The latest update to One Man Left's arcade avoidance game Tilt to Live 2: Redonkulous [$2.99] is now available in the App Store. The update adds a brand new mode called Brimstone Pinball where you'll need to use your arrow character to ricochet a fiery pinball of death around the screen and destroy enemies. The new mode is based on a power-up from the original Tilt to Live, but now it's been fully fleshed-out and feels like a brand new game all on its own. We checked out Brimstone Pinball at GDC last month and the official trailer for the new mode can be seen right here.

The Brimstone Pinball mode is available as a 99¢ in-app purchase from within Tilt to Live 2 and comes equipped with its own Game Center leaderboard, fifteen new achievements and a host of new enemy types. Like I said, it feels like Brimstone Pinball could be a brand new standalone game, so if you like Tilt to Live 2 and are craving even more of it plop down the dollar and check it out.

  • SwithNova

    Sadly tilt to live 2 lacks the depth of the first one and this update is long over due

  • makitango

    I think it's an overstatement to call that mode even almost a separate game. I believe they added more free content in the prequel, so this seems kind of lowballing. However, 99 cents are peanuts and still underpaying the effort of supposedly weeks/months.
    App Store pricing in general is pretty weird, now with all the f2p madness one cannot even get a sense of value.

    • gnome9er

      the pricing is even more messed up over on the google play store.

  • jamesgecko

    Wow, some cynics here. This mode is totally worth the money, and I think it's better than the original game. As the author of the review was, I'm a bit surprised they just made it DLC, it plays pretty differently from normal Tilt to Live. The bonuses and combos were all rejiggered, too. I'm pretty sure there are still tricks I haven't figured out.

    The flow of the game seems smoother without power ups constantly changing the music and freeze-framing at intervals. The bumpers are large enough and hard enough to dispose of that it's a lot more tense when the screen is almost full.

    I'm not sure how I feel about the star laser. It's cool when you can pull it off, but often it feels like you have to be a bit lucky to have the bumpers lined up (but far enough away) and the ball in the right position and the stars on a near wall, all at the same time.

  • coolpepper43

    I might get this.