It's E3 week, we're busy as hell, but still managed to finagle time in our day to put together this massive list of game releases. Sadly, no time was left for witty intros! Here's what's out right now:

Chicken Fighters


iTunes Description:

Chicken Fighters is a unique multiplayer fighting game where you breed totally absurd chicken to fight in arenas.

Forum ThreadChicken Fighters (by Bulkypix)

Damn Little Town

screen568x568-22 screen568x568-23

iTunes Description:

A breath of fresh air for all board and turn-based game fans!

Damn Little Town is a tactical board game for 1-4 players.

Forum ThreadDamn Little Town - (By Illya Sikeryn)

Deep Space Pussy


iTunes Description:

Oh no! The world just exploded! The cats need a new place to live now. Jump across earth debris to find a new catmosphere! Me-ma Mimsy is waiting for you with her delicious cat stew, yummie!

Forum ThreadDeep Space Pussy (by Wilhelm Clemm)

Fluid SE


iTunes Description:

Fluid SE is a thrilling time-trial racer mixed with the arcade gameplay of Pac-Man, brought to you by Radiangames, creator of Inferno+, JoyJoy, Super Crossfire, and more. Speed through the mazes to collect the dots, find the optimal path, and avoid the swarms of spectres.

Forum ThreadFluid SE - (by Radiangames)

Invisible Apartment


iTunes Description:

Cyberpunk Visual Novel about a girl hacker struggling in a modern World. The story reveals around surveillance, hacking, artificial intelligence, cybernetic implants and those who want to lead a normal life in a high-tech society.

Forum ThreadInvisible Apartment (by Milan Kazarka)

Jacob Jones and the Bigfoot Mystery Prologue


iTunes Description:

A small boy, his big new friend, and a huge problem.

Join Camp Eagle Feathers’ newest ‘Brave’, Jacob Jones, on an amazing adventure to uncover just what is going on at Camp Eagle Feather on a summer vacation he will never forget.

Discover what’s lurking in the forest at night, why Mr Grimmel is so angry, what’s in ‘The Cooler’? and exactly what is wrong with Billy Jackson?

Forum ThreadJacob Jones and the Bigfoot Mystery Prologue - (By Lucid Games)

Jupiter Jump


iTunes Description:

Dash and dodge mines in this action packed game from noodlecake games!

Jupiter Jump is an action-arcade game, where you tap the screen to maneuver your astonaut through mines, portals, and gates!

Easy to pick up and play! Play against your friends through game-center.

Forum ThreadJupiter Jump (by Noodlecake Studios)

Monsters Want Cake


iTunes Description:

This is a fun but challenging TD game! Fight robots, aliens and monsters while trying to keep that delicious cake from being eaten!

Forum ThreadMonsters Want Cake (by SquareOrb)


screen1136x1136-64 screen1136x1136-65

iTunes Description:

Penku : Beautifully minimal puzzling.
NEW EASY CONTROLS!! tap top area to drop / follow finger mode.
just change in the new settings icon in game. choose classic swipe vs tap/finger also choose flick to drop or just tap on top bar. - more flexibility - as its the most requested change.
Lose yourself in a world of colour and strategy.

Forum ThreadPENKU - (by Chris Morrison)

Pigs Can't Fly


iTunes Description:

And this little piggy went to Hell!
Pig had the misfortune of crashing his holy bacon butt in Hell. Now trapped in the place of pain and suffering he must escape this place of doom & gloom avoiding the deadly traps, hazards & demon monsters that lurk the fiery underworld.

Forum ThreadPigs Can't Fly (by Bulkypix)

Polygon Evolution

screen568x568-24 screen568x568-25

iTunes Description:

Polygon Evolution is a difficult, abstract, combative, puzzle game in which you place cells and try to combine them to stave off an opponent whose only goals are to spread and evolve. It’s an other-worldly experience of sounds, shapes and colours mixed with a challenging reinterpretation of match-3 game mechanics.

Forum ThreadPolygon Evolution (by Alex Dantis)


screen568x568-26 screen568x568-27

iTunes Description:

rainblocks is a fast-paced puzzle game for iPhone and iPad featuring charming pixel art along with music by Mega Man composer Manami Matsumae. rainblocks combines sliding puzzles and color-matching gameplay for a a fun and frantic twist. Watch out for ice, mud and more as you slide the blocks around to set up high-scoring combos.

Forum Threadrainblocks - (By Eric Koziol)



iTunes Description:

Life is evolving on an alien planet and it’s your job to protect it! Weather a constant bombardment of meteorites from outer space, spin the planet to save its inhabitants and evolve and spread life. The more life you can evolve and the longer you can keep it alive, the higher your score will be!

Forum Thread(R)evolve (by Team17 Software)

Super Gravitron


iTunes Description:

Super Gravitron is the minigame that originally appeared at the end of VVVVVV, is now available now as a free, standalone game on iOS!

Forum ThreadSuper Gravitron (by Terry Cavanagh)

Super Party Sports: Football


iTunes Description:

Are your ready for the wildest football party ever?n the cup!

