The first half of 2014 has been straight up ridiculous in terms of great iOS games, and one that has stayed in my daily rotation since its release is Rocketcat's device-throwingly difficult dungeon crawler Wayward Souls [$6.99]. After a years-long development period, Wayward Souls finally launched this past April and we loved it in our review. It's not for everybody, due to its unforgiving nature, but it quickly developed a hardcore following of fans. Wayward Souls' launch was also interesting because it weighed in at $4.99, a hefty price by App Store standards, and promised to increase its price by a dollar with each update. Wayward Souls also did not include any form of IAP, and Rocketcat was betting on players who have been clamoring for "premium" games on iOS to make the game a success. So far it seems like that strategy has worked.

The amount of updates Wayward Souls would receive after launch depended on how well the game did, but there has always been at least three major updates planned. It took longer than Rocketcat originally expected, but the first of those updates has been submitted to Apple this past Friday, and includes a changelog so extensive that it wouldn't even fit into the space given for update descriptions in iTunes. The most major addition is a new fourth dungeon called The Labyrinth. This dungeon will be a whopping 20 floors and will be even more difficult than the current Gold Catacombs dungeon, if you can believe that. It'll also come with a brand new boss fight. In addition to the new dungeon, there are an insane amount of tweaks and changes to specific character classes and the overall game itself, which you can read more about in the full changelog here.


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At the bottom of that changelog, Rocketcat also details some of what they're planning for the game's second update, which will include MFi game controller support, a new endless mode, health bars for bosses, possibly some sort of cross-device game save syncing, many more tweaks to characters, and I'm sure much more. And, as mentioned, both this current update that's awaiting review and the next update will each raise the price of the game by a dollar, so once the first update hits expect to see Wayward Souls' price go up to $5.99. Worth every damn penny, in my own opinion, but if you've been on the fence with this one then grabbing it prior to the update will save you a buck. Tons of discussion can be found in our forum and I'm really looking forward to this update as well as whatever else the future holds for Wayward Souls.

  •!/NissaCam Nissa Campbell

    My favorite part of that changelog: "Health potions are no longer awful"

    Refreshingly blunt.

    • seinfeld95

      You mean they no longer replenish a only a single millimeter of health, Nice!

      • VivienneGloverini

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        sister woz like actualy bringing in money part-time from there pretty old
        laptop. . there aunts neighbour has been doing this 4 only about 22 months and
        at present repayed the mortgage on their appartment and bought themselves a
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  • baldeagle86

    Excellent.. Now when is paladin coming!!

    • Rocketcat Games

      Third update, which will be around the same time as the PC version is released.

      • Goggles789

        Thank god for a PC version. Gamepad support, plz!

  • borntodie007

    Finally mfi support. Now I can buy the game

    • Rocketcat Games

      Not until Update 2.

  • anarchy in the app store

    Guess they didn't bring the price up after the first major update

    • Intendro

      It hasn't been accepted by Apple yet. It isn't available yet.

  • Gage_L

    So the rogue has the ability that stuns/disorients when you dash through an enemy, but it never seems to work for me. Anyone else have this problem? And also for there being so many skills for health potions I rarely if ever get them, is this what they mean by fixing them?

    • Rocketcat Games

      Fake Out needs to be revamped I think, it's way too subtle. In Update 2 we plan on changing it to an ability that makes a decoy of yourself for a short time. The health potion skills are getting replaced by a new Warrior ability that makes your next attack do more damage after you get hurt. The new health potions will now heal like they're fully upgraded.

  • nini

    The true way to appeal to core gamers, ever escalating pricing... it's only in coregamerville can you do something which sounds like a shady move and actually have people tell you you're doing the right thing.

    • Rocketcat Games

      How's that a shady move though?

      • Jake7905

        It's not, he's just upset that Wayward Souls won't ever be on sale for a buck.

      • Cilo

        Anything not resulting in "free" is deemed as shady on this board, and most of the free stuff is shady as well. Cant win em all.

      • Goggles789

        I think the term shady came out because so many other games offer their updates for free. I'm not suggesting you do too, that's your prerogative.

      • Jake7905

        It is a free update, as long as you own the game.

      • Kedens

        I think he poorly worded it but wasn't calling it shady at all just that some would call an ever rising price that. Personally i like the idea. This game will only increase in value with more content.

    • WoeOfAftermath

      I think it's very fair. Besides gameplay tweaks, you're also getting a major content update. Nobody would blink at spending $1 for a large DLC add on on consoles; unfortunately (but for good reasons) people have become very wary of IAP on mobile. I've seen a fair number of people on TA that say they WILL NOT buy a game if it has any kind of IAP. Rocketcat could have potentially released the extra content as IAP, but instead chose this model to reward early adopters and entice IAP haters.

      • RelientKSoCal

        It's a very intriguing pay model.
        I'm usually one to wait for a premium priced game to go on sale, and if there's IAP, I just won't get it. Knowing the main app price will go up is enticing me to buy it sooner than I might have otherwise. (I'm still on the fence. I'm more used to turn based RPGs, a la Final Fantasy. Not sure if I will enjoy this style of gameplay.)

