cardback-rankedladderOf course it wouldn't be a Blizzard game without loads of cosmetic junk to hoard, and in Hearthstone [Free] that's coming via the added flavor of custom card backs. Similar to how you would buy card sleeves with a (at least in my embarrassing neck of the woods) scantily clad anime girl, in Hearthstone you can change how the back of your cards look to you and your opponent. Of course this provides you no real benefit aside from making your play a little flashier, but since when has that stopped anyone from farming cosmetic items in Blizzard games?

Anyway, ranked season 1 is ending tomorrow, and everyone who managed to hit rank 20 or better is going to be getting the card back you see above. The good news is, hitting rank 20 is very easy, as you basically just need to win ten times. Until rank 20, you don't lose ranks when you lose games, so it's just a matter of brute forcing out ten wins. I did it while unlocking the basic cards using incomplete decks.

Hearthstone is down right now for their weekly maintenance, but once it gets back online at 11:00 AM Pacific, there's not much time to waste. I'm not sure when the season technically ends and rewards are handed out, but everything I've found just says April 30th, so, you better hit rank 20 today.

  • DAiv Games

    I have yet to play this, so it looks as if I have a busy afternoon ahead of me...

    • SoyGreen

      It's a really quality game. I was SO reluctant to play it for some reason or another... but I'm glad I did.

      I'd recommend playing Mage to level 10... Either practice against the other AI classes - or just go into "play" mode against other players. As you do - you can unlock other classes that you can defeat. SO - if you know you would rather play Rogue for example. Play in practice with your mage until you beat a rogue. Then, once you get the hang of it - you can play the rogue to level 10 to get the full basic deck - and you can hit up ranked at that point and have a better chance to get a few wins. (not picking rogue for any certain reason - feel free to sub any class you might be interested in trying out.)

      It's a couple hours of play - but once you get the hang of it and start to notice cards and combos that work well together it gets fun.

      • torosama

        Or better yet, play a friend that plays the class you want to unlock. Have him lose and it unlocks it for you. Discovered this on accident with a friend of mine that had no hope of beating me and I let him win just to be nice. Not that practice mode isn't crazy easy too haha.

      • SoyGreen

        Absolutely a quick and simply way to do it as well - unless you want XP for the Mage for example... then just beat the AI. 😉

      • DAiv Games

        Thanks for the advice. I've played a few games and am enjoying it so far. I doubt I'll reach level 20 by the deadline, though.

        One question that springs to mind, however, is whether the game is stacked in favour of those players who have spent the most money and collected the best cards? In other words, is it a form of pay-to-win?

      • SoyGreen

        Yes and no. You can do "play" mode and do unranked. I win a lot of those games with just the basic decks.

        You can keep playing there - and you will get a lot of people like me that are just messing with decks and trying other things.

        In ranked play - you will have a harder time getting below rank 15 I understand without some deck investment (unless you play for a while and buy decks.). Also - ranks go down - you start at rank 25 and go down numerically. Its just 10 wins in ranked play to get down to level 20 and I would hope that you would be able to make that with your class deck after you get a class to level 10. (at level 10 you have all of the class specific cards unlocked.)

        You can earn 100 gold a day by getting wins (every 3 will net you 10 gold) and by completing daily quests - those give 30 or 40... can't remember. And each deck is 100 gold. (Figure 1 free pack every 2 days - do the 30-40 coin quests and 1 set of 3 wins a day...)

        You will get a few free packs to open - could get some fun cards there - 1 I think that you just get? Can't remember. 1 for your first game against another player if you play on the iPad. 1 for trying arena mode for free the first time.

        I am impatient - so I have spent some money in the game - but if I had the time to sit and play a ton - I would certainly spend less... but alas - my wife and kids seem to want attention no matter how fun a game is to play. 😛

      • DAiv Games

        Ah, that sounds reasonable. Thanks for the extra details.

      • Marius

        it is not "pay-to-win"you can only buy card packs which are all the same random as getting them from playing, you just have a bigger chance to get more cards faster. also, you need to just reach lvl 20 ranked, not hero lvl 20 :). which is easy

      • DAiv Games

        Yes, rank 25 down to 20 sounds a lot more manageable than hero level 1 up to 20! :o)

      • Opinion

        Not pay to win at all. All my decks are basic besides a nat pagle here and there and usually go 6-2 a day. Its all about knowing how to cards work and using them to your advantage.

