I got up super early today to do as much work as I could before it got warm out so I could spend as much time as possible working on the ridiculous landscaping project I've got going on in my front yard between dealing with TouchArcade stuff. So, I'm sore, sunburnt, and kind of just want to chillax and play some Hearthstone or whatever else seems cool.

There's three ways you can watch the stream:

1. Scroll up to the top of the page here and watch it embedded right here on TouchArcade. By default the volume is set to 0%, so be sure to crank that slider up if you're in a place where you can have sound.

2. Actually heading over to Twitch and viewing the stream over there. It's basically the same as above, except with a slightly different layout for the stream and the chat.

3. Download the TwitchTV app [Free] and watch the stream live on your iOS device. If you haven't tried the app in a while, it's worth revisiting as it just got a massive update that makes it way better. Once you're in the app, either search for "TouchArcade" or hit the link on your iOS device.

I usually stream until around 7:00 PM Central time, and you can find an archive of our stream videos over on our YouTube channel. I upload them right after the stream each day, so depending on how long YouTube takes to process them, if you miss a stream they're usually available in an hour or two.

Please be sure to follow us on Twitch, and if you really like the TouchArcade stream, subscribe. A premium subscription is $4.99 a month, and gets you a slick little TA icon next to your name in chat. We're still working on other cool things to do with our subscribers, but right now just imagine it as a virtual tip jar.

Thanks for watching, everyone!

Update: Check out me trying to live the dream with my priest deck, whenever it is that YouTube finishes processing it-

  • nilly2323

    When I first saw the title I was thinking how "Landscaping Spectacular" could be associated with an awesome game just from the name, but I soon became extremely disappointed when I discovered that it was just mentioning that you were doing some landscaping.

  • http://animaltrackers.wordpress.com/ DAiv Games

    It's interesting to see the thought processes that go on when playing strategy games like these. I've only just touched the surface of the game, but in the few days that I've been playing it, I've certainly enjoyed it.