Developer IceFlame Ltd struck an odd but incredibly fun mashup when they combined soccer with rally cars in 2012's Soccer Rally [$0.99], and they've been working diligently on a sequel ever since. The last time we checked out Soccer Rally 2 it was back during GDC last year, and we really liked what we saw. Soccer Rally 2 takes the core formula of the first game but expands on it in just about every way. We've been waiting patiently for Soccer Rally 2, and today IceFlame has announced that the wait won't be too much longer as the game is set to launch on April 24th. Here's a brand spanking new trailer.

Like I mentioned, playing a giant game of soccer using rally cars as the players is more fun than you can imagine, and if you find yourself too impatient to wait for the 24th, then be sure to check out the original Soccer Rally which is just a buck. Otherwise mark your calendars later this month when Soccer Rally 2 drops in the App Store for free.


  • NOEN

    I forgot all about this one. It's been so long since I've heard anything about it.

  • anabolicMike

    Obviously they saw that episode of Top Gear where they did exactly this in real life. God those boys have fun. Dream job number 1 through 100: Be a presenter on Top Gear UK

  • Qw3rTYz

    awful epileptic trailer

  • mattacuk

    I think this game looks a lot of fun myself!