Nothing gets my engine running more than an old-school-style platformer, and Cascadia and Crescent Moon Games look like they've got a great one brewing with their upcoming 2-bit Cowboy. Modeled after the Gameboy handheld entertainment system of my youth, 2-bit Cowboy is a pixely, monochrome platformer with an emphasis on action, exploration, and character customization. They've even dubbed it a "Westernvania" in a similar vein to the Metroidvania genre of action/adventure platformers. Your character can even ride cool stuff, like a mine cart, a bull, or a horse. Check out how authentic of a Gameboy experience is in 2-bit Cowboy's release trailer. All that's missing is the screen blur.

The last time my Gameboy sense tingled this badly was with Orange Pixel's awesome Stardash a few years ago. With Cascadia's experience with the Cavorite series of platformers, I've got confidence that 2-bit Cowboy will deliver that faux-retro platforming experience I love so much. If it's caught your eye too, there's a discussion thread in our forums, and there's no need to wait too long to get this bad boy in your hands as 2-bit Cowboy launches this week for 99¢. Look for it in the US App Store late Wednesday night.

  • CkX82


    • CkX82

      Definitely sold on the gameboy look

  • Themostunclean

    3D/2DS + Virtual console = itch scratched.

    • jmasin

      I thought this was about iOS gaming... Maybe I'm in the wrong web again, my bad.
      By the way, on a totally unrelated subject: I'm selling my iPhone because I've found out that there are devices with bigger screens, like my laptops 15,6 inches. Bigger screen itch? Once again: scratched.

      PS: I've also found out that there is this orange juice with more vitamins than my iPad. Selling it too.

      PS2: you know what also itches?... Nevermind, it's probably herpes. I shouldn't have mentioned it. Any app that removes it?

      • KaiserOne

        so uncalled for lmao. The person was pointing at a solution for the author's itch. Technically Touch Arcade points to any portable device with touch sensitivity. Hence the inclusion of 3DS and Vita threads here and there, so said person is not completely off mark. Nevertheless if you're having a bad, please don't vent out on the web. Your mood comes and goes but comments stay 😉

      • Themostunclean

        Thank you for actually understanding my intent instead of going on a facetious rant.

    • NinjaKitteh

      Totally agree. I've been trying to beat 3D Classics Kid Icarus...forgot how damned hard that game was when I was a kid.

  • CharleneLam8

    It will be mine. Oh yes...

  • Anotherkellydown

    Yep, this will be mine Weds night. I remember the good ol' days linking my Gameboy with a friend's at school and playing Tetris

  • Tim

    Definitely buying, but I'd love to see an full color option as well. I love the nostalgia factor but seeing this in color (as we did many of the old GB games when GBC came out) would be wonderful.

  • Michael Dulson

    Insert Red Dead Redemption/Game Boy/iOS joke here. The pieces are there, somebody work with it.

  • Zeillusion

    This game looks amazing, itch sold.

    • Zeillusion

      ^ that didn't make sense, lol. I meant this def scratches my nostalgia itch. Sold

  • extol4000

    It looks great! Color Mode should be unlocked when you beat the game.

  • DenzilofDojima

    Shouldn't it be a Metroidwesterner? The Metroidvania moniker is only for Castlevania games that copy the Metroid formula. Since this game looks nothing like a traditional Castlevania game I'm assuming the influence is Metroid?

    • shmewpshmewp

      The sub genre of metroidvania is not specific to Castlevania:SOTN or any of it's doppleganger cousins- Cave Story, Guacamelee and Shadow Complex along with other games are also classified as Metroidvania.

      • DenzilofDojima

        It was coined FOR SOTN specifically to describe a Castlevania game inspired by Metroid. To apply the moniker to anything other than a Castlevania game with Metroid elements is simply inaccurate.

      • Themostunclean

        Sorry, you're wrong. The term was originally coined by 1UP Editor Scott Sharkey to describe any game with similar elements to both titles. It describes an action adventure platformer with a large interconnected map where certain areas are locked off until certain upgrades are acquired. Another term that didn't take off was Castleroid. Do a basic internet search to confirm.

      • EvilAbdy

        I miss 1up 🙁

      • DenzilofDojima

        Nah, a game that is an action platformer with an interconnected map and power ups that enable progression is a Metroid style game. It's simply illogical to add the vania to any game that does this since a Castlevania games aren't always Metroid style. So does 2-bit cowboy have more in common with Castlevainia or Metroid? Obviously Metroid hence my original comment. Vampire Slayer and SQ2 may have started it but SOTN popularized the term. Metroid pre-dates both.

      • Themostunclean

        And Simons Quest and Vampire Killer were the first of the series to use this formula, not SOTON.

  • Design by Adrian

    They should add that horrible gameboy motion blur for the full experience!

  • Apricosomoso

    Why not add GBA nostalgia? The colors look so shitty I would fall asleep of boringness

    • Kane

      Go to sleep!

  • jpgold

    Anyone know how many levels?

    • Anotherkellydown

      100 levels. Thats 1.010101 levels for every cent.

      • Anotherkellydown

        Jk I have no idea

  • Jetjet

    Looks like Gunman Clive !

  • bbve

    That last note of the trailer reminded me of Twilight Princess so much... I'm still not sure why.