otttdiconTower defense games aren't my favorite genre. Don't get me wrong, there's several I like very much, but it's not the sort of genre that gets me all hot with anticipation. So, when I get an email for a game called Over The Top Tower Defense, I don't really think much of it. But, being that I always try to have an open mind towards any game, I checked out the trailer. And that was all she wrote, I'm sold. Over The Top Tower Defense, or OTTTD, is a pretty typical tower defense game at its core, but with some lite RPG and RTS elements peppered in to shake things up.

In addition to placing stationary towers on a map, you can also have up to 3 "hero units" active on the field, which allow you to more actively attack the waves of mobs coming your way. There are 7 different classes of hero units, and each can be individually leveled up through their own unique skill trees. In addition to all that, the art style in OTTTD is bananas. Not only does it have a cool, cartoonish look, but the dozens of enemies you're laying waste to in any given level leave behind their piles of gibs, creating a battlefield that's literally littered with bad guy debris. Check out the trailer.

OTTTD developer SMG Studio has been running a beta program in our forums for about a month, and I'm really, really encouraged by the many positive comments the beta testers have been leaving about the game. Like I said, I don't typically get overly excited for a tower defense game, but I'm super excited about this one. It's coming soon too, as SMG announced that OTTTD will be available next week on May 22nd. It'll be free to play. Correction: SMG has let me know that the game was originally planned as free to play, but instead will be $2.99. Needless to say, I'm really looking forward to OTTTD.

  • GamerFirst1

    Well there's one to pick up next week anyway.

  • JCho133

    I help test this, it's honestly over the top. Haha, it's ridiculous how much blood, bones, and guts are littered all over the map by the end of the level.

    Has some awesome RPG aspects with a bunch of equipment and heroes too.

    The premium IAP puts the cherry on top.

  • speedyph


  • anabolicMike

    Pee to play? Like as in you have to buy the game and still use IAPs? Renewable IAPs? If so I'm out. I don't like renewable IAPs. Nothing wrong with premium IAPs that get you more content or cheat massively. It's the renewable stuff that bugs me. Of course if I developed a game it would have it in it but that's cause I know that's how you make the pennies and cuocos!

    • Jared Nelson

      According to them "It's actually $2.99 (tier 2 pricing) with some additional IAP if you want to get everything faster."

      • SMG Studio

        We initially thought freemium would be a good approach, but through testing we realised that Premium + optional iAP made much more sense.

        If you play the game and feel we're off the mark on difficulty curve, let us know! We've balanced it pretty carefully.

      • B30

        Good to know, definitely getting this one, looks great!

      • Gabriel.Voyager

        And about the double currency i have see in the video?
        Coin and diamant?
        In the final version there will be only coin? Or you sell a premium game with the double currency of a freemium?

  • Steven Lewis

    I played quite a bit of the beta. This is one fantastic action-oriented tower defense game!

  • SMG Studio

    Just want to say thanks again to everyone here that helped us test via the forums. It's been a great ride to put the final balancing in place with you guys playing the game and telling us how it is.

  • grammatonfeather

    I love 3d tower defence done right. Let's hope it's not ruined with IAP. In fact I still don't get why a game you pay for needs IAP. I made a point of buying a certain game by an ex Disney employee because he made it totally IAP free.

  • MasonHurst

    Sounds like they are doing the IAP the right way... Kudos to the devs...

  • HelperMonkey

    Some of my favorite games have optional IAPs. I don't buy them. I'm not bothered by them.

    Meanwhile... THIS GAME! (Now suddenly in a very high spot on my wish list.)
    That trailer is bonkers. Giant flying mechanical shark? Yes, please!

  • Jake7905

    Tower Defense may not be the deepest or most original genre, but when done right, a TD game can be as enjoyable as anything the App Store has to offer. This release looks like TD done right. And at $3, with optional (reasonable) IAP's, I'll be downloading this the minute it hits the App Store.

  • Sestion

    You sold me on this with MechaJaws.

  • FastShoes

    What are some of your favorite iOS Tower Defense games? Old or new - I was a huge fan of the Sentinel series.

    • London-SV

      Bloons TD5 is probably my favourite.


      geoDefense and geoDefense Swarm are AWESOME

    • Jake7905

      Where is Sentinel 4? The 3rd installment was one of the best TD games I've ever played.

    • flashbackflip

      Apart from Sentinel, Space Station Frontier is a good one (also by Origin8) if you like omni-directional TD

      Strike Fleet Omega is an interesting approach. Also omni-directional. I'd say it's Action-TD as you constantly interacting with your units
      It's freemium, but possible to be taken by hardcore grind (and any TD gameplay is hardcore grind on 'endless') 😉

      Radiant TD is a good more conventional TD, if u like neon as art style.
      Interesting feature - you form the pathway for enemies with limited stricture blocks before mission start

  • London-SV

    Watchin with all of my eyes.

  • Keith

    I love tower defense games and this looks to be unique as well - sure hope it's truly FUN!