If you've been watching our streams lately, you'd see a lot of Hearthstone [Free]. It's a great game with a low barrier of entry (especially to total CCG newbies) that really opens up once you start to wrap your head around the strategies of the game and experimenting with deck building.

We already knew the new expansion, Curse of Naxxramas, was going to introduce 30 new cards along with a totally single player PvE campaign. What we didn't know was how it was all going to work out. IGN has the skinny, direct from Blizzard, and the full interview is totally worth checking out if you're a Hearthstone fanatic.


The expansion is basically going to consist of rapid fire boss battles, with bosses designed with abilities that'd be totally imbalanced in PvP to create a more puzzle-like experience where players will need to craft specific decks and use specialized strategies to beat 'em- Much like dealing with actual boss gimmicks in World of Warcraft.

The cards will be unlocked as you beat bosses, totally removing randomness from the equation. Clear Naxx and all of its challenges, then you'll get all 30 cards. Some of them sound particularly tricky, requiring specific classes with the idea being to get players to play both classes and decks they might not have used before.

I can't wait to see what abilities the 15 bosses have, and if Blizzard is going to keep releasing content like this. Hearthstone is consistently exceeding all of my expectations, so, you really should check it out if you've got an iPad, or a Mac/PC capable of running the game.

[via IGN]

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    take my money

    • Stormourner

      take my everything

      • Booch138

        Hearthstone is love.
        Hearthstone is life.

  • Slothwerks

    As painful as it is, I've been saving all of my Hearthstone gold, just to make sure I'm ready for whatever cost Naxx has. I have a feeling I'll probably enjoy this even more than the PVP multiplayer aspect.

    • CooleTeeps

      Me too. At least they didn't make it actual money.

      • ste86uk

        I didn't read the news post on the other site get but I thought Nax was going to be an IAP anyway? Really really want this out for iPhone now though

      • Cozmic0

        It will be available both as an IAP real money OR in-game gold, your choice.

      • Cookies

        Not that I'm complaining, but doesn't it seem weird that Blizzard is being so friendly with the optional IAPs? I thought they were supposed to be a big evil corporation now or something...

  • Isaacquartz

    Great news!!

  • keshi0

    Really impressed with how fun this game is so far. Content already on the way is fantastic news too. I'd love to see some more customisation options regarding the class characters. Choose a class, and a race and a picture for example?

  • SerapisB

    Less expansion moar mobile port pls

    • Opinion

      *adapting to your needs*

    • mclifford82

      Do you really think the same people coming up with cards/bosses are porting Objective-C to Java?

      • SerapisB

        I don't think that, but I do think the project managers in charge of deciding what's more important are.

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  • bajaresident

    This seems identical to Order & Chaos Duels campaign mode. Not innovative at all.

    • Emile'sGhost

      So are you basing that on playing both, or are you just talking out of your ass?

  • spader623

    Anxiously waiting for this on the iPhone.

  • FivepastTA

    Can't wait! I avoided buying anything this week simply for fear of putting a dent in my Hearthstone play time.

  • Opinion

    If anyone is looking to play friendlies add DabbedDwarf.

  • bcredonk

    I've never been about the one way to beat it parts of blizzard games but this should still be cool

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    Id take an elbow drop from the late great Macho Man Randy Savage to get some info on the iphone version...

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      i would gladly watch you take that elbow drop for some news as well.

      • CkX82

        With a manly chest such as mine I'd expect a jealous peon to say as much.

  • Nycteris

    I can't wait to see those new cards. I wonder if it will be 30 new cards = no duplicates? Because many decks function best with 2 copies of a card.

    • Cozmic0

      Yes of course it means no duplicate