Amanita Design make some really awe inspiring games. The art they used in game like Samarost or Machinarium [$4.99] is so beautiful it's hard to not stop and admire each screen of both games. The last title they released was Botanicula a fantastic point and click game that followed some strange critters. The plot is quite simple: A giant spider is corrupting the world and it’s up to you to save the day. But of course, everything’s wonderfully weird in this world and you’ll have your mind filled with lots of beautiful scenery and mysterious creatures before your time with the game is over. If you’re still curious about the game, here’s a trailer from the PC version:

As you can probably guess by now, I’ve loved the PC version of Botanicula to death and I’m delighted to let you know that it’s going to be released early May on the iPad. I’m sure it will feel right at home on iOS. We’ll let you know as soon as we have a solid release date.

[via PocketGamer]

  • renatpl

    Great game! i have played on the mac

  • pouffie

    Oh yessssssssssssssssss! 😉

  • nini

    Two years of waiting since it was slipped to TA, I think i can wait a month .

  • Nemerlebb


  • mzinn


  • ImJPaul

    Count me in as one who approves of this game.

  • falco


  • markymarkanddafunkybunch

    iPad only? This is starting to get a bit concerning. I hate iPad gaming.