Thomas Was Alone [$4.99] by Mike Bithell now has the "Benjamin's Flight" DLC previously available in the PS3 and PC versions, but available as free content. This adds 20 new levels to the game, with players controlling the character Benjamin through his own story that runs parallel with main character Thomas', with a variety of other new characters introduced.

Thomas Was Alone Benjamin's Flight

The new levels are available for free with the 1.0.2 update that's now out, and can be played right away by starting a new "Benjamin's Flight" game from the main menu. The game is also on sale for $5.99 for a limited time with the new update out.

  • Jetjet

    And a Iphone release ?

  • rewind

    Good, I would expect it to be free. They charged you once, and they shouldn't charge you again.

    • Bob

      wth does that even mean?? So what you're saying is if they released this as a sequel it's ok to charge but since it's an add-on for the existing game no money should be made by the dev?? Or do you think sequels should be free too? Why should new content be given away for free? I honestly can't comprehend the attitudes some people have. I mean it's really great that they have given it away for free - very generous. By no means do I expect people to work for nothing though...

      • Lightning Storm

        Eight people have liked your post so far. Eight people are wrong to agree with you. Why? Because of this: imagine if Valve charged players $9.99 EVERY time they released an update for any of their games. Yes, Valve would make some more money. But a lot of people would say "Eff you, you greedy bastards" and stop playing games made by Valve. Yes, The Wolf Among Us and The Walking Dead both do this, but they are supposed to be episodic, and they're cheap enough to make it work. Rewind NEVER SAID ANYTHING ABOUT FREE SEQUELS. Take Call of Duty for example. Imagine you buy all the DLC. You just paid $60 for a video game, PLUS another $60 to have the full experience. Do that every year and see how fast your opinion changes. If you count Black Ops 2, you will sink god knows how many more dollars into the gun skins for all of them. So yes, your eight followers are wrong. DLC SHOULD BE FREE. And again, no one said anything about free sequels. Rewind and I win. Goodbye.

      • Bob

        Nobody forces you to buy dlc. It's an opportunity for you to add to the longevity of an already existing game. We're not talking about a dev releasing a game with 20% of it's content and then charging you for the remainder 20% at a time as dlc. We're talking about EXTRA content for a game that already has decent content for the price. What you refer to as "the full experience" for COD (a game I really dislike btw and do think is a rip-off) could also be called "twice the full experience" with the DLC added.
        When I think back over the years I'd have loved the opportunity to add to some of my favorite games through DLC. A couple official track packs for Grand Prix Legends? Sign me up.

  • TJF588

    The PC version's got Benjamin's Flight now?! But then, I wasn't aware it was even on touch devices' marketplaces at all.