Whenever a new competitive freemium game hits the market, there’s always a mad dash to try and get to the top of the leaderboards. Unfortunately, the only surefire way of doing that is to simply buy your way to the top with significant IAP buys. While Supercell’s Boom Beach [Free] doesn’t deviate from that norm, there are still plenty of tips and strategies to follow in order to minimize the time and money spent on the game.

We've already offered up some beginner tips and strategies, as well as provided a full review of Boom Beach if you're completely new to the game and wondering what it's all about. The following are a few nuggets of information that should help in expanding your island empire without needing to invest heavily in diamonds.


Plan Your Upgrades Several Moves Ahead

Starting off with some resource tips, it’s imperative that you have a long term upgrade plan when collecting resources and upgrading buildings in Boom Beach. It sounds obvious, but the timers in the game have a tendency to create player scenarios where currency storage is maxed out (which means you aren’t earning any more) without any place to spend it. A good rule of thumb is to always make sure your Armory has a few available upgrades (so you can cash in your gold) and your other buildings have upgrades ready to go. The goal is to never be waiting on a headquarters upgrade with the rest of your buildings maxed out because that’s a surefire way to get caught with maxed our resources.

Be Mindful of Resource Requirements

This goes hand in hand with the above tip regarding planning upgrades. If you have your eyes set on upgrading a certain building, make sure that you actually have the capability to upgrade. There’s nothing worse than collecting resources and realizing that you haven’t upgraded a warehouse enough to actually have enough stored resource for an upgrade. Sounds stupid, but I’ve had that happen on occasion because I was more focused on the upgrade and assumed that I had enough warehouse space for all the resources, which lead to me wasting time and effort on improving my storage buildings (and typically lead to situations of maxed out resources).

Save Your Diamonds For Upgrades That Require New Resources

Boom Beach’s premium currency exists solely to speed up timers; there aren’t any special towers or builders that you can save up for. Thus, there’s no need to horde diamonds indiscriminately. However, I would suggest that you save them for certain upgrades that are particularly tough. For example, once you unlock the stone currency, your headquarters will require one more upgrade in order to unlock the stone quarry (which produces stone). However, that HQ upgrade also requires stone which at this point can only be earned via island raids. If you don’t want to spend all your time raiding, this is one of those areas where I’d recommend spending diamonds to speed up the process and unlock a reliable generator for that new currency.


Don't Ignore Your Vault

Obviously, the key to success is to eventually have all your buildings upgraded, but I'd suggest putting somewhat of an emphasis on keeping your vault upgraded. It’s not the most glamorous building to invest in, but not only does it keep more of all your resources "safe" in case your base gets raised, I think it also makes you less of a likely raid target (although a good player will raid anyone all the same).

Always Study The Film

Moving on to some guidelines for battle, whenever a player attacks you the game always stores a film of the battle. Regardless if it was a win or loss, I’d highly suggest reviewing the film to look at the strengths and weaknesses in your base. I’ve had experiences where a loss on my part was simply due to a defense tower being slightly misplaced. In addition, checking out a replay is also a great way to develop new offensive tactics when taking on your own opponents.

If you’re looking for specific advice on how to build your base, I’d suggest checking out the islands of other players. Otherwise, make sure all routes into your base are covered by towers and mines and try to minimize having towers really close to each other as splash damage isn’t a fun issue to deal with.

Be Prepared for Radar Upgrades

Radar upgrades allow you to expand your map, giving you more access to bases to ransack and collect resources (as well as victory points). Another not-so-advertised effect of radar upgrades is it makes you both more susceptible to attacks from stronger players, as well as opening up the same stronger opportunities for you as attacker. Obviously one of the key’s to eventual success is to take over as much of the land as possible (which requires radar upgrades), but I’d recommend not indiscriminately upgrading your radar before your base is ready. Make sure all your defenses and troops are appropriately upgraded prior to opening the proverbial flood gates to harder opponents.


Practice Good Timer Management

This is one of those standard tips for freemium games, but it's always worth repeating. Practice common sense timer management. If you're going to bed, upgrade a building that has a longer timer. During the day, work on the items with shorter upgrade times so you can do multiple ones in a single day. The goal is to minimize the likelihood of needing to waste diamonds simply to speed up upgrades. Also, unless you're trying to save up for something, try to spend as much of your resources at night; it makes it less likely you brush up against a resource cap when you collect everything in the morning and makes you less of an inviting target for night-time raiders.

Make no mistake, the further you get in Boom Beach the longer the timers are going to be regardless and the greater the urge will be to pick up diamonds. However, keeping the above fundamentals in mind will should allow you to upgrade your island as efficiently as possible.

  • sakara214ever

    Thanks very helpfull guide. Although i deleted the game no matter what guide you follow at the end of the day the guy that pays the most real money gets to the top. And when you reach his position maybe after 2 or 3 months of struggling not to get constantly raided other players will always be too much better than you not because they play the game better but because the pay the game more.

