Just a quick heads up to let you know that the fourth episode of Telltale Games' excellent adventure game The Wolf Among Us [Free], which Telltale began teasing us about last week, is now available to download from within the game. Like previous episodes, it'll set you back $4.99 if you're buying them one at a time, or will simply be ready to download if you've bought the season pass. This fourth episode is titled "In Sheep's Clothing" and you can get a gist of what it's all about in the following trailer (spoilers, obviously).

If you haven't yet indulged in The Wolf Among Us and are wondering what it's all about, we've covered the first two episodes of the game in our review, and we'll be withholding food and water from our reviewer until he adds in content from the third and fourth episodes. However, the tl;dr is that The Wolf Among Us is another excellent adventure from Telltale, and if you like gritty takes on classic fairy tales you should definitely check it out.

The fifth and final episode should be hitting sometime later this year, and we'll have more details on that when they're available.

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    I'd definitely watch this on HBO.