The iOS platform had been sorely missing a true MLB baseball game, but MLB Advanced Media finally delivered earlier this month with RBI Baseball 14 [$4.99]. However, RBI focused on old-school, simplistic, arcade-style baseball gaming and in that sense it really delivered. But fans of more contemporary baseball video games are still lacking a full-blown simulation-style MLB game on mobile. As Polygon reports, Gamevil is taking a stab at filling that hole with their upcoming game MLB Perfect Inning. Here's a look at a few screens from the Android version of the (virtual button-heavy) game.


mlbpi1 mlbpi2

As you can see by that array of virtual controls, MLB Perfect Inning seems like it might be quite complicated for a touchscreen. But Polygon's impression is that Gamevil seems to have pulled it off pretty darn well. We already know that Gamevil have experience making great cartoony, RPG-ish baseball games with the Baseball Superstars series, so I'm excited to see how they put that to work making an MLB-licensed simulation. For more on the nitty gritty details behind how MLB Perfect Inning works, check out Polygon's hands-on impressions at the source link below. According to the game's website, MLB Perfect Inning is on track for a May release, so expect more details in the coming weeks.


  • sonof90s

    this looks great. Can't wait. I enjoy RBI but a deeper baseball simulation game is more than welcome, especially if it has more advance gameplay and season stats. Let's hope is 100% premium

  • ODMay

    It's gonna put RBi outta business lmao

  • Jake7905

    With this developer I'd expect the freemium opposite of the pure premium RBI Baseball. And all those virtual buttons.....we all know how well that usually works out.

  • worldcitizen1919

    Hope this is it. Love baseball games and always on the look out for the perfect one. RIB is ok except it freezes so can't play it until it's fixed.

  • DaWookiee

    THIS is what I'm looking for! Not some casual, arcade junk. This looks
    similar to the Com2us 9 Innings baseball game (which is currently the
    best baseball game on mobile IMO), but with even more depth and much
    better graphics. I can't wait to try this out!

    • kervation

      Check my recent post.

    • Julio Marquez

      I agree, 9 Innings is a very fun game, even without MLB license.

  • Brandon Higgins

    Wow it took this many years and I've always dreamed of it.

  • workingman

    RBI looked good but IMO is complete trash. This looks like it will be good

    • thematrixx

      I agree

  • luckycharmz75

    While I am looking forward to a real baseball game, this looks like pure freemium. Go to the website and checkout the media screens. One of the screens shows a bunch of "restore" buttons, that can only mean freemium. I hope I'm wrong. However, if I'm right, how much money would you have to pay to play a 162 game schedule?!?

    • Jake7905

      It's Gamevil, just look at their catalog, all of their recent releases are freemium. Or as it should be called, GameEvil.

  • extol4000!!!!

    • curtneedsaride

      One IAP at a time??? 🙂

  • extol4000

    This looks fantastic! I don't know why it took so long for a proper baseball game to come to the App Store. Gameloft actually made one years ago that was decent. For every sports game genre, there's '1 decent to OK' sports game. I wish developers focused more on sports games.

  • sivad

    I promise 100% this will be a freemium cash cow, it will be graphically brilliant but will have timers and paywalls. Nothing gameevil does is ever premium because people continue to support their freemium ways...

  • ImJPaul

    I think there's room for RBI and this. I mean, look at NBA Jam and 2K. They are both constant high on the AppStore charts.

  • Rattyfus

    Having read Polygon's article it's obvious this isn't really a simulation. All your players start with puny stats and stay that way until GamEvil

  • Biggavelli

    I was semi-excited about this release. Until I saw it was Gamevil Games. Look at their game model, look at their history (nuff said).

  • JP Falcon

    Hopefully this will be leagues ahead of RBI Baseball which I feel was junk. am curious about the control panel to the left of the batter. It has a locked icon on it. I wonder why?

    • Julio Marquez

      I has an autocontact icon next to it, maybe you don't need to move the bat to match pitch location, you just swing.

  • kervation

    I am currently playing the Android version that is in beta testing. If you like 9 innings baseball by Com2us, then you will love this. Think of it as 9 innings but played as a full-blown Sim for mobile devices with excellent graphics.

    There are some freemium aspects of the game but nothing that you will need to progress. As far as timers and paywalls, there is nothing in the game of that nature at this time. Mind you, this is still in beta, but the screenshots are true to form. This all may or may not change, but currently this is a winner for a mobile simulation baseball game.

    • curtneedsaride

      Well then, what are the IAPs right now? I want to pay to play as my Detroit Tigers for a season, playing at Comerica Park, wearing their uniforms, and making it to the playoffs. What kind of IAPs are awaiting me?

  • curtneedsaride

    YES. Reminds me of All-Star Baseball 2004 for my GBA. Real players, real ballparks, WITH full MLB licenses?! I can't wait! The controls might test my patience, but if they make it premium then I will totally be grabbing it on day one.

  • Rattyfus

    Read the article folks. It's NOT premium, it's a money guzzling card battler with baseball mechanics. Certainly will try it though.

  • extol4000

    So, I read the Polygon article. I'm glad that you can pick off players at the plate, adjust stances and take part in basic core gameplay that should never be overlooked. However, the currency & 'buying' players cards seems like a HUGE turnoff. Why couldn't it just be a game without them trying to get more money out of you? Of all the genres on iOS, sports should have no place for such foolishness.

    Looks like Gamevil hit a home run & struck out all in the same swing.

  • worldcitizen1919

    Looks very good. Looking forward to adding it to my baseball collection. So far my most fun baseball game on ios is 9 innings. Just bought MLB The Show 14 for my PS3 -the best baseball game period.

  • thematrixx

    I am a baseball fanatic but will pass! Absolutely will never buy (on purpose) any game that has IAPs period! Hopefully more will boycott such foolish developers attempt to steal cash and will force a more fair method. I would rather pay a premium price once! And...btw..anyone else totally disgusted with RBI baseball?