As pointed out by our sister site, MacRumors, Business Insider's Jay Yarow snapped a photo of what very likely is a banner for iOS 8. Apple typically reveals new operating system details at WWDC, as it's a developer-oriented event, and it'd make a lot of sense for iOS 8 to take up a major portion of the keynote. (Which Apple is streaming live!)


It's anyone's guess what iOS 8 could include, there's always some new killer features, but I'd be really happy if they expanded Game Center. Apple's online leaderboard service has been super light on its feature set since it launched, and it'd be really sweet if they brought it more in line with what people expect of these kind of things. If nothing else, I'd love to be able to message my Game Center friends without revealing my iMessage ID or phone number.

Either way, we'll find everything out on Monday, so stay tuned.

  • addi_x000

    Am so loookin forward to this... Man am so exited!

  • jammyman

    I don't really think ios 8 will be too much different from ios 7. I really like ios 7s flat icons compared to ios 6s horrible shaded ones(I think that's what you call them) so how would ios 8 improve the icon look?i think maybe they should make the icons more sharp, and less rounded for a more....modern look. Also, apple should expand and allow users to download files from the net. I think apple has become too restrictive compared to android. Hopefully more parallax wallpapers, better screen density(you can make you screen more resoluted using an app but its for android)and for the camera, proper zoom! Not digital zoom which they put in ios 7. Digital zoom just makes everything blurry and yuck.

    Anyways, that's my idea. Share your thoughts?

    • cubilas

      How could there be 'analog' zoom? The lens cant move so digital zoom is the only option. Or they would have to put a zoomable camera lens in the new iphone.

      • khann

        I think the word you were looking for was optical zoom, not analog. Also, you're right, this is a hardware issue, not software.

      • cubilas

        Ah yes, couldn't come up with the correct word in English, not my native language. Thanks for the correction.

    • nicoper

      Dafuq, changing resolution? Blasphemy, a resolution cant go higher than what the screen can handle. Analog zoom? Wtf, how is that supposed to be done? Are we supposed to walk around with gigantic $2k lenses on our phones now? Cmon, be a bit realistic, nano technology isnt here yet...

      • jammyman

        Some of my points made were about the iPhone 6. Sorry for confusion

      • Himmat Singh

        He meant the density of the resolution. Basically, the higher the resolution, the smaller the text/icons. However, Apple has scaled the Retina display iPads to have the exact same size as the older iPads without retina display. He wants the option to scale stuff smaller, like you can do on PC/laptop displays.

  • ODMay

    Or they're probably joining forces with Microsoft's W(i)nd(o)w(s) 8... O.O lmao, I'm just bluffing.

    • the_rebel14

      Even if your bluffing, you have a good eye(OS) for detail!

  • CooleTeeps

    Hmmmmm looks cool! Just hope it's on iPod 5

    • TheGrimCreeper

      It most likely will be.

      • Leeabe51

        Not at all likely, iPods don't sell well anymore.

  • Mess

    Circles. That's what it's gonna be full off. 😉

  • lr1919

    Please ios 8 get rid of these annoying notifications:
    Wifi increases accuracy
    Trust this computer

    • doone128

      Totally agree with this. I can't stand the constant nagging about wifi. Especially when you're just about to take a photo. Grrrrr...

  • sawyer4325

    I really hope they open up to some more customization options. Like the jailbreak tweak messages customizer. Little things like that are the reasons I used to jailbreak.

    • slaata

      Yes me too

  • curtneedsaride

    I just want the music I stream from my collection in the cloud to not be stored in a cache, and I want to be able to delete music from my device by song, album, artist, or genre. If I've got a 200 song collection and I want to delete it in iOS 7, I have to swipe 200 times!

    • _the_escape_artist_

      This is by far the most annoying thing in iOS 7.
      I don't even use the default music app. It sucks! Can't repeat an album and that's the way I usually listen to music.

