As Apple announced last week, they'll be live streaming this year's WWDC keynote presentation. If you're on a Mac running Safari, or are on any iOS device (which you should be, if you're reading this, right?) then you can go to this link here to watch the stream. Additionally, if you've got an Apple TV, there's a special channel that will allow you to watch the live keynote event. Oh, and if you're more a reader than a watcher, our sister site MacRumors is doing a live blog of the event, and since Apple's live stream can sometimes lag behind a few minutes, the live blog route can potentially be even more immediate in breaking announcements.


In the past, it's been kind of fun when Apple streams these things and we get a little conversation going in the comments section about whatever gets announced, whatever doesn't get announced, and just generally having everyone hang out and be Apple fanboys together. Good times! We are here in the audience of the keynote, and as long as our spotty internet connection holds up, we'll be posting about any of the relevant gaming-related stuff Apple announces (if they do, that is). Otherwise, kick back, check out the stream and join in on the discussion in the comment section.

  • Prhaber

    The first of many comments...........

  • Jared Nelson

    I feel like I always get excited that Apple will announce a bunch of gaming related stuff at these, and inevitably, I end up disappointed. Hoping there's at least SOMETHING about games at the keynote. Better Game Center, more controller stuff, games on Apple TV, etc

    • Leydz Boomshaka-Irwin

      I heard they doing away with Game Center.. :/

      • Jared Nelson

        From what I've heard, they might get rid of the standalone Game Center app, but I can't imagine they'd get rid of Game Center altogether. GC definitely could use some improvements though!

  • MajorCheevo

    I have to agree with you Jared. Apple needs a gamer in charge of Game Center. I'm sure that would help getting the improvements that Game Center needs.

  • johnree18

    Will they talk about MC5:D

  • johnree18

    Or will that be E5

    • jammyman

      E3. Why would apple talk about mc5 if they don't own it?

  • M M

    These guys are always some of the most pretentious people on the planet....

  • Jason Cardoz

    why isnt wwdc livestream up yet?

  • vicsark

    cool, app bundles!
    will it kill the reliance on heavy discount sales though?

    • dancj

      I was wondering if this'll mean the Humble Bundle finally makes it to iOS.

  • DannyTheElite

    Anyone know the iOS 8 features?

    • dancj

      Off the top of my head:
      Third party widgets in notification centre.
      Improved notification centre.
      Improved spotlight search - with web searches and pictures directly in the search as you type.
      3rd party keyboard support.
      Continuity - looks really cool if you have a mac. Let's you start a document or email on one device and pick it up on another.
      Air drop from iOS to mac.
      iCloud now with accessible folder structure.
      New super-fast graphics engine.
      Improved photo editing.

      Probably a bunch of other things I forgot.

      • M M

        And it only took them til IOS 8 to do quick reply to texts.

    • Satan's Taint

      Everything that Android's had for years.

  • Rothgarr

    Wow, that metal graphics engine was pretty amazing.

    • MaqueGenio

      Good move for Apple, but not so surprising given Apple has been hiring Top AMD GPU engineers for a while now and the fact that newest Idevices shares the same GPU architecture likely helped. Good thing for Apple loyalists too. If Apple gets sloppy and iPhone 6 happens to be slower in OpenGL ES graphics benchmarks than competitors, people will just downplay the results by "well who cares, Apple devices have Metal API that allows +4000 drawcalls and bla bla bla..."

    • loophole

      Does anyone know if Metal affects a7 devices only? I missed the stream...

  • Zaraf

    So as cool as Swift looked and as awesome as it will be for developers, I wish they had talked about some rules with regards to app submission. Something to discourage all of the shit we get assaulted with on the AppStore. With Swift now, I can only see the shit apps increasing.

    • BoonyTuesday

      I can't imagine much of a change from what it is now. Anyone who is willing to learn Swift, probably would have had all the motivation to create a crappy app without it.

    • Themostunclean

      Still fewer shit apps than Android...

      • Satan's Taint

        Yeah, keep holding onto that fanboyism. Everything announced today is what Android has had for years-metal aside.

      • dancj

        I didn't realise Android had Application Continuity.

  • HansKaosu

    Looking forward to see how Swift and Metal will improve iOS gaming.. all the new updates iOS8 for consumers and developers is exciting

    • greatnoob

      Swift is just a new language, the content is up to the content makers themselves not the programmer. Swift wont change anything for the end user, it'll just simplify the developers work and require less development & debugging time.

  • ThePersonDerp

    If only
    a7 devices didn't cost so much.

  • Shifaan

    When is iOS 8 releasing?

    • dancj

      This autumn.

    • Themostunclean

      Usually in October.

  • cofunguy

    Same old stuff, new iOS for iPads and macs. Nothing that great and yes I am including the metal "crap" since I am not a dedicated gamer and was hoping for more innovations. Guess apple has no more of them...

    • Themostunclean

      To be fair, real "innovations" are few and far between on every platform, not just Apple. That buzz word really bugs me since people rarely apply it properly and use it to describe quickly tossed aside gimmicks and useless functions.

    • Jake7905

      This is a gaming site.....

      • cofunguy

        Yeah so? Don't think apple develops any gaming apps and thus my that definition should be removed. I think what I said above is very true. So at least try to add to the conversation than an off the cuff remark.

        And with all these others items like Health and Homekit, I have one word. Hackers. When hackers start hacking the code, I don't think people will like their info and/or house to be open to all. They had best make it very security proof (doubtful) before rolling it out. Oh sure everyone will like the ability to turn off items but less so when people can get into the house and take items.

      • Mess

        An off the cuff remark that is fairly accurate. This is a gaming site, which will be primarily concerned with the gaming improvements in iOS.

        And Metal is a big deal for gamers, just because you think it's crap, doesn't mean everyone does.

  • greatnoob

    I'm more excited about Swift to be honest

  • rewind

    Well there's very little to keep customers interested. Of course it's full of developer stuff, but otherwise this was a letdown. No widgets, no splitscreen, no killer features for unhealthy people. And no redisign to the style that was designed to specifically appeal to teenage girls.

    And one of the world's smartest companies doesn't care that OS X 10.10 is so not mathematically correct. Steve Jobs would go ballistic if he knew about this. So maybe they'll call it OS X 11, which also makes no sense because X is the Roman numeral for 10. Only versions that start with a ten should have the X in front. Oh, and Steve Jobs would also have a fit that that his glorious dock, which he improved throughout his career, has been changed back to the 2005 version.

    But Steve would hate all of iOS 7. Not because it's "modern," I'm sure he would've adapted to the current, flat style. However, iOS 7 and OS X are not fully modern, they still have a ton of skeuomorphism. It's like an ugly mix between everything and it comes out really ugly. That's all I have to say, not the best WWDC for me.

    • cofunguy

      Do have to agree with you. Had very little for consumers, if any. Don't see US as a big health craze nut. Sure their are overweight people but don't think that will sell more apple products. Not one "oh man have to have it" item in the list.

      • Mess

        world wide DEVELOPERS conference.

    • dancj

      Seriously? You're complaining because you don't understand that 10.10 is a perfectly valid version number because version numbering is nothing to do with maths.

      I hate to break it to you, but would e valid too.