If you're similarly super stoked for Battleheart Legacy's release this week and the wait until Wednesday was killing you… Guess what, you're in for a treat. For whatever reason, it'd seem that Mika Mobile decided to launch the game a day earlier than we all expected. It's available in the New Zealand App Store now, which presumably means it'll appear in the US market at 11:00 PM Eastern tonight?


It's totally, totally possible that this is a super-brief soft launch and the game won't be available everywhere else until the normal time tomorrow… So we'll just have to see what happens tonight. I grabbed it from the New Zealand store, and plan on playing it this afternoon on Twitch, so keep an eye out for that.

  • spader623

    I really should beat the first one... But I liked it so I'll keep my eye out for this one.

  • Maglor

      \\ Λ_Λ
       \(´∀`) It’s INSTABUY
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    ノ )  Lノ

    • Holcman

      The cat strikes again!

    • Leydz Boomshaka-Irwin

      It's evolving! How long before we can't control it?!

    • Leeabe51

      If you're going to spam this, at least change it up.

      • basil

        <3 maglor

      • lll Anubis lll

        Never! Viva la...cat?!?

      • AKLT

        Can't help but notice that the cat has impressive calf muscles

      • Alexythimia23

        Is it me or does Maglor never reply lmao i like it, guess he only talks in pictograms lol

  • makitango

    Yes! Storming the App Store now.

  • Jamesrooney27

    Eil please do a stream tonight of battleheart

  • Tino11

    so sad i have a dutch account, will cost another day before i can get it

  • redkins54

    Thank you Jesus!!!!!!! I've been waiting for this day since TA announcement!!! My wife won't be too happy for the next few days.

  • Nekku

    Wow, this was fast! It was handed over to apple just a few days ago and now it's already released. Looking forward to play that gem all night long.

  • Leeabe51

    The developer posted on Twitter "Battleheart Legacy releasing the 28th! Gonna see about cutting a new trailer today."

  • http://www.zucchinipeoplegames.com/ Nicholas Yu

    I've quite literally been waiting a few years for a worthy follow-up to Battleheart since discovering the original in 2011. Insta-buy.

  • PoloBaquerizoH

    Instabuy!! Finally!

  • entik14

    I can't believe it finally released. Battleheart is my favorite game on iOS!

  • Swallowtail


  • Based Xatu


  • Adsinjapan


    BATTLEHEART LEGACY is available on the Japanese AppStore now. Downloading it right this second. 😛

  • GiHubb

    Sanuku - do your magic 🙂

  • BlazeLee

    Its out in Singapore!

  • cloudland

    It is good for an hour playing. But not addicting like battleheart. It was really awsome

  • Endscrypt

    Got it yeahhhh

  • denisvjcr

    mmmmm this or watchdogs 😀

    • lanights

      This AND Watch Dogs 🙂

  • gsspzcw

    Cannot. Wait. Any. Longer.

  • Crimzzen

    Holy sh*t, best day ever!

  • AKLT

    Out in Asia, big question fellas, it's an instabuy for sure, but what is the off chance of a release sale? Heh.

    a dollar more than expected tbh. Wouldn't want to shell out to have a discount the very next day

    • Based Xatu

      Mika never does sales. Check there games on here and look at the prices.

    • Adsinjapan

      Although I can appreciate wanting games to be a little more affordable at times, I really didn't look at the price tag on this one, I just clicked "buy".
      It's entirely worth the price tag! You really are paying for polished quality with this game! Don't hesitate!

  • JC85

    Played it 30 minutes, great game. I will continue to play this all week 🙂

  • Endscrypt

    Really enjoying it so far to tell ya the truth it's nothing like Battleheart gone are the line mechanics and in are the fully fledged RPG mechs to what scale I'm not sure at the moment, I.e being able to communicate with NPCs you can choose from 3 comments and obviously the NPCs behave different depending on how or what you say, one thing I can say from my limted peak at the game is MIKA have done a job with the graphics they are simply gorgeous it's gone be great fun! There is also cloud support which is always a bonus.

  • Goggles789

    I'm not so sure this is an instabuy for me. After watching the game impressions by Sanuku, I'm not so hyped about it anymore. It looks like a lot of tapping and a lot of watching. I was sort of hoping it would involve more skill. Right now it looks like: tap on ground a lot, tap on enemy, wait for it to die while taking immense amounts of damage, repeat. I'm also not certain about the games balance. As soon as Sanuku was hit by 2 enemies, his life bar was dropping fast with really nothing to do about it other than use a potion. I guess I will remain one of the few skeptics about this game.

    • Goggles789

      In fact it reminds me a lot of Diablo franchise.

  • Velcroe

    For people who have played it already, of the major pc video games out there which is it most like? Looks kind of Diabloish which would be great for me but have not yet seen any video gameplay.

    • timb

      Reminds me the most of Torchlight, only with more classes and a story!

  • rpgmind

    I..... I'm not prepare!!!!

  • CooleTeeps

    Can't wait for this! I loved the first one so much! Instabuy!

  • Patt

    Dude! Streaming soon?

  • rabbitsamlcs

    I am a HUGE fan of Battleheart. But frankly, i prefer party control RPG more....

  • cloudland

    I change my mind. It is worth goty. Excellent spinoff ever

  • spsummer

    It's live in the US Store now.

  • KBPrinceO

    Out on the east coast!