It's a big release week, so why not save some money on all the releases?

PayPal Gifts is selling iTunes credit for 20% off, in $25, $50, and $100 denominations. Visit the page through this link and choose your denomination, pay with PayPal, and then you can redeem the code on your device. And the site is a legitimate PayPal endeavor, so no worries about some scammer running off with your bank account and credit cards...

...Just cheaper games.

  • PallaZ

    Good to know, but there is almost always an iTunes gift card sale.

    • Steve Green

      Can you point me to some of the regular places that have them?

      • DanKetch

        I know in Canada 7-11 and Mac's stores have them on a sale fairly regularly.

      • GamerFirst1

        I'm in the US. Thanks for the answer though. Time to visit Google....

  • J.R. Jalapeno

    The main site doesn't have the discounts listed. Must only be from the link.

  • IAmTheNightRider

    You might want to specify "US Only" in the title.

    • vicsark


    • Nes

      Continental US btw. I just spent an hour and then some more trying to buy this and it doesn't cover territories such as Guam or Puerto Rico.

      Bullsh*t if you ask me.

  • Muggin

    Only 39 left of the $50 cards. $25 & &100 are sold out.

  • Professionalbum

    It's a digital card not delivering the physical card right?

  • Bone16

    $50 gone now too.

  • Turbobond

    "Legitimate" so "no worries"? So cute. You know there's no such thing as untouchable digital information, right?

  • moofer

    It's safe! Just click this link!

  • ImLegend

    Wtf it all sold out!!!

  • CecilMcW00t

    That was fast! 🙁

  • Viking KARWUR

    Yay! Sold Out!

  • Simon

    The $25 is still showing for me. I bought a code last night, after someone had said the $25 was sold out. Incidentally, when I visited this through the TA app, and then went to the main paypal-gifts page, it was giving me a $10 for $5 offer on iTunes codes - 50% off!

    • Simon

      ..and now I just refreshed the page, it's all gone.

    • ap3604

      Yep, gotta be quick when it comes to Slickdeals! 😉

      I got $200 worth of iTunes cards at 50% off.

      Just gotta be patient when it comes to getting a real deal on iTunes gift cards as 20% is nothing really.

  • chriscambell

    Anybody know of any sales in the UK?

    • dancj

      I did answer you, but my post seems to have been deleted. I don't know if I broke some rule or something so I'll try a bit more obscurely...

      20% off sales on iTunes vouchers happen every week or two. There are site (one of which I linked to before but that might be why my post was deleted) which let you set up email alerts for then this happens.

  • netstrada

    Expired and anyway limited to 1 card this is a joking company