Very early this year the Signal RP one controller was announced, and at the time it was the only full-size iOS controller in the works. We got a look at it at E3, and, well, it's a controller. It still feels pretty prototype-y, as the rear trigger buttons seem particularly flimsy:

Signal isn't getting specific on when the RP one will be released, but it looked and felt very 1.0 so it's anyone's guess as to where the controller is in the manufacturing and Apple certification process.

  • iVaro

    Is Asphalt the only game compatible with controllers or something? All 3 I've seen so far today used that game

    • one.sixty.four

      It's just a good showcase game since it is controller compatible and has such high-end graphic and game performance.

  • Holcman

    Looks pretty good, looking forward to a comparison to other full-sized controllers like the Stratus XL.

  • ODMay

    I'm guessing it's gonna cost more than PS4 and XBoxOne controllers

  • Rawk GWJ

    So is there a ps controller that works on iPad without jailbreaking? I'm dieing to play some games on iPad with a true controller.

    • MFiGamer

      Yes the SteelSeries Stratus (it's a bit small though,which is ok if you have small hands)

  • DuckyShot

    I think ima go for the Stratus XL

    • MFiGamer

      Wise choice DuckyShot, the XL looks like an XBX1 controller and a PS4 Dualshock mated and produced this hybrid.. which is a good thing.. i think...hmmm.

  • richdmoore

    At least one of the MFI controllers has the "xbox" stick positions rather than the RP one and Steelstratus' "playstation" stick positions, right?

    • MFiGamer

      MOGA MFi controllers do the "XBox" layout.
      1: MOGA Ace Power (1st MFi controller to be released)
      2: MOGA Rebel (not released yet)

  • Galenmereth

    That doesn't sound like 1.0. By any standard, a prototype is 0.X.