At this point in the App Store, we've had endless just-about-everythings… But what about an endless web slinger? Well, Spiderman Unlimited isn't exactly that, but, rather, a lane-based running game that features the one and only Spiderman. That's cool, right?

Spiderman Unlimited will be released as a free to play game later this year.

  • PresidentZer0


  • JoeriD

    Runner mania at E3!

    • comicx90

      Runner Mania is runnin' wild at E3, brother!

  • videba

    Eli you bastard!! I thought you were making a joke on the asphalt post, you knew all along!? This really makes me wonder what they are thinking when coming whit these games

    • ODMay

      Gameloft been released a trailer of it before Eli mentioned it. lmao

      • videba

        Didn't know that...

    • dmn001

      As long as it is profitable to churn out free to play endless runners with ridiculous in app purchases, the app store will continue to be spammed endlessly by them. Why create original ideas and to think of new gameplay when the general consumer doesn't care about those and will blindly lap it up. Companies and players don't think anymore - this is the new era of braindead gaming.

  • B30

    Always nice to see some groundbreaking new gameplay ideas!

  • korkidog

    Yet another endless runner. When will it end?!?

    • B30

      When you run out of gold coins, gems, stars etc.

  • DMan2385

    Eh, looks like a decent endless-runner with high production value and good ip

  • JJE McManus

    It's official. Gameloft has developed a universal skinner for endless runners. Bring your concept and money. All will be welcome. Better than solving world hunger, I suppose.

  • Edwin Ramirez


  • marcanthony0313

    And here's why the only Gameloft games i own are Modern Combat, Asphalt, and....oh wait thats it.

    • ZarieoZ

      & N.O.V.A

  • Larni69

    That's what Spidey is famous for: running.

  • surirav

    Whats wrong with gameloft runners games and f2pay.

    Make games with a good price without iap like MC5 we are waiting for.

  • otakuzod

    In-app-purchase-sense is tingling!