If you're in to the spectator sport of watching the crazy things that happen on the App Store, whether or not you're even playing the game, ACR Drift [Free] should be on your radar. It's made by Crooz, which is a Japanese free to play megacorp that anyone with a smartphone in Japan would likely know about. Outside of Japan though? They seem to be just as lost on the App Store as everyone else.

We posted when the game came out in February, and since then it hasn't seemed to do too much. It peaked at #25 in the US a few days after its launch, but since then has fallen in to App Store obscurity. (Although, hey, it's #6 right now in Suriname, that counts for something.)


A new update just hit, adding multiplayer racing to the game. Players can now race against other people playing ACR Drift across 135 countries, using whatever tricked out car they've got in game. Will this breathe new life in to the game? Hard to say, but something tells me Crooz isn't going to give up easy.

  • London-SV


  • chinito77

    Too late for this as this feature should have been available a while back. I bought some gold after playing this game for about 3 days because I was enjoying it then it got insanely difficult. I had to resort to cheats just to beat this game.

  • thematrixx

    IAPs?....'nuff said!

    • London-SV

      Not all IAP is bad btw...

      Unless it's from EA, then it's always bad.