This morning a new update washed up on Boom Beach's [Free], uhh, beaches. Supercell is calling the update "A New Hope for Victory Screen Enthusiasts," and it includes, of course, a new victory screen.

Most of today's update involves the game's visuals: there are some new unit models, extra animations, improved legibility, and some new info screen pop-ups. Other general housekeeping notes include your basic bug fixes and optimizations. By and large, this is the kind of minor upkeep you'd expect from a popular game in the first few weeks after launch. No biggie.

However, today's update also include some re-balancing, and these may prove unpopular: defensive statue boost time has been decreased, freed Kual villages produce less gold, and player base resource rewards are now smaller. In short, Boom Beach is a bit harder now than it was a few weeks ago.

In a post on their forums, Supercell explained that the update was designed to "restore balance" to Boom Beach's in-game economy. A successful raid on an enemy usually results in some plundered loot. However, there's also the Bonus Loot system, a minimum baseline reward designed to guarantee that attacking players always benefitted from a raid. Bonus Loot doesn't come out of another player's coffers, though—it's generated out of thin air.

As a result, Boom Beach has been artificially flooded with extra resources, according to Supercell, and this update was designed to "restore some of the challenge that has been lost along the way." Supercell aren't entirely sure what effect these changes will have on the gameplay experience for users, however.

If you haven't dipped your toes into Boom Beach yet, our review is a good place to start. From there, we also have a beginner's guide and some tips on how to get good results without spending a fortune. The official patch notes for today's update can be found here.

  • worldcitizen1919

    It's already difficult enough. Upgrading costs are exorbitant and this game is becoming fast ready to be dumped by many as it demands more and more real money to progress. No real fun anymore and the update definitely doesn't make it a more enjoyable game but a more frustrating and expensive one.

    • DemoEvolved

      This game feels way more Grindy than clash, And that's really saying something

      • DanteIX

        Slow to me on starting out. Still haven't spent a cent!

  • Eseres

    Yeah... They did the most stupid thing with the latest update... Think I'll just stop playing this and delete it now... Was fun before the update though, so they can blame themselfs for loosing players for this game. Guess they got too greedy...

  • Rodnutz

    I deleted it after I got to like level 16 or 17. I didn't mind the battles, losing resources, etc. I actually like a challenge.

    What eventually did me in was the grinding which became more than I was willing to bare. It made what started out as a fun game become very boring extremely quickly.

    I mean seriously like 24 hours just to level up some of the most absurd things which wouldn't have been that bad if you had two sets of builders. Sadly that was obviously too much to ask for.

    I was hoping this update would have addressed the wait time or give you more builders, but it didn't. At this point I'm just gonna put the game behind me and never look back.

    Maybe I'll give Injustice another shot now that it has multiplayer. Great game that I never really gave a shot because I was too distracted playing other stuff at the time when I downloaded.

  • rewind

    I'm thoroughly enjoying the game and I'm glad you guys are covering it. The update has some nice changes, and other changes that aren't so nice. Overall, the game is doing well and I hope it continues to stay fun.

  • Leydz Boomshaka-Irwin

    The updated victory screen is just tow black bars that appear at the top. lol 😀
    Enjoying the game but it was pretty difficult already.

  • ChaosProdigy

    The game has so many TIMERS it is difficult to get any real playtime in.

    For example, we cannot revenge attack on anyone attacking us? Developers say that is to encourage players to attack each other but why not allow one revenge attack but make the battle replay of their attack hide their level? Problem solved!

    Then, we are forced to save up for days to try to upgrade something expensive but keep getting all resources stolen. Even if we get the update finally it tales a ridiculous amount of time!

    Limited number of enemy AI and Players to attack is really what made me quit this game. That and the fact you have to train troops after every battle. You attack the 5-10 players on your map and spend an hour between attacks to train troops. Then when you finally defeat everyone on your map- there is NOTHING left to do!

    For pete sakes who is in charge of this game? Their philosophy so far is so flawed it is unreal.

  • Bluejunco

    This game is great and it's free just like COC.
    Of course kids will always be impatient so they need to spend money.
    I haven't spent a penny on this game or COC.

    Kids need to stop whining.

  • Chad Williams

    Boring. Enemies become too hard too quickly. Game is a barely veiled money grab. I'd rather they just make a good game and charge a few bucks for it. These empty cash cows a miserable blight on gaming.

  • rasturit

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