Sega is dropping the prices of a few of their iconic blue hedgehog's iOS games. Currently, both Sonic The Hedgehog [Free] and Sonic The Hedgehog 2 [Free] can be had for just 99¢ each, down from their normal price of $2.99. These aren't simply ports of the early-90s Sega Genesis games either. These are the excellent remastered versions which both arrived as free updates to the iOS originals last year. Both games have been rebuilt from the ground up for mobile touchscreen devices and include some amazing new features like extra playable characters, Game Center leaderboards and achievements, Time Attack modes, and in the case of Sonic 2 even a long-lost, never before released zone. They're both absolute masterpieces and if you somehow don't own them already I can't stress enough how hard you should jump on this 99¢ sale. Here's our exhaustive review of Sonic 2, most of which applies to the remaster of Sonic 1 as well, in case you need some more convincing.

The other part of the "Sonic Sale" that's currently taking place is Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed [Free] going free. Normally this would be a Freebie Alert of the highest magnitude, but in this case it's not so much of a temporary freebie as it is just the game switching over to a permanent free to play model. Not surprising to many who had been expecting this to happen since the game's original launch back in January. The thing is though, Sonic Racing Transformed is good. Like really good. It was even good as a paid title, and those who did pay for the game were given the $4.99 VIP Pack IAP for free. So in a way Sonic Racing Transformed hasn't really changed at all, except now it's initially free and doesn't come with that VIP pack included. Also, those who paid for the game originally will not be shown ads, which are now part of the free to play switchover.

The game always had kind of an interesting pay model anyway. Basically, it would cost coins to race in any of the game's races, and should you run out of those coins you'd need to grind some earlier races and earn more or buy some via IAP. Alternatively, you could purchase a "full unlock" IAP which removed the need to spend coins on races altogether. It was Sega's attempt at a "best of both worlds" approach to the wacky world of mobile game pricing and, at least personally, I thought it was just fine. Some folks however didn't love the pay model, and this switch to fully free to play isn't going to change their minds. But, if you are a fan of Sonic Racing Transformed, you'll be happy to know that new characters Wreck-It Ralph and Metal Sonic are coming in an update next week, as are new racetracks OutRun Bay and Galactic Paradise. There will also be two new modes, Boss Cup Challenge and World Tour, as part of that same update which arrives on April 29th.

Hopefully the switch to free and lowering the barrier of entry to Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed will increase the pool of players online. If you missed out on grabbing it previously, there's no reason not to check it out now that it's free, as it really is the best kart racer on the App Store. And if you don't own Sonic The Hedgehog 1 or 2 yet, definitely rectify that while those games are on sale for 99¢.

  • Maglor

    I bought Sonic 1 and 2 not for game, but for SEGA logo and sound.
    If you like sega sound and want to watch and listen all day long, just get it. And you'll like it.

    THE END.

    That's it...

    • suhail

      Lol you should've just gone on youtube to see the logo and listen to the intro

  • Holcman

    Also, Continue?9876543210 is free right now!

    • Gameplaya


  • scrotally

    Sonic 1 or 2 if you were only buying one?

    • Intendro

      Probably 2. And it seems to be the favorite of a lot of people.

      • scrotally

        Thanks I pretty much decided that and bought it immediately after posting. I might as well just get one also because I haven't played it since I bought it with the genesis when it came out.

  • spokentruths772

    Sonic & all stars racing transformed really needs a major update for android devices but other than that its still an enjoyable game

  • thiagovscoelho

    the whole history of this mobile app has me thinking about what players of the p.c. version think

  • Madison

    So those who bought it AND bought the iApp packs to support Sega basically got screwed? Thanks. *delete*

  • genie77

    Smells just like Assfault 8. Hand over bucks, goes free.
    I haven't played 'all cruft' for a while now, is drifting still sheite?

  • jl802

    Can't get Sonic Racing to open on IPAD 4! Anyone else having problem?

  • chief78

    All stars racing = crashfest on iPhone 5S. The MFi controls work, but a couple races in it stops working and then it crashes. This game is stupid. I have it on PS Vita, and to find out from reading this article that they're just now adding back tracks and characters that were initially available on both the console and Vita versions.....thanks Sega....thanks for being another Japanese game company trying to be greedy on iOS.

  • Silent K

    While 2 seems to be the favorite among most, Sonic CD and Sonic 3/Knuck were always my (tied) favorite Sonic games. Since Whitehead did such a stellar job with porting Sonic CD to iOS, I took the chance and picked up Sonic 2; it's really solid! Playing it on an iPad Air and I'm surprised that, for touch-controls, it controls rather well! I REALLY hope that Sonic 3 w/ Knuck is being worked on. Anyone mildly considering buying Sonic 2: it's surely worth it.

    • Christian

      Amen to that! Sonic 3 and Knuckles Remastered will hopefully come out later this year!

  • Christian

    SEGA seriously needs to get their act together and release these to the PS Vita. That would be so powerful on the Vita oh man.