I talked fairly recently about my unexpected obsession with Injustice: Gods Among Us [Free] on mobile, and the game has proven incredibly popular ever since its launch just over a year ago. NetherRealm Studios has been wonderful about updating Injustice with new features and characters, but ever since its release fans have been clamoring for one major new feature: multiplayer. Well, today it was announced that multiplayer is indeed coming to Injustice on mobile, along with a ton of new characters. You can see the very first look of Injustice multiplayer in this DC All Access video recorded during WonderCon. The relevant Injustice stuff starts at about 30 seconds in.

Now, it doesn't appear that this is direct, head-to-head multiplayer, as that wouldn't really work within the structure of Injustice on mobile. More likely it's an online leaderboard-style competition, but we'll have to wait for more details to be revealed to know exactly how it will work. What was apparent from that video is that there are tons of new characters in the works, and also what looks like new types of (team-based?) finishing moves. As an avid Injustice mobile player, I'm incredibly excited for whatever Warner Bros. and NetherRealm have in store. The Injustice: Gods Among Us Facebook page as well as their Twitter account are two good places to keep your eye on should they reveal more information, as is our very own forum thread which is where I cam across this news myself. If any more details surrounding multiplayer or new characters for Injustice are given, I'll be sure to let you know.

Update: Hmmm, here is a screen capture of the multiplayer screen shown in the video above. Perhaps this will be a head-to-head type of multiplayer? What do you guys think?


  • bcredonk

    New characters! Woot!

  • Amenbrother

    Must admit I am obsessed with it too...

    • comicx90

      I used to be....but now that multiplayer is announced I may have to take this up again (8<

  • Living Legend

    It looks more fluid now.

  • DuckyShot

    Batman Beyond. Just sayin'

  • entik14

    My favorite game! 100 of 100!
    And example for other f2p games

  • godofodd

    I had only tried the game briefly when it came out. After reading your gushing follow-up review, I gave it another shot and now I'm hooked, as well. This update will be well received.

  • cloudpuff

    I'm gonna have to reinstall it. I was totally hooked when I first got my device and then got stuck, I paid some real money for energy and the starter pack and didn't wanna pull out more, my brother plays so the multiplayer news means I'll be reinstalling and kicking his arse, just hope my save file works.

  • cody53982

    This update is gonna be awesome!

  • kfloey

    Yes! Finally! Multiplayer and new characters, can't wait!

  • AlexMilo

    It is rediculous that this game is Free to Play. I would gladly pay >10$.
    NetherRealm are the only game developers who NEVER lets there fans down.

    Btw: Arrow skin for Green Arrow, for the f***ing win.

    • spokentruths772

      *Rediculous* lmao but I agree with what your saying

      • AlexMilo

        Woops, seems it was a bit late last night. 'Ridiculous' of course. 🙂

  • iValerio1990

    Tap..tap..tap..tap tap..tap...tap.........tap...where is the "fun" of this game?? Where???

    • curtisrshideler

      But honestly, what games don't involve tapping and swiping? I mean, along with timing and holding, that's all there is in iOS games without virtual d-pads.

      • iValerio1990

        This game is only tapping, no dodging or moving

      • hhaunters

        There's a rhythm to it though. You can't just blindly swipe and tap uncontrollably. You need to know when to block and when to activate your super moves so your enemy won't block making your attack not as strong. There is a skill level involved.

    • zergslayer69

      After having played injustice on vita, it's hard for me to get into the mobile version which is basically infinity DC heroes with some extra features during comat. Perhaps I'm over simplifying but yea, tap tap tap swipe swipe. Would've preferred some sf volt styled fighter instead but that's a bit too ambitious.

      • iValerio1990

        True, but infinity balde is much better

      • DanteIX

        Injustice gets more support and new content. Plus didn't the Infinity Blade Studio go under.

  • AlexMilo

    Any release date yet?

  • surirav

    This game is so cool Total free.
    Of course with iap but there are Manu characters so no need buy anything, gameloft could really learn about this.
    And not ask 15€ for one Tiny suit.

  • curtisrshideler

    Thanks to these recent mentions of this, I decided to download it again. It wouldn't let me sign in at first. But after the tutorial, I quit and restarted the app and it downloaded my iCloud save. Awesome! Now I wish I had one more day off.

  • WhiteHadal

    Great news I'm really looking forward for the update and it would be a good idea if they could make some of the previous challenges characters like zod, batgirl, hawkgirl, Martian manhunter available to be unlocked since I missed some challenges to unlock some characters

  • AlexMilo

    The update is released, but apparently there's problems with it. It says my account is suspended for violating the terms of service, which doesnt make any sense, I never violated anything... Hopefully it'll be fixed soon.

  • maroofisonfire

    Won my very first match just now against a Level 39 with a Level 46 Blackest Night Batman. Seriously.

    Also, does anyone know what the new level cap for characters is?

  • Morgan01

    Wow, allot has not been announced. Aside of multi player and new characters, the level cap has been raised and a new stage has been added that has incorporated many of the newer characters and challenge characters. Also not mentioned was that adjusting your device clock no longer refills your energy bar.

  • AliEn

    @AlexMilo I have the same situation with you. After my first match my account got blocked. I've contacted with WB support. Hope it will be fixed in a short time.

    • bigt

      I have this problem and I've never even played online. How do I resolve it?

  • dead

    mine keep on crashing when i go to buy characters and cant get in my collection. what gives?

  • Adam Ward

    From WB,

    Regarding inquiries about the Injustice Mobile 2.0 Update done on the 24th of April, 2014:
    In an effort to curb online cheating, the Injustice Mobile 2.0 Update contained several anti-hacking safeguards. We understand that these safeguards have blocked some players from the game who should not have been. We are working to fix the issue and we appreciate your patience while this issue is investigated. Our customer support team will contact you directly when this issue has been fixed.

  • Dominic Negrete

    Not sure how this is going to work out considering I'm assuming people would just save for the red son characters and start winning. I love the game but would be cool if they made the characters even so we can level them up and play equally