  • SoyGreen

    It looks like the 8 is on a water background. Maybe it will make iOS 8 waterproof like iOS 7 was supposed to be!

    (Google it if you don't get it - "iOS 7 waterproof" should do.)

  • ODMay

    The score-hacking on gamecenter should really be addressed but I doubt Apple will recognize that.

    • rewind

      Yeah I agree, but that isn't affecting sales right now. I'm sure they'd rather focus on the stuff that's making them money. But it's very annoying to see the top 5 players for a game have the same hacked score.

    • Design by Adrian

      At least they allow developers to delete highscores. That wasn't the case in the early days of Game Center.

  • Anotherkellydown

    Totally agree about GameCenter. I've been wishing for an update. Specifically the ability to message friends; that would be a great way to actually get to know some of my TA friends a little better, or recommend games, etc.

  • oddyoh

    Hoping for some good news about iOS controllers...and then I wake up.

  • Allanon

    -GC messaging for sure
    -"Play Next" option in Music, with the ability to create a quick playlist like in iTunes (I use that all the time)
    -A better more tuned up version of Siri with better voice recognition

  • Double Vision

    Since 7.1 I am pretty pleased with iOS.

    I hope they bring splitscreen support to run at least two apps simultaneously.

    And with that a better handling of the control center especially the music control. When i listened to a podcast and switched to a youtube video it won't resume the podcast after watching the video. Or listening to videos when the screen is turned off does not work for many apps, etc.

    And the music app got worse with every new iOS release. I have like 50 Bob Dylan albums and it is a mess to find the one i want to listen to. Why isn't there a subfolder anymore with a list of every single album after you tap on the artist instead of displaying hundreds of songs at once. At least they could have built in an option for that.

  • thiagovscoelho

    I sure hope the iPad 4 gets it but that's an insecure matter

  • People [shrugs]

    I'm thinking it all be in Chinese and we'll all have to learn Chinese.

    Just a guess!

  • spokentruths772

    It's widgets just like android and new emojis apparently

  • anabolicMike

    Um we just got 7. I'm happy with 7. So unless 8 somehow causes me to get more BlowJobs from my misses I don't really see the point.

  • jarland

    This iOS version, along with the next iPhone, represent the first time Ive has had full creative freedom and authority over both form and function. This is the first time we can be reasonably sure that Jobs has been entirely out of the picture for development.

    For Apple, this is a big deal. I, for one, celebrate the mentality that Ive brings to the table and I respect his passion for his work to a great degree. I think people who appreciate the finer accomplishments of Apple are in for a treat this year. I'm not ashamed to wear the "fanboy" title. I'm as excited as a 12 year old girl on the front row at a Bieber concert.

  • Morphzeus

    Hope of a better Keyboard like Swiftkey, Swipe (Android)!

    It's time!

  • iMaxx

    I hope the announce it going on Apple TV!

    • Design by Adrian

      Are you hoping they'd announce a new Apple TV, or do you want their product announcements streamed to your Apple TV? I don't understand your comment...

  • Design by Adrian

    The 8 looks thicker than the 7... maybe they did refine the design? iOS7 wasn't exactly the pinnacle of flat design.

  • Skiz

    Id love for apple to introduce much more customisation options for stuff like lock screens and app icons (ideally this would include an easy to use editor so each person can design a completely unique look for their phone) but I expect that they will just a few more set options for wallpapers.

  • br4nd0n

    All I want is a way to download food. Apple please.

  • rewind

    The 8 does look thinker. Which makes perfect sense, because with the iOS 7.1.1 update, the keyboard letters became thicker. I don't think they're redesigning the OS again, but I would welcome a new look. Agree that iOS 7 was far from perfect.

  • HansKaosu

    Hype hype 😀

  • rewind

    Ok, I looked at some other pictures and the letters on the sign that's on the front of the building are still thin and rainbowish. Oh well. Maybe we'll see widgets but I doubt it.