      • Bliquid

        Same thoughts i had, then i saw it was always on top of discussed games, with tons of comments and i wanted to see what everyone was so excited about.
        I don't regret buying it at all, but it sure is NOT a welcoming game.
        It took a while for me to really love it like i now do, and the fact i'm a big fan of Dark Souls helped a lot in that regard ( they share a similar design philosophy, or rather, Wayard learned and processed Dark very well), so if you are in for a more relaxed experience, well, i wouldn't go for it.
        But ir is really a great game, and it might change your mind if you give it a fair chance.

    • jpgold

      There is absolutely nothing shady about these guys. They do everything right and other devs can stand to learn a thing or two from Rocketcat. The amount of whining from some people amazes me.

      • bilboa

        Totally agree. "Shady" implies being deceptive, and these guys are anything but deceptive. You might not like some of their decisions, but you can't accuse them of not being up front and transparent about everything. I wish more developers were as up front and direct as Kepa is.

    • Modjular

      I agree with you on this. Maybe they're a super kind-hearted, super ethical studio, so they get leeway for that kind of move. But really, if they're an average studio, making the price increase by a dollar seems very under-handed to me.

      You guys are comparing it as superior to things like dlc's, which is debatable, but are ignoring what it is at its core. Publicly telling hesitant buyers that the price will increase if they dont buy it now is enticing players to make a purchase that otherwise wouldn't make.

      A lot of people who praise the game are clamoring about how it caters to the "true premium" crowd, but in my opinion, promising to raise the price is as sleazy as changing an IAP of 100$ to 20$, to make people think it's a great value.

      • bilboad

        I wonder if you know what "under handed" means. I'll give you a hint, it does not mean "makes decisions that I don't like or think are unfair". "Under handed" means being sneaky or misleading. Can you explain how Rocket Cat are being misleading or sneaky here?

  • speedyph
  • I Eat My Zebra

    Is this update available now?
    I can't find it in my update list

    • Rocketcat Games

      Apple has to approve it still. That can take like a week or more, depending on how busy they are.

    • Intendro

      It's submitted to Apple. They don't let updates through until they look at them. It could take days. A week, even. I'm not sure how quick it usually is...

  • fenderbendr

    When do we get the early adopter hats for the day one purchasers?

    • Rocketcat Games

      There's a second check in this update. If that doesn't work, we'll try again in the second update. Thinking maybe just a place where you can enter support/cheat codes.

  • PallaZ


  • rhinofinger

    Great to hear! Any plans to show some kind of indicator to tell you which floor in the dungeon you're on, and how many total floors there are in each dungeon? It'd really help with "should I use this item now or save it for the boss" decisions.

    • Rocketcat Games

      Yeah, it's in the update.

  • rewind

    This looks like a game that I would enjoy. However, I enjoy 500 diamonds in Boom Beach much more.

    • SonixManix

      That is really sad.

  • MajorCheevo

    Sweet looking forward to this update even thou I'm no where near ready for it. Thanks Kepa and Rocketcat.

  • DuckyShot

    I'm not even past the Mines yet. When I first encountered the boss I barely had any health ;_;


    Will we have to have beaten the Catacombs to access the new dungeon? I've never even seen the boss of the Catacombs it's so difficult

    • Rocketcat Games

      Yes. You might have better luck now since a lot of classes got buffed a little and Catacombs is now 1 level shorter.

  • Kane

    I bought this on launch, even though it's not for me. Just supporting the dev (never played it either lol)

    • cloudpuff

      Me too, I'd never played played this type of game before and all the great things written made me bite, I managed to beat the mines, but that's as far as I've gotten, it's defiantly one for people who want a challenge, but for me, I was unlucky with hats and healthy and any position in general really so after over 40 hours of playing I kind of moved on, I still go back every now and then but I think I might have to accept it's just not for me, though i can see why so many love it and I don't regret buying it. I'll try after the update though and will probably keep it on my device for a long while yet in the hope I click with it.

  • I am Error.

    I loved your review, it's why I bought the game!
    As far as MFi support in the future goes, I'm stuck on an iPhone 4S which uses iOS 7.1.1 and seems to have no MFi pads to use with it. Are any other 4S users out there having any luck? I can't jailbreak for the PS3 pad hack with my current OS.
    Anyway, I like to ask that question as much as possible until I get an answer.

  • Frank Hopewell-Smith

    I have this on ipad and the controls are a little difficult. Waiting for the android version to play on my S4!

  • Xaintrix

    Well done Rocketcat! I'm so happy there's a dev that takes such time and care into the product. I'm looking forward to the update.

  • Ultima12

    Good news all around!! I still play this on a regular basis!

  • Chris Brady

    So, the update is out, good. How do you get it? I bought this game day one, but I also want all the updates. Is there a way to pay for it? Like on iStore and pay the buck? I'm OK with that.