The release date for Vivid Games' upcoming Godfire: Rise of Prometheus has been announced: June 19th. The game from the creators of Real Boxing [Free] will feature a story mode, along with a just-announced endless survival mode to compete with friends for high scores.

The game will be launching as an iOS exclusive, and will get a collector's edition, of all things. The Vivid Games website will sell the "Titan Edition" with an 8.7" Prometheus figurine, a hardcover art book, t-shirt, and a promo code for the game. Hey, if iOS games can have Game of the Year editions, why not collector's editions? Godfire will launch as a premium game, though no price point has been announced yet.

  • a_apple

    I can't even figure out what kind of game this is...seems like not a good sign.

    • HelperMonkey

      From an older TA article -

      "It's a 3rd-person action adventure game inspired by actual Greek Mythology, and promises to be 'packed with fearsome beasts, giant titans and intense weapon-based combat.'"

      (For whatever that's worth)

    • DenzilofDojima

      God of War style action adventure. Considering the Greek mythology influence God of War clone might be more accurate.

    • Fnurgh

      Yet another pointless fmv 'trailer'

    • Themostunclean

      There's plenty of gameplay trailers out there for all you complainers. This video is just a teaser.

      • gmattergames

        Just click through to YouTube for gameplay.


    Agreed, hack and slash?

  • iValerio1990

    best ios game ever...learn from Vivid Games dear freemium developers

  • Zazzy

    This is like god of war which isnt a bad thing at all really looking forward to playing this 🙂

  • terrence92

    We need insta-buy cat for this game

  • Alexythimia23

    Guys make no mistake about it, this game is gonna rock big time, i just hope it gets the support

    • Boris Nguetie

      even considering how slow it looks?

      • Alexythimia23

        Lmao what are u even going on about?? The only thing slow round here is you lol i dont even know what you think looks slow?? Sorry its just im sick of stupid replys that dont explain what they are going on about, now i know how Eli feels. I dont care what your take is on this game, appreciate a developer has released an ios original game with a premium price and you still get bitching going on all the time, support these guys because ios gaming has long way to go yet.. Rant over

      • Boris Nguetie

        So you never did watch any actual gameplay from this?! This is a game i've been anticipating since last years announcement and i've watched all the gameplay videos. Go on youtube and watch the pax east, gdc, and E3 footages! They're all on ipad air and really slow!! Like the whole game was on slow motion (nothing like the trailers). And do yourself a favor make sure you've done your homeworks before attacking someone on something you're clueless about!! "Now i know how eli feels" .... How? Dumb?? No, he doesn't!! Btw i'm not judging the game yet... I was expressing my concerns about it being extremely slow!

      • terrence92

        What if I told you that those videos didn't show the final build

      • Boris Nguetie

        I'd tell you that after seeing the E3 build, i doubt they'll fix that in one week! But still i hope i'm wrong. But at least i'm not that hyped anymore and that makes me avoid an eventual HUGE disapointement

      • Alexythimia23

        Why do my homework when you have given me the answer.... YOUR A DOUCHE! Lmao serious you are, ive seen what you are going on about and i think its your brain thats slow at processing visual info, there is nowt wrong with it so stop putting negatives on games where you have not seen the final product.

      • Boris Nguetie

        I gave you the answer only after you prove us how retarded you are! THAT is what you should've done your homework. Now you're not even making any sense... Anyway bumping into a 12 years old kid is only one of the many risks to be exposed to when repliying to a comment on internet so i'm only half surprised! However i'll go i'll try for one last time, considering you're a retarded kid and say this: do you just realise you were the one attacking me because i gave my opinion?! Plus i said the game was slow (which is obvious)... Not BAD!! Plus this is very likely the final version (or extremely close) as the game is coming out next freakin' week!!! Even if its not then you also shouldn't say "this game is gonna rock big time" as you haven't seen the final product!! And apparently at that moment you had not seen any gameplay.... And i'm the one with a slow brain. And you end it by a big contradiction "there's nothing wrong with it" then what are you justifying by the fact that its not the final version?

