Gameloft's massively popular Modern Combat franchise didn't receive its usual yearly iteration in 2013, but the developer today has released a few new details about the latest entry in the series as well as a promise that it's "coming soon." Like the Call of Duty series that it emulates, a new Modern Combat game has released in the latter months of every year since 2009. Unfortunately for fans, Modern Combat 5 was delayed back in October, and we really haven't heard much about its status since then, other than it would be releasing sometime in 2014.

Today Gameloft has broken their silence and announced that the latest Modern Combat has an official name: Modern Combat: Blackout. Unfortunately, that subtitle is about the only truly new information Gameloft revealed. The other information relayed today consists mostly of confirmation of previous news. The game will begin in Venice, Italy where your main character Phoenix must stop a well-armed terrorist group from transporting weapons of mass destruction. We played through this first level last year at E3, and here's that video once again.

From there, and as in previous Modern Combat games, you'll be whisked across the globe in a variety of different missions that will no doubt be filled with spectacular set pieces and plot twists. This much is alluded to in a description of another of the game's missions which sees Phoenix fighting "amidst total anarchy while trying to convince his allies to accept an uncomfortable secret." That sounds like just the type of man-theater I'd expect from Modern Combat (and pro wrestling). Gameloft says many more details will be revealed about Modern Combat 5: Blackout in the coming weeks, so stay tuned.

  • JJE McManus

    Where are all the fans "instabuy" comments?
    Where's the bravado? Where's the Madden-like loyalty?
    Sometimes I disparity at the state of pro gaming.

    • Siveon

      You... disparity? Okay then,

      And I thought Pro Gaming is like tournaments and stuff. I don't remember Modern Combat being in any circuit, though I know nothing about it so it wouldn't exactly be a surprise.

      • JJE McManus


      • KevinZOMG

        He's being satirical, obviously.

        "Madden-like loyalty". I mean, come on.

      • Siveon

        Had a feeling, but I don't like to assume.

    • Cookies

      Since when was Modern Combat even remotely associated with professional gaming?

      • JJE McManus

        Not professional..."pro"
        Alas I missed the quotes in my OP

      • Cookies

        Ah right, that makes more sense.

  • kaptan

    Amazing! Love the 4th MC and its time 4 some new stuff... I owning all the way mostly on online mode 🙂

    • GamerGuy

      Online is the only way to can't own in a single player rail shooter. 🙂

  • Firedog5698

    Can't wait hope their will be building destruction in multiplayer but campaign has destruction

  • BlueFalcN

    "And Pro Wrestling"

  • surirav

    I hope is not freemium game. Then i'm download it.a good price is enough so we can play.

    But not in mc4 earn money to 20 games to buy one one weapon.

    • DuckyShot

      Can't be freemium. And it'll most likely be $6.99

    • Stormourner

      it's so sad for the people who are paranoid over freemiums

  • H4nd0fg0d

    Complete and total bullsh*t gameloft, just release it already. Idiots...

    • thestapler

      what if its a way better game because they took longer?

      • lll Anubis lll

        Reasoning isn't allowed here, get out!

    • XboxOne


  • dariusjr98

    Blackout? I was guessing it would be named Alpha Bravo Charlie Delta Echo, but Blackout is close enough I guess.

    • GamerGuy

      Because it's close to BlackOps? Just a guess...

      • godelescherbach

        Because it's generic as hell, just like the whole series so far.

      • sbnewsom

        It's an effin mobile game. Who cares.

      • XzJ450NzX

        Blackout = racist

      • XboxOne

        that was dumb...

      • GamerGuy

        Mobile games are big business in case you haven't noticed...

    • B30

      Because they had a blackout, during development, so it took them so long.

      • TheGrimCreeper

        That was a good one, lol.

  • TheGrimCreeper

    Waited so long for new information, and we get this? Wow.

    • Boris Nguetie

      IKR? this better be a joke! and they even said big infos on twitter.

  • Jhrisado

    Hope it releases soon

  • MaqueGenio

    Step up your graphics engine Gameloft. The hardware is there. No excuses as to why your games still looks like PS2 running at higher resolution. We should be near PS3 territory by now. If you cant keep up with hardware advancements you might as well quit making $ 6.99 console-like games and go all the way to F2p only, which seems more suited for the level of investment you are willing to do.

