We don't usually spend too much time on Android stuff, but we saw this on the E3 show floor and figured the form factor was interesting if nothing else. Basically, it's a spring loaded clamp that you spread open and moosh your phone in the middle. It's like a controller case, but because it contracts in on itself when not in use it's way more portable.

The Phonejoy is currently Android only, they've got plans for an iOS version but it sounds like if it does ever come, it'll be in the distant future.

  • Jhrisado

    Interesting architecture....feels like I've seen this design before

  • zergslayer69

    Neat, I wonder if it fits the Z Ultra (can't watch with sound). Was always annoyed about the moga not being able to tilt far back enough so I'd end up straining my wrist when playing.

  • bigrand1

    Will this work with a Note 3? And is this better than the Moga? Will it work with all games, or just some? Gots to know or no go.....

  • dmhdcmetro

    I have one of these coming from their Kickstarter campaign and have been waiting to hear about it here. This current version works with iCade compatible games so you actually can use it with iOS, but since Apple announced MFI a while back, the makers of the PhoneJoy extended an offer to us iOS users to wait for that version to be released. Unfortunately, it has to meet all of Apple's requirements and pass their tests for approval, so it might be quite a while before it's released. I felt it worth the wait for the future compatibility.

    • dmhdcmetro

      Also, it contracts not only for portability, but so you can use it like a normal console controller if you're playing on your iPad or beaming a game to the big screen.

  • Michael Graham Jr

    pretty ugly

  • surirav

    Android not made for gaming.