      • terrence92

        Ok I got to give it to you, it was the final build so it seems if I look at the gameplay from E3. What a shame

      • Alexythimia23

        Lol you dont get it do you? Nice to know you got your knickers in a twist lol you arm chair bloggers with your negative opinions and sissy little outbursts, your the typical run of the mill example of why ios games dont get the support they should, all you do is put everything down, again the footage is not slllloooooowwwww, or in your words extremely slow ( ha ha drama queen much?) your own words were its a huge disappointment and you have not even played it except watched a few trailers and made it out like it was game breaking. There is nothing wrong with the fighting scenes and it actually looks well timed in the game, and not reallllllyyy slooow in your immortal words lmao p.s and i dont know what age has got to do with anything? Haha but intellect sure does and your 2 bit brain well probably be trying to spend the next hour looking for a come back, well save it, agree to disagree as always there will always be small minded negative quoting jackasses like you, im sure your a nice enough kid but man... Your comment about it being gamebreaking.. Real jackass sorry but read eli,s view of the game, cus im sure if it was such a dealbreaker he would have said it. Peace out lol

      • Boris Nguetie

        "Eventual huge disapointement" can you read? I find it extremely slow, dude you could've just said " me i don't" and i would've respect your opinion and move on. Lol. Jeez!! I'm just amazed at how developped your interpretation of my short reply ("even considering how slow it looks?") is! And how that makes me a douchebag, a bitch, a drama queen, having slow 2 bit brain.... Ok lets just end it! Why would we use our brain to see if its gamebreaking or not when we can just rely on the fact that Eli (who doesn't know any of us) didn't say we'd find the pace gamebreaking!!

  • KoRoV

    From first couple of comments looks like players here dont aprishiate high quality titles any more, just simple 8bit, flash like and mach 3 free games... Sad... (Sorry if my english is bad)

    • KoRoV

      Edit: and about cloning part, isnt every 8 bit rpg ff clone? Isnt every farming game clone of farmville or something? Isnt every mach 3 clone of candy crush or what ever 1st popular mach 3 game was? And what about that game david? Seriously? That would be good game in c64 age, but today? Square breaking other shapes into more shapes? Please... Go throw a rock in a pile of glasses and see what happens. Iw rather have 5 great god of war clones than that other stuffs.

      • shieldser99

        Appreciate. Sorry couldn't help it.

  • igames

    I hope its going to be available for ios 6 on ipod 4

    • Themostunclean

      Very very slim chance, unfortunately. Although I'll be happy for you if it is 🙂

  • ImJPaul

    Guess I better clear at least 4 GB on my 5S now...

  • PoloBaquerizoH


  • DuckyShot

    God O' War, Check 🙂
    Now, I want a TP Free Roam Assassin's Creed, whether it's from Ubisoft themselves or a clone XD

  • Blakwolf

    Anyone else getting collectors edition?
    🙂 if there is one?

    • antonio505

      I'm getting this I wonder how much collectors edition will cost

  • Based Xatu

    How do you call this a god of war clone??? I've played every single god of war , and I have to say, comparing it to this is an insult. This combat is slow and is divided by cells. You attack groups of enemies one at a time with very slow combat mechanics- you can't even jump. God of war has always had tight combat that required timing and strategy on higher difficulties. Compare this to wild blood or some other half bait ios trash.

  • Ultima12

    iOS games getting collectors editions? That's cool!!

  • worldcitizen1919

    TA " Godfire will launch as a Premium game" ????? I just bought it and its choc a block full of IAP 's. I paid A$8.99 and I still have to fork out more for a better weapon? Upgrading can cost real money too!!

    Sorry I bought this. So now, to enjoy a game I paid $8.99 for I have to wait for a 'How to play Godfire without using IAP guide' from TA? Is that fair after paying $8.99? I'm p... Off completely about this. IAP's galore. What's the. $8.99 for then.