Like most Memorial Day weekends, if the news cycle is any indication, the holiday weekend has already started for everyone else but me. It doesn't seem like there's much going on other than some pretty great iOS game sales- The first of which being Adult Swim's Castle Doombad [$2.99]. Originally launching at $2.99 and having been on sale before, Castle Doombad is back to a buck again.

So why should you give ninety nine of your pennies for this game? Well, we absolutely loved the game in our review. Also, interestingly enough the game came out at a great time to coincide with the original Dungeon Keeper free to play drama, offering a vaguely similar feeling experience without all the nasty free to play stuff. It's sidescrolling instead of top down, but, you're constructing all sorts of traps in a tower defense-y Dungeon Keeper-y kind of thing. Seriously, it's really good.


They've added additional content to the game though via the summer "Slaycation" update, so, if you played through Castle Doombad already it's worth checking that out again. Particularly, there's a new feature which shuffles the traps you get to bring with you and you get a bonus if you manage to complete a stage with a random loadout. This makes for some really crazy levels- particularly when you get shuffled all your not-so-great defenses.

  • London-SV


    • tsargeant3012

      I *think* we've all worked out by now that $0.99 is equally to £0.69 on the App Store... Not quite sure for the reason behind that post...

      Also, cheers for the heads up Eli. It was a game I thought about getting, but I had too many good ones to play at the time, might as well pick it up now!

      • London-SV

        Why did that irk you so much?

      • dancj

        Actually some 99¢ games are 99p so 69p is worth mentioning.

      • ste86uk

        I've never seen a 99p game they are 69 anyway who cares?

      • ste86uk

        I haven't seen a 99p game they are 69p anyway at this price anyone would be stupid not to get it....they already are for not already having it as it's worth the full price!

  • rpgmind

    Gettin it!!!

    • London-SV

      You should, I'd of bought it before the sale if I was you, great game and very relaxing compared to some if the more tricky TDs

  • Leydz Boomshaka-Irwin

    If you havent gotten this yet and really like defense games, go grab it! I've finished it(only one of the few that I have finished) and love it!

  • iosuser

    Great game, a steal for less than a buck. We are so spoiled by the app store prices, that most wait for free or 99 cents!

  • dibdib

    Would be a great game if it got Angry Birds level attention. That thing never seemed to get too many updates.