    • dariusjr98

      Pretty sure they've already stepped it up.

    • xzeldax3

      Keep dreaming.

    • Cookies

      This is Gameloft we're talking about here though. Whatever takes the least work is likely to be their approach.

    • TheGrimCreeper

      It's a damn mobile game.

  • tommet

    If it's premium, I'll buy it. If it's freemium or worse yet paymium, fuggetaboutit...

    • Stormourner

      if it's freemium I will download it ;P

  • Boris Nguetie

    screw this bullshit ass info!! THE TITLE??!!! are you freakin' kidding me?!

  • DuckyShot

    They even delayed this info, which is just the title, as the rest was already known. They should've released some early gameplay of what they did so far, and with all the time they have to develop this (started before MC4), there should be controller support.

    • TheGrimCreeper

      A dev diary would've been nice.

  • jstein360

    Did anyone else think the title of the game was "Modern Combat 5: Tidbits" for a second?

  • Jake7905

    MC5: Blackout......sounds promising. As long as the Blackout doesn't refer to what happens if you don't have a constant online connection.

    • Themostunclean

      99% chance will. At least the last 3 titles they've released have required it. It's not likely a trend that's going away.

      • DuckyShot

        It may, but if they did, they would lose like half their Modern Combat fan base (me included) so I hope Gameloft doesn't screw up this game

      • Jake7905

        I hope they reconsider, otherwise they lost me as a paying customer. And despite claims that this new trend will spread to other developers, Gameloft currently stands alone. There's no other developer that sells premium games that all require a connection for single player content.

  • RunningWild

    "Uncovering an uncomfortable secret"? Like doing it in the back of a Volkswagen?

  • jl802

    Will believe when I see!

  • Ultima12

    I'm hoping for some kind of co op in this one!

  • doublezz

    Game controller support??

    • Samurix16


  • Samurix16


  • LiberachiX

    Waiting for Gameloft's Titanfall knockoff

    • XzJ450NzX

      Modern combat: fall of titans

      • Deaconclgi

        Future Combat: War of Titans

      • TheGrimCreeper

        That was real funny, lol. Good one.

  • valz34

    I dont know what the graphics look like on A5 devices???

    • XzJ450NzX

      Ikr i wanna see this game on my ipod 5th gen with the a5 chip. XD

      • Kane

        Stop replying to everyone!

      • XboxOne

        He has nothing else to do.

      • XzJ450NzX

        To everyone? I just replied to 2 people. Pls go step on lego

    • TheGrimCreeper

      It'll run fine on A5 devices. It's one of the newest devices, so it'll be optimized for A5, although some features might be downgraded. It'll still run fine, with just a little bit of frame rate drops.

  • Alexander Radom

    I think it will be a

  • Alexander Radom

    I hope they change some internal program designs... hopefully the
    real problems like the net code won't be the same as in MC4. 🙁

  • jammyman


  • XzJ450NzX

    Please be offline playable unlike The amazing spiderman 2.-

    • Kane

      I hate Lego now!

  • AlexMilo

    Atleast 'Blackout' is better than 'The Last War'. I really hope Gameloft don't blow it on this one. modern Combat 3 was great, cool weapons and great maps. 4 not so much. Weapons looked the same, about 3 animations for all the guns combined, ragdoll was extremely silly at times, and maps wasn't that great.
    I swear if they reuse the Assault Rifle animation for the third time I'm gonna tableflip someone. Animations and the sounds during has been horrible in most Modern Combat games. MC2 was decent.
    Also bring back LMGs fffs! >:(

    • greatnoob

      Assault rifle animation: est 2010-2014. RIP

    • TheGrimCreeper

      Everything in MC4 was repetitive. If you pay attention to one of the hands-on videos for MC5, the GL representative said they're using a lot of things from MC4 + more new things.

  • zakroma

    I wonder why the delay is taking almost a year.. My guess is that Gameloft Bucharest f***ed something up and they had to redo it all over again.

  • Marc Anthony Orozco


    • Stormourner

      be patient and you shall acquire the game that you desire

  • Franko

    It's gonna be the same like all previous mc games...