The Telltale booth had this amazing virtual pinball machine set up in the corner, and running on it was the upcoming Zen Pinball table that features The Walking Dead. It was just as good as all the other recent Zen Pinball tables, but having it in an actual pinball table form factor instead of on an iPad was really sweet. The glare in this video sort of sucks, but, that's E3 for ya'.

We don't have any more specific of a release date for this than "summer," but if you like The Walking Dead and pinball, it's worth getting excited for.

  • B30

    Looking forward to the PS4 version.

  • lr1919

    What a cool setup. I want one...

  • Jerutix

    Well that looks amazing! Now I'm going to be jealous when I have to just play on my iPhone screen!

  • DBrown519

    I wonder if it'll be in the Zen Pinball app or a separate app? Also we are still waiting for Zen Studios to put PvZ Pinball in the Zen Pinball app!

  • Rattenvanger

    You should make a small version were all i have to do is stick in a tablet.

  • daniel schroeder

    I wish I had one of these setups. I'm going to pester a friend who restores pinball machines to get one for his basement arcade.

    The table looks great, but it seems like it fell apart once the sniper minigame kicked in.