If you turn the clock of the App Store back a few years, you'd be in a world where absolutely nothing was cooler than to have some kind of crossover between two popular games. Doodle Jump [$0.99] and Pocket God [$0.99] were probably the two highest profile crossovers, but everyone was doing it. Developers are still doing it, as you can get the Bean's Quest [$2.99] sombrero in Mikey Hooks [$1.99], and it seems like Enviro-Bear from Enviro-Bear 2010 [$1.99] continues to pop up randomly. However, these sorts of things rarely seem to generate the same excitement they used to.

Well, the two studios behind Hatch [$2.99] and Pocket God: Ooga Jump [Free] decided to test the waters with what might be the most elaborate crossover we've seen yet. In the games previously mentioned, the "crossover" was essentially limited to just including each other's characters in an often totally unrelated game. This time around, you actually need to have both games installed and the way the crossover works is closer to a modern day re-imagining of Sega's Lock-on technology. Basically, if you've got a fugu in Hatch, and also have Ooga Jump, you can bring your fugu straight in to Ooga Jump. Check it out:

Do get this to work, make sure you've got the most recent versions of both Hatch and Ooga Jump installed then head to Max's shop in Hatch to pick up the Pocket God pygmy doll. Give the doll to your fugu, and bam, you're jumping in style inside of Ooga Jump.

Additionally, if you're missing Hatch, it's on sale for a buck.

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      1990 called... They want their phrase back.


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      People still do this? SMH.

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    I liked hatch, but it would make such a creepy sound when my Fugu wanted attention..