In September of last year, Square Enix announced Final Fantasy Agito, a spinoff game for iOS set in the same universe as the PSP game Final Fantasy Type-0. The game launched in the Japanese App Store just last month, and our own Shaun Musgrave gave us some of his initial thoughts on that release. But the real question is when will Final Fantasy Agito be launching in North America and the rest of the world? Well, today Square Enix *sort of* answered that question on their blog. No specific date has been set, but they say the North American release is "soon" and have released a new trailer of the game.

I think, as is the case with pretty much anything to do with Final Fantasy, that people in North America are really eager to get their hands on Agito. Squeenix's blog post offers up a few more details about the game, and definitely make sure you read Shaun's hands-on impressions if you haven't already as he gives a pretty in-depth look at what the game is like. Once Final Fantasy Agito has a solid release date for North America we'll let you know.

  • TripMX

    HUGE letdown! I downloaded it from the Japanese store when it first came only, loading loading loading bullshit, stupid GATCHA system (like most online card battle games have), stamina timer, huge over 2.xGB size for an online only game(!), etc. The reviews in the JP AppStore definitely hold true. Just another cash-in game. They should rename the game 'Final Fantasy: Type-BS'.

    • Shaun Musgrave

      Did you read the text of those reviews? Most of the negative ones are complaining about a recent update that broke the login system. Before that update, it had mostly positive reviews.

      I mean, obviously if you're hoping for a traditional RPG, you're going to be disappointed, but taken as an entry to the PuzDra sub-genre, I think it's quite a good one.

      • TripMX

        Yes, I was one of the people who downloaded the game when it first came out. I remember the server maintenance on the first day I downloaded the game, and also, the constant connecting and loading doesn't really help this game. It's a big letdown for me, as I'm a lover of traditional gameplay, and not this online multiplayer era.....I wouldn't complain as much if there was no goddamn DRM...I hate HUGE games (2GB+) that require a constant internet connection just to play (true MMORPGs like Order & Chaos are exceptions); if SE gave us both SINGLE PLAYER (offline/online) and MULTIPLAYER (online only) options, I'd be much more accepting.

      • Satan's Taint

        Cheese to go with that whine? #firstworldproblems

      • RebekkahBooseyesu

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      • Gamera Love

        i agree. this game is not fun at all but it's final fantasy!

  • worldcitizen1919

    Is it that bad? I was looking forward to this. What's the initial price? I would much rather premium. This in game cash system has ruined so many games.

    • Perry Tanko

      It's a free game.

  • igames


  • ineptidude

    I think it's more exciting that they're localizing Type-0. Too bad I'm never getting a ps4/xb1.

  • Perry Tanko

    Who has really played this game? I smell a lot of hate in the comments.

  • ImJPaul

    Cautiously optimistic. As long as the pay model isn't too terrible then they can rob me blind. Looks soooooo good.

  • curtisrshideler

    With Dragon Quest VIII and soon Monster Hunter... I just doubt I'll have that much room to put a F2P game on my phone that's THIS big. But I'm excited to see the reviews and vids.

  • HansKaosu

    cant wait

  • Nekku

    It's not coming to north america only but also to europe!

  • Cookies

    Can't really complain about squenix releasing mobile games (they've been doing it forever), but it's kind of disappointing that we've had gems like Before Crisis in the past and yet we get crap like this. Maybe real gamers (I don't care what people say about this, true gamers will remain the ones that actually play games, and not apps) are the tiny minority now (okay, ARE the tiny minority) but it sucks that we get so much of this garbage and so little real substance from the big developers. Fortunately there's still people like the guy behind Blackmoor and Maximus around to make actual games (good ones at that) and not "social experiences."

  • defunct32

    This will get a free pass because it's Final Fantasy.

  • t0pakz

    I enjoyed playing the game eventhough it's japanese, but I would like to know if anyone knows how to transfer the save game from iPad to iPhone 5 or vice versa, cause Im playing two games in different devices. So frustrating...