In August of last year, developer Full Control released Space Hulk on PC, a video game adaptation of the tabletop board game of the same name. Full Control had been hinting that their version of Space Hulk would be coming to iOS, and indeed the following December Space Hulk [$4.99 (HD)] was released for the iPad for $9.99. Today, for the first time since releasing, Space Hulk is on sale for $4.99, half off its regular price. In conjunction with the sale, Space Hulk has just received an update adding co-op multiplayer functionality, as well as a new multiplayer lobby. The game's online multiplayer works cross-platform with the Mac, Linux and PC versions of the game.

Overall, the video game adaptation of Space Hulk has seen mixed reviews, I think mostly due to it retaining many of its complexities and "hardcoreness" from the physical board game version. But, if this type of game is your cup of tea, five bucks is a pretty incredible price to grab the iPad version for. It's significantly cheaper than what the game goes for on PC, and if you enjoy it, there's several additional campaigns available as IAP. You can also find tons of information and impressions of Space Hulk in our forums.

  • Robert McGovern

    Very enjoyable game and well worth the price, be it full or reduced.

  • Bones00

    No review?

  • Leeabe51

    From the reviews I read when it came out, it suffered from slow animations and bad controls. Weak implementation of a good game.

    • vid_icarus

      I own it and can attest to everything you just said. A lot of potential, but players will need a lot patience.

      • SoyGreen

        Can't you turn off the animations?

        I have it - but never played it. 😛 But I thought I saw somewhere that it had that option... I could be 100% wrong though. But - that might help for some users.

      • Larni69

        You can turn of the kill animations and speed up the game play if you like. But terminators are supposed to be lumbering great things: having them skip about the place ruins the atmosphere.

    • jamesgecko

      RockPaperShotgun also complained that some of the rules were implemented incorrectly, giving one of the players more information than they were supposed to have.

  • worldcitizen1919

    Jared. Thank you VERY, VERY MUCH for bringing this to our attention. I was thinking about getting it earlier but it was a bit expensive for me then and I forgot all about it. Now I saw the discount thanks to YOU I snapped it up quickly and I LOVE it. Thanks again.

  • worldcitizen1919

    Loving it.

    • Alexythimia23

      Get appsfire, i check it daily and will never miss a bargain, its a great app, and got so many games for free or seriously reduced. Great if you dont always have a lot to spend each week 🙂

  • icruise

    I have the Mac version and like it pretty well, although part of that is my affection for old-school Games Workshop games. I think I would probably like it better on the iPad if only because it's portable, but I was turned off by the relatively high price and reviews saying that it's buggy. $4.99 isn't too bad, so what about the second issue? How buggy is it?