  • JCman7

    I've only made it to rank 18 but glad I still get the deck!

  • bajaresident

    Funny how only your opponent can see your card backs not yourself. Who cares honestly, would rather a real reward.

    • SoyGreen

      Yes and no - what I would hate is for a card or something that could impact game play. Something like a cosmetic perk is perfect in my book for this type of thing. I hate "missing things" that can be used against me in a match just because I hadn't been playing at that time - and now I am unable to get.

    • Eli Hodapp

      You can see your card backs, they appear whenever you open or unlock new cards and they're visible in the deck holder to the right of the screen when you're playing the game.

    • Opinion

      Funny how you complain about getting something free from a free game.

      • bajaresident

        So free games are exempt from criticism?

      • Opinion

        Your comment was less criticism and more you not enjoying the free thing you're getting because it wasn't something you liked.

  • tpianca

    Beautiful - but I wonder how many simple pallet swaps are possible, and if they will ever drop the hearthstone logo in favor of an scantly clad anime girl. Or maybe an IAP for this, some people (and I'm not pointing anybody now) might pay a few bucks for that...

  • Spaztika

    Guh, I've managed to hit rank 19 but I think I'll be stuck there until I can get a few certain legendaries. Everyone is either playing hunter or warlock. At least my deck has been annoying enough with countering opponents cards. I had 3 concedes in a row yesterday.

    Also.. Busting open packs has become a bit of an addiction.. Ow, my wallet.

    • SoyGreen

      "Also.. Busting open packs has become a bit of an addiction.. Ow, my wallet."

      Agreed - although the game saved me $10 last night when it wouldn't let me buy another set of packs... well - maybe delayed the spending of $10...

    • Dant

      It can be frustrating playing against people who drop multiple legendaries, but trust me, you can get much higher without them. My main deck doesn't use any and I'm at rank 12. I mostly play arena, so I think I could get higher if I tried. More aggressive decks can worry less about legendaries, since most are a high mana cost. Make sure to have some removal options and a silence in your deck!

  • gmattergames

    Whaaaaaa, as soon as I read this, battlenet is down for maintenance; at least in my region. Must check rank now!

  • Ultima12

    I did it on Saturday! Ready for my cosmetic junk:)

  • !nsomn!ac

    Pleaaaase, please make an iPhone version.

    • brando

      It's in the works

      • CooleTeeps

        I'm glad it's coming for iPhone, but how will they fit it on the screen? Portrait mode?

    • Speedster117

      They are, it's coming some time in the summer I believe.

  • Rusothil

    The server is still under maintenance... What am I suppose to do between classes?

  • Cilo

    Is it level 20 or rank 20? Title of the article is confusing

    • Jayken

      Rank 20 on ladder.

  • bcredonk

    Trying like hell to get ten ranked wins before midnight! I'm still an angry chicken!

    • DAiv Games

      According to the Blizzard site, the deadline is May 1st (i.e. midnight April 30th), so we've still got another day.

      • bcredonk

        1 win left and I got dumped offline by "playful sprites"

      • DAiv Games

        Those sprites were on my connection today when I was in a winning position... grrrr!

        I'm still at rank 25 after a couple of wins, yet quite a few of the players I've been matched up against seem to have cards quite a bit more powerful than anything that I've got.

        So, I either get a match where I win quite easily or one where I've got no chance (which is more often)... there's not usually anything in between. :o/

      • Opinion

        I would recommend building a beast/buff Hunter deck. People play anticipatory in ranked so 9/10 i see a druid, priest, or mage. With the right card play i'm usually Able to draw out they're board clear and stronger offensive stuff early game and then just buff my beasts to death. A taunt centric deck helps a bunch as they're unavoidable unless you have a silence.

      • DAiv Games

        Midnight has rolled around here in the UK and those pesky disconnect sprites when I was winning that time effectively cost me the prize. I had one win to go before time ran out.

        Nevermind. At least I can rest now, although I'll probably be playing the game in my sleep tonight... lol

  • gmattergames

    I'm in queue to login, getting "all tables full, seat available in <1 min", but never opens. Anyone else having trouble tonight?

    • bcredonk

      Yeah but I got back in after waiting awhile and trying a few times. Finally hit 20! Got ten wins too just in case (reached 20 on a win streak)

  • Unfrozen

    Does that mean we have until the end of today to reach rank 20? I stayed up until almost midnight trying to rank up as I hadn't gone past the tutorial until last night.