Mobage has been experimenting in shooters for quite a while now. It started with The Drowning [Free] where they tried to mix a brand new control scheme with bite-sized gameplay that was meant to encompass the casual nature of our devices. Then came Lawless [Free], a take on Time Crisis that was quite well done and fun. Their last attempt at defining mobile shooters is called Isolani [Free] and after a soft-launch in a few select countries it is now available worldwide for free.

The first thing that might surprise you is the presence of two joysticks, a control scheme that Scattered Entertainment was strongly trying to avoid in the aforementioned titles. It’s also episodic with new levels being released at a steady pace. I tried it during the soft-launch period, and while I thought it was visually stunning it lacked a bit of variety in the gameplay department. For more impressions and gameplay videos, you can check out our forum thread here.

  • Coolz

    This is cool and can u put multiplayer team deathmatch plz

  • SwithNova

    Had this game for awhile now thanks to my Canadian account an ok fps however if your looking for a story find a different game Classic go to point a and b mindless shooter better than the drowning but who can complain it's free

    • Boris Nguetie

      ponctuation dude...

      • SwithNova

        Yes and I believe your missing a u somewhere

      • kioshi


      • basil


      • elr0y7


      • SwithNova

        That's two people in a row hating on me for not outing down punctuation when they themselves can't spell gotta love them trolls

    • Stormourner

      just call it freemium rather than free. you know the difference between free games

  • Boris Nguetie

    i hope after this we don't have any other stupid dev coming up with new ''intuitive'' controls instead of just using a freakin' virtual pad. the drowning's control's scheme would've been better if done by a retarded goat. glad they're learning from their mistakes.

    • H4nd0fg0d

      Whoa, u said ret----d, I was once reprimanded for that word by admin, which I wholeheartedly thot was completely ret----d. Lol

  • Larni69

    So far, I'm having fun with this. The mechanics are all in place and there is a story, too. Hover bots get a bit samey after a while, though.

  • AlexsIpad

    The graphics are good.
    The story has potential.

    I haven't played much but it seems the entire gameplay is following a marker and killing flying bots - very boring.
    Again, haven't played much, but there seems to be an energy system of some kind which will no doubt become an issue after a while.

    From what I have played (about 15 minutes) it's that they have wasted a potentially good story on a game with basically 0 gameplay value whatsoever.
    Why can't they combine the good graphics of their games (this and the drowning), as well as their seemingly reasonable story lines to make an actual game rather than just a money-grab? I feel like this developer is wasting time with these games, they could make such high quality games but are throwing out these freemium games.

    Not played a lot, but from what I have, I struggle to give it more than a 4/10.