Fluid SE is the latest game from Radiangames in a series of monthly releases following JoyJoy [$0.99] and SideSwype [$0.99] , and is coming real soon. This is an updated version of Fluid, the 2010 Xbox Live Indie Games title, where the goal is to collect the dots as quickly as possible to get stars across forty-plus levels.

The game has been given some tweaking and improvements for the mobile version: there's 5 new "turbo" levels, changes in the layout of some levels, and other various tweaks to playability. Fluid SE's currently in review, and should release on Thursday, June 12th - Apple review willing.

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    Fireball SE is one of my favorite games, ever, and I've been gaming for some 30 years.

    If Radiangames makes a game I just have to buy it 🙂

    Fireball SE - it amazes me that it was kind of a flop. That should have been on a bunch of top-charts, in my opinion.

    Inferno+ is another great one.