If you found yourself excited for the teaser trailer Gameloft released last month for their upcoming movie tie-in mobile game The Amazing Spider-Man 2, then check out this latest trailer which gives a better look at the game itself. Spoiler alert: Spidey slings lots of webs and beats the crap out of a whole lot of bad guys. It looks pretty cool, check it out.

The first Amazing Spider-Man mobile game, released in 2012, showed flashes of fun with the ability to web-swing around a fairly large open city, but it was ultimately doomed due to a myriad of more fundamental problems. I'm really hoping the potential the first installment showed gets fully-realized in this sequel. We'll find out on April 17th, when The Amazing Spider-Man 2 hits the App Store as a "premium" release, which'll likely put it around the $7 to $10 range.

  • thestapler

    Remember that Modern Combat 5 trailer? That feels so far away now...

    • falco

      Too bad you gona have to kill more people in Modern Combat 4.

  • JMan121314

    I am going to be honest... This doesn't look like much more than previous Spider-Man games, but I am looking forward to this so much! Just hope my iPad 3 can run it well.

  • kevin8977

    Looks fun but like other Gameloft games it will probably be $7 and still have IAPS. $7 should be enough for a fu**ing premium experience!

    • Boris Nguetie

      it also requires permanent internet connection.

      • Gameplaya


  • curtneedsaride

    I hope it isn't always sunny and 78 degrees in NYC in this game. I'm tired of fighting crime in the daylight in the first one. That last shot gives me a sliver of hope that we'll get to watch the sun rise and set while we clean up the streets.

    • ODMay

      It was dark in the part of the vid where it showed Electro and in the first one, the sky turned green from Dr. Conner's poison.

      • curtneedsaride

        I know! I just hope it's incorporated into a day/night cycle instead of just a cut scene or a single mission.

  • the_rebel14

    I am liking the art style there. It looks cleaner than the last one and a little more comic book like. And those shadows!

  • JC85

    this looks like the amazing spider man 1 with updated graphics

    • Goat76

      That's what thought as well.

  • ODMay

    Not once did I see him pick up an object. That would've made it so much fun. Environmental damage only happen in cutscenes... but I guess I'll still give it a try. /:

  • ImJPaul

    I really hope they get better voice actors for this one. The last one was HORRENDOUS!!! I heard Spider-Man talk and BOOM deleted. I couldn't listen to that for extended periods.

  • Mr. Grizzly

    Looks like Spider-Man has different suits he can wear. A couple of them look pretty cool.

  • jamieladc

    It'll be terrible because Gameloft make terrible games BUT at least they swerve freemium and IAP most of the time. They're just not very good at making games.

  • mothman99

    I tried the first game but couldn't get into it - might try this when the inevitable sale comes around.

    Everyone should see the film, though. I saw it on Thursday and it's pretty darned good.

  • JC85

    its going to be 4,99.

    • Aaron

      Its 6.99$

      • JC85

        not according Ryan of Gameloft

  • worldcitizen1919

    I never play Gameloft games anymore. They are just so bugged. Latest Capt America so full of bugs! Spider-Man 2 will be just another bug ridden release. That's one thing we can be sure about with Gameloft.

  • Tappingaway

    Im tired of people complaining about gameloft. Gameloft is the best mobile developer there is and no one, NO ONE, has even come close to achieving what they have. Yes, they have IAP, but every game is easily beatable without spending any money. So 1) shut up and appreciate having console quality games on your phone and tablet. 2) stop bringing up MC5, itll be done when its done and your complaining isnt gonna do anything. Thank you Gameloft for existing and making great games. Im stoked for this game!!! and all your games!!!! I can't wait to see if you guys make a NOVA 4 or a Dungeon Hunter 5! You guys are kings and there is no threat to your mobile rule. Not even Chair, Cresent Moon, or Madfinger have you beat cause they throw out one AAA game a year and you pump out like 5-6 a year. Again, thank you!

    • igames

      Well said ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Rip73

      Very well said.
      Nice to see someone who actually sees it for what it is rather than the usual Gameloft haters.
      At least they are trying to bring quality graphical games consistently rather than this tap tap wait wait tap wait stuff.
      And they at least update their current games frequently.
      And actively participate in the forums.
      And have supported the platform since day one.
      And actually are making an effort to buck the freemium trend by bringing high quality premium.
      And even when they do freemium now, they at least have it balanced a million times better than EA, Fox and the majority if developers.

      Its ridiculous that TA members/commenters choose to hate on Gameloft all the time when what they should be doing is on their knees, thanking their respective deity that they have pushed the platform so far. From day one.

  • igames

    I wonder if the amazing Spider-Man is going to be free one day

    • ODMay

      It went down to $0.99 before

      • ODMay

        Correct me if I'm wrong though.

  • surirav

    Gameloft games look perfect all but there systems are just wrong and annoying.

    Hate free to play games like asphalt the latest and best asphalt was 6, you could earn 300000 in a race and upgrade was also expensieve but you can earn a lot of money.
    Now you can win 1000 or just pay for continu the game.

  • sashadkiselev

    Gameloft do make a lot of rip offs halo-nova mc-cod gta-gangsta but they make them good quality. It is the closest to ports of these games we will ever see except gta which is better than gangster. The original games they make are also

    • BaltimoreDave

      Exactly. its not like any of the games they copy have ever been made for iOS

  • jammyman

    The wankers! Where or more realistically, WHEN will mc5 be out! Please ANYONE with any info, reply ๐Ÿ™

    • mothman99

      The release date was supposed to have been March but was pushed back to Q2 '14, so anytime between March and June. Expect this to be pushed back to summer or fall, given the lack of recent news.

  • Envo

    Gameloft and Premium release... Hahahahahahaha! It's just boring...

  • Emotive

    Pretty amazing graphics if this was 1999.

  • Shifaan

    Is the frame rate actually going to be good this time? Unlike The Amazing Spiderman 1 - 5fps

  • Shifaan

    What time is it releasing today??!! It's the 17th and all games have released, but where's this one?!

  • Gfours

    Has this been delayed?... I thought this was coming out today?

  • zachattack165

    Where is this game? The only game I was looking toward to

    • qman316

      Same here... Except for Hodappy Bird of course!
      Does anyone know what's going on? I went to their website and couldn't find any additional info except that it was supposed to release today...

      • Shifaan

        I found some info on either Facebook or Twitter stating that The Amazing Spider-Man 2 will release later in the day today. So it's all good, just wait 2-5 more hours......hopefully.

      • Shifaan

        Actually found more info that Gameloft are working on it to get the amazing Spider-Man live now. That's right, NOW. So it should be available within the next hour. I really hope Gameloft don't break our trust.

  • Shifaan

    Surely Gameloft will have TASM2 released within the next hour right? I really do hope so.

  • Shifaan

    Ok this is not looking good.

    • qman316

      Yeah, kinda crazy... Can't believe they're missing their own release date...

  • Shifaan

    Ok seriously where is it?