If you're a fan of Adult Swim's iOS games (And if you're not, what's wrong with you?), it looks like another release of theirs is on the horizon. It's called Delivery Outlaw, and it recently soft launched in Canada, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Finland. So, if you actually live in any of those regions, or just happen to have an iTunes account there, you can play right now.


In a nutshell, the game is a Trials-like with a heaping helping of Adult Swim charm. Instead of just completing levels, you're delivering goods of questionable legality for one of six included kingpins. The vehicles, level design, and everything else is totally ridiculous, in a good way. Per our forums, there's some changes being made to the game before it goes live worldwide… But, any game with "Adult Swim" on the box is an insta-download to me.

International App Store Link: Delivery Outlaw, Free

  • sirbond

    Not the uk yay.... -_-

  • kevin8977

    Do games ever soft launch in Merica?


    Thanks,I Playing “ No One Dies……