Fans of Brad Nicholson are on the verge of having something closer to an "official" version of Brad Nicholson: The Game as the studio Brad Nicholson is now working for, Uber Entertainment, is on the verge of releasing Toy Rush to the world. Potentially more (or less) interesting is that Toy Rush is the second release from the new publisher Tilting Point, who already blew us away with Leo's Fortune. If that's the level of quality they're keeping up with, Toy Rush should be awesome.

You can get a rundown of how the game works by watching this video from an alpha version which was posted last September:

This tower defense (and offense) game is already soft launched in Canada, so if you're an actual Canadian or a "Canadian" with an iTunes account in that region, you can download it now. Alternatively, it'll be available for everyone next week on the 15th.

  • bradnicholson

    Hey, I know that guy.

    • vicsark

      Dude, I thought Brad was a cabby now! Makes more sense this way 😛
      Will you be guesting in the podcast sometimes?

      • bradnicholson

        I will someday, my man. Eager to talk to ya'll again. It's been too long.

  • Orlor

    Been playing this for a bit because I am "Canadian". It is a fun take on the base builder by having everybody's favorite genre (Tower Defense) attached to it.

    Also nice that they didn't do the typical Fantasy setting and instead did a toy type setting.

    Since it is free I would say it is worth at least a download to try it out.

  • Jared Nelson

    Brad Nicholson more like Nad Bricholson

  • loox

    I remember Brad. I did *not* know this was out already.

    Heading to Canadian App Store right away.