Craneballs Studios have seen huge success with their Overkill series, which between two games has been downloaded more than 20 million times since originally launching in 2011, and this week the latest iteration has soft-launched in select territories. It's called Overkill Mafia, and it puts a 1920s mafia spin on the series' on-rails, gallery-style first-person shooter formula. It also has an incredibly cool, comic book-style look that really sets it apart from the modern and near-future military themes of the last two games. Here's a few screens of the game itself as well as a couple of the comic book-style cutscenes.


okmafia2 okmafia1

komix1 komix4

I had a chance to play Overkill Mafia briefly at GDC last month, and I can tell you that screen shots just do not do the game justice. This baby looks absolutely fantastic in motion. Unfortunately, Craneballs are keeping the lid on the official trailer until launch, which should be worldwide on May 15th. But, if you're in Canada, New Zealand, Australia or Sweden then you might as well give the soft-launch version a download and check it out for yourself, seeing as it's free and all. Otherwise you can find impressions and discussion in our forums and we'll have more on Overkill Mafia as its May 15th release date approaches.

International App Store Link: Overkill Mafia, Free (Universal)

  • TigerBoat

    Sadly I'm twenty years too old to enjoy any game with the word "Mafia" in it.

    • Bradb13

      You're never too old to enjoy any game. 😀

  • dariusjr98

    I really loved the other 2 Overkills before they started to become grindfests. I wish they'd make a premium version.

    • Stormourner

      yep!! each freemium game needs a premium game

  • Ederfb

    Dowloaded it, played 5 minutes, and that was more than enough... Delted it. There are so many great iOS games, that I can't believe they are still making 1-screen shooter games like that... Boring... And com'on, the screenshots ARE making that game justice, it is not better in motion... There is no motion..

  • Stormourner

    say hello to my littlest friend

  • Boobi

    Played it and its a typical typical timer game, different currencies, alcohol, no originality. You shot over in a bar which claims 20's noir but has Star Wars Stormtroopers in the background. Has ads after scenarios and even the shootouts you stand still and wave your gun around and tap to shoot.
    Bleh. There are much better iOS games out there.

  • dylanmannen

    Soft-launch in Sweden!? Hellyeahh! Lets try it out!

  • Super Blue

    When will some company make a real true mafia game dam...... So many mafia this and that on the app market but not a mafia story style game like gta but mob stuff , gosh then I just seen this got excited , watch the screen shots sigh ...... Same ole stuff that's already out huh if any knows a mafia style game please let me no!!!!!!

    • jForsythe

      Have you tried Reiner Knizia's Razzia - The Mafia Board Game.

      • jForsythe

        P.s. Only $1:29 ATM