I lost untold hours of my life to the original Zombie Road Trip [Free], as if one of these "slowly upgrade absolutely everything" games gets its hooks in me, it's game over. Well, say goodbye to me being a productive member of society as Noodlecake and Spokko are dead set on ruining my life even further with the release of Zombie Road Trip: Trials.

According to the developers who are actively posting in our forums, this pseudo-sequel spinoff is going to be a lot like Zombie Road Trip, but with a focus leaning heavily towards more levels and challenges. Check out the trailer:

There's 480 levels in all, which they're estimating amounts to a 10+ hour single player experience. Tons of unlockables of course, and a new multiplayer mode are all included. Fantastic. Can't wait.

  • christopherrocs

    I beta tested this and loved it

  • Stustaff

    How soon is soon!! I loved the first game!
    LOVED it.

  • http://www.jpaterson.net/ James D Paterson

    For anyone interested, this is available in the Canadian app store. I assume it's a soft launch.