eating greasy Denny's at 3 in the morning. Also, be sure to join in on some discussion of the game in our forums.

  • rewind

    Haha, great article. I will definitely pick this one up.

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  • DuckyShot

    Denny's has bacon everything. I love it!

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  • Gerardsoccer

    Mmmmmmm bacon! The game will make me hungry! Now i gotta play this!

  • the_rebel14

    Did somebody say bacon? 😀

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    • Stormourner

      call the carmine brothers immediately!!!

  • BaltimoreDave

    Atari, how ye have fallen.

    • Cookies

      Into delicious baconhood.

  • spsummer

    Can you use the Atari joystick controller with this?

    • the_rebel14

      We NEED an Atari joystick adapter for iOS devices. Chop chop Atari!

  • C. Stubb

    What...what the hell?

    • while1fork

      What. The. ACTUAL. F*%#.