Yesterday on our Twitch stream I had what inadvertently turned in to one of my best runs so far in FTL [$9.99 (HD)] where I actually managed to make it to the second phase of the last boss, rock a ship with fully powered weapons, and unlock a new ship randomly in the process.

FTL is a hard game with a lot of decisions and strategy that can be very important for your survival. It's not a very forgiving game, and a lot of how long you survive has to do with how well you plan ahead to both mitigate existing problems as well as deal with potential future issues. In the stream I explained everything I was doing, along with the logic of all of the decisions I made. I'm by no means a god of FTL, but if you're having trouble wrapping your head around the game still, be sure to give this video a look:

Seriously, just get this game already. If you've got an iPad, you need it. For more information, check out our review.

  • JoeriD

    Thank you! But, no thanks! Haha, I love failing at this game too much atm. "1 more game, no stupidities this time, please!"

  • Chungston

    I will use the oxygen trick to flush out enemies. Thanks!

  • heresandypandy

    I've been playing FTL for ages. Best tips that I have for winning with the kestrel are:

    - Open all 3 sets of outside blast doors from the beginning and keep them open, so you have the quickest response possible to fires etc.

    - Try to find a second Burst Laser Mk2 cannon and combine both of them with your Artemis to tear through shields at ease (3 burst laser canons is basically an auto-win)

    - Always target weapons systems first, stopping the enemy hitting you is the best form of defence

    - explore as much as possible in each sector: utilise nebulas to buy more time and maximise encounters. In the early sectors save up your scrap until you NEED to upgrade. Prioritise spending scrap on: cloaking device (pretty essential), stealth weapons augmentation, and then either a shield or weapons regen augment.

    - invest most your points in shields and engines. Avoid O2 and medical upgrades. Upgrade your security systems and doors going into the last few sectors.

    - whenever you fight slaver ships ALWAYS fight them and knock their health down until they give you a slave. You ideally need 8 crew for the endgame so always take any opportunity to upgrade your staff... Put two crew in the weapons and shields rooms so you can always repair them quickly.

    There's more to the game of course but these tips should get you pretty far, hope this helps people who are struggling.

    • rbates

      Here is my strategy. Spoilers for those who want to figure things out.

      I find the third weapon, the one that fires the three missiles, is the biggest threat if you have full shields. I target that first and if I can take it out each time then it becomes much easier since my shields can absorb most of the rest. Next I go for the ion cannon (first weapon) then there isn't much he can do. If you can take out the crew in these rooms as well then there isn't a way to repair the weapons each stage since they cannot get in. Crew transport is a great way to do this.

      After those threats are gone I try to kill most of the crew in the first stage. This makes the other stages much easier. Don't kill all of the crew though ;).

  • Irvin

    An important factor at beating the game is understanding the metagaming, i.e. The final boss.

    Whatever you do before to survive means nothing if you're not prepared for the final fight, and knowing what the final fight is about will help you plan your trip accordingly.

    Flushing out oxygen and setting ship on fire may be a great strategy in the beginning but it doesn't do much for the final boss.

    Read up on the final boss and it's stages on google if you want to play effectively, none of what you do before means jack if you don't plan for the boss.

    • heresandypandy

      Yup, it's all about that final battle. My strategy is to cloak through its more powerful attacks then hit it with an out-and-out assault with my burst lasers targeting its weapons and my Artemis hitting its drone control. This is where "stealth weapons" is particularly effective since you essentially get a free hit, and on the final boss it's all about destroying it before it destroys you (and it *will* destroy you no matter how strong your ship is if you give it time). Advanced blastdoors are absolutely essential as well to control invading droid-thingies and fires.

      • rbates

        I love how there are many different strategies to this game, even with the boss. I often use a defense drone or two instead of a cloak. I beat it with 5 different ships so far and haven't used cloak yet. Different strategies means you can adapt to what the run gives you so you aren't in trouble if the stores do not give you a cloak, defense drone, crew transporter, ion bomb, etc. 🙂

      • Irvin

        The final boss limits your tactics more than the rest of the game, you can ONLY destroy it, you can't win by killing off the crew like the rest of the game.

  • Papa Deuce

    Well, I finally broke down and bought it last night at 2am. I did the tutorial but will likely have to do it again. I sure hope I enjoy this game.

  • defiantsoul

    This game really is freaking amazing. I've been playing it for a long time on Steam, and gladly bought it again on iPad. The re-playability is amazing!! So addicting!

  • piwakawaka

    Not a bad run, multiple lasers seem to be a good strategy. If you use your burst laser to take down the shields first then fire the hull laser just after, you'll do more damage overall as the depleted shields won't absorb the higher-damage laser bolts. Means you have to manually manage the firing sequence but it's worth it.

    At the end you still had a 10 second cloak available that you could have used to avoid the swarm and regain some control. Also, the triple rocket launcher is deadly and needs to be taken out ASAP.

    Another thing to note at several points is that you can flood a no-oxygen room with an adjacent full one to partially replenish it - so if your O2 room is a vacuum and needs repairing, simply open all internal doors to balance the remaining O2 across all (or some) rooms - then no need to take damage while repairing.