LogoIt's been a pretty overwhelming week for us at WWDC, and with E3 next week, Jared and I are on the cusp of trying to have a relaxing weekend at his shack before heading down to LA. In this weird and sort of short podcast, we discuss the stuff we saw at WWDC and the future of iOS with all the cool new iOS 8 features on the horizon.

From there, we quickly blow through some of the cooler news this week, and break just in time to bro out and watch Smackdown. Next week's podcast might be a little weird too, but we'll be back to our normal format in a couple weeks when all these events are over.


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  • Leeabe51

    Hopefully you learned how to update your apps icon to iOS 7 at WWDC.

  • tylerandjennifer1

    i really wish you guys would stop stalking about wrestling. i love the podcast but as soon as i start hearing about WW anything i just turn it off.

    Besides that. Good job.

    • BoonyTuesday

      I never understood the popularity of wrestling. It's like LARPING, but with a sport.

      • Tyler Lundberg

        LOL so true

  • nimu

    Does anyone know any true premium games coming out on iOS soon? I was really disappointed with MC5 because of the constant online requirement 🙁

    • LewisWolke

      Godfire: Rise of Prometheus is coming out soon.