Charge up your soccer ball, calculate power and shoot down every rival in your way! Pass, shoot and destroy your opponents in brilliant battles on the field. Plan effective passes, take down heavy rowdies and smash the goalkeeper to win the match!

Forum ThreadSuper Party Sports: Football (by HandyGames)

Twisty Planets


iTunes Description:

Twist Planets is a great 3D puzzler with gorgeous graphics and unique 3D gameplay. Discover 60 levels of mind bending puzzle action and a cute main character.

Forum ThreadTwisty Planets - (by Crescent Moon Games)



iTunes Description:

From the creator of Super Hexagon - VVVVVV, the hit 2010 indie platformer, now available on iOS!

Winner of Indiecade's 2010 award for Most Fun/Compelling Game.

Forum ThreadVVVVVV - (by Terry Cavanagh)

  • GG

    Nothing great to buy for now.. VVVVVVV is wishlist.. saving up for Steam Sale <3

    • Popsux

      When is the steam sale?

      • GG

        19th June till the 30th

  • Pete Osborne

    Plus Broken Age by Double Fine

    • falco

      What ? When Is Broken Age ?

      • Pete Osborne

        It's out now - there's a forum page with the link. It's iPad only though but the PC game was pretty good so I definitely recommend it

      • falco

        Definetly getting it on iPad also infinite blade 3 and bejeweled hd has been updated with new contents today

    • OrangeJews

      I assume that you still have to pay for it if even you're a kickstarter pledger?

  • caaalrb

    I just want Seabeard

  • scifistephen

    Nothing at all this week 🙁

  • ErikSPdx

    Though it's an upgrade rather than a new release, IMHO the multiplayer rollout for Card Wars : Adventure Time is the week's highlight.

  • Pete Osborne

    Fantastic week for me; VVVVVV and Broken Age alone make a good pair. Plus Twisty Planets, Polygon Evolution, Damn Little Town and Fluid SE are so worth buying. Even the free games this week are pretty good!

  • ScotDamn

    iOS games must be getting better. I can't remember the last time I wasn't interested in a single game. This might be the first true weak week of the year!

  • Kloo13

    For those who are looking for a hardcore platformer, Youtube can try Pixhelland!

  • Leydz Boomshaka-Irwin

    I played a good few hours of VVVVVV just waiting to see what the hype was about. I never got it. It isn't for everyone I guess. If you are unsure definitely wait for some sort of sale first.

  • Boopero

    Yeah, been waiting for Angry Birds Epic. Surprised there hasn't been anything on here about it this week. I saw it was out on Pocket Gamer...

    • PresidentZer0

      Because it's crap

      • Boopero

        Maybe. But how would we know that without news/review or playing it ourselves? It's a very high profile game no matter if it's good or bad. Same with Broken Age. I'll cut TA some slack since it's E3 week.

  • OrangeJews

    Why isn't there a "add to watchlist" panel at the bottom this time?

  • worldcitizen1919

    Too many 16 bit and portrait mode games lately. At least devs have some consideration for people with iPads.

  • ramon31

    There are a couple of soft launch titles in this list.

  • Kirs

    Crappy week

  • GameTaco

    Looks like a few things popped up this morning that caught my eye, in addition to the aforementioned Angry Birds Epic:

    Com2uS released Summoners War: Sky Arena [Free], which seems to be about collecting monsters and adding them to a village in order to fight in PvP battles. I might check it out, but considering we got the mobile release of Insomniac's Outernauts not too long ago (which also failed to retain my attention for longer than a day), I'm not expecting much.

    My favorite cooking game ever returns in Order Up!! Fast Food [Free], published by Chillingo... Wait a sec... This isn't a cooking game at all. In fact, judging by these screenshots, they're just reusing the Puzzle Craft/Another Case Solved take on the Match X Puzzle genre. Order Up!! itself got another update, but it seems to serve no purpose other than to advertise the new game. It'd be nice if I could play it without it immediately crashing...

    MEDIA C3 has released IF MY HEART HAD WINGS Limited Edition [Surprisingly Free]. According to the description, it may only be as long as the PC demo, and it follows that free to play visual novel trend that is all the rage these days of making you wait or pay to read further in the story. I'll be keeping my eyes on these guys, who are also responsible for releasing the mobile version of that Flash game classic, NANACA CRASH!

    On Tuesday, Natsume released Hometown Story Pocket [Yes, Free], the mobile counterpart to the 3DS game. It's... Not too great. You buy from merchants that walk into your store in order to resell those items at a markup to other people that walk into your store. It's the same thing as the (critically panned) 3DS game, but without any of the heart, as you never leave the store or get to socialize with the townspeople as anything more than just another customer. There are three in-app purchases, to my knowledge, all priced at 99 cents: One to be allowed to stock vegetables, one to stock fish, and one to stock jewels. Without the IAPs, you can only stock fruits and general goods. It seems totally pointless, and it probably is. You might like it, though.

  • thiagovscoelho

    Based on screenshots and Super Gravitron look, VVVVVV is very low-res. I'll just keep the 3DS one.