    • DtheGOPkiller

      Yeah I have been playing maybe a week and half and am level 18 and have a very very hard island to raid and easily save 60k gold and 50k wood and 10k stone each night for upgrades. There is a real way to make this game work. I haven't spent a penny. Just good at time and resource management.

  • Flare_TM

    What annoys me is when I get raided by people 10+ levels higher than me...how's that fair?

    Can't even test my base design/strategy because there is no strategy...only overpowered tanks trampling my defenses, matchmaking is totally screwed in this.

    • Valerie Holmes

      That happens if you consistently beat everyone on your map. The thought is that if you can beat people on your map super easily, that you need a better challenge. It's actually perfect matchmaking.

      • Flare_TM

        How is it perfect matchmaking if my base gets steamrolled by players 10 levels higher, I have ZERO chance of defending that.

      • Valerie Holmes

        Stop destroying targets immediately that show up on your map. It's not good strategy anyways because your resources will fill up super fast and others will be able to loot from you and get more of your stuff more easily.

        Do you think they came up with this willy nilly? Months of testing go into making a game like this and determining things like matchmaking. It should make you feel like you need to rise to the challenge instead of complaining.

      • Flare_TM

        So rising to the challenge is purposefully avoiding confrontations which is the most fun part of the game? Great game design right there, must of took them months of testing! not.

      • Valerie Holmes

        Clearly you're a troll that will never be happy. It's all about strategy, something which you obviously don't understand. It's not about avoiding confrontations, it's about timing everything right.

      • Flare_TM

        You're the troll here, and a one with some real issues at that if you have to create arguments on the internet lol. Oh an btw you just contradicted yourself because to time things right you have to avoid confrontations lol, derp..

      • Hank ReadaturownRisk

        This game is all about who spends real money no strategy has any match for someone who spends money,

      • Joeyaz35

        I'm totally with you Hank. I feel someone has to put this people in their place and put stop to their unfair pratices. I have never seen such unfair game. They make you feel you can use strategy and timing all the up to 30s level and when you realize you're being conned, you already have spent real money on this stupid game.

      • Jeff Driscoll

        If you feel their practices are unfair then don't play the game it's not that complicated but to say things like "unfair practices" and "someone has to put these these people in their place" makes it sounds like you think they are running a Ponzi scheme or something and greatly diminishes your credibility.

      • skpiecemaker

        Destroying targets is the point of the game Valerie. And yes, the match making system is very flawed in this game. Essentially Super cell is forcing people to quit out of frusteration. What is the point of a game if I am to just sit there and not attack - makes no sense to me or any other gamers I know

      • Joeyaz35


    • ashraff96

      Supercell should improve the match making system

    • Kenny Davis

      Don't expand Radar until your strongest

    • Jeff Driscoll

      If you are getting raided too much then it's time to focus upgrading defensive buildings for awhile. Plain & simple. This game has no overnight solutions. Once you employ a new strategy it takes anywhere from a couple days to a couple weeks to get results depending on your lvl (lvl 48 myself started around Thanksgiving last year and never spent a dime)

  • sbnewsom

    It's your fault for aiming to get to the top of a score board. Not one game have I cared about that. That said, I have not spent on dollar on these games. They are the most complete and most functional game you could get for free. Here's a guide: enjoy the game while it lasts. Don't pay a dime. Don't overuse gems. And delete it when you're done. I didn't know you can buy gems until I clicked the plus sign. No random pop ups screaming at me to buy something. Not even ads. This solid game gets way too much flack.

    • Flare_TM

      If you are referring to my comment below, I'm not trying to get to the top of the scoreboard at all, I couldn't care less for that, I'm simply playing the game by raiding other peoples bases and having fun, isn't that what the game is?

      My main point is you shouldn't get raided by unbeatable players 5-10 levels higher than you simply because you are skilled enough to beat players your level

      • Sing C Limano

        Its a strategy game, including managing your resources planning attacks, defense and blah blah. The loot bonus is too little imo and YES if you attack too often you'll be faced with higher lvl opponents. I can understand that, i just have issues with the resource bases. I hope they fix it. As for your own resource management, planning is crucial. Do you know you can stack those resources in your productions by simply not collecting them all the time? Same goes with the boats. However i'm just annoyed at why they dont tell you how much you can stack those in your boats. I hope SC will fix that soon. All in all, manage your resource collection is the only way to go imo. Self control is key in this game 🙂

    • Jonny

      Pointless babble! At least read for comprehension first before babbling!

  • Ubisububi

    Although I'm an avid player of BB (it's the only freemium game I have ever enjoyed), I regularly curse at Supercell for allowing players to:

    1. Raid players who are multiple levels below them.
    2. Repeatedly raid you with no immunity periods in between.

    Then I realized that this is intentional. With other players continually skimming your resources, you can never save for the big upgrades, which is how they push you to buy diamonds. Who needs in-game ads and pop-ups when you can get other players to do your dirty work for you.

    Have you ever noticed that all of the human opponents who appear on your map are a lower level than you are? Somewhere there's a player with less game time than you, cursing every time you raid him. There's always a bigger fish and a littler fish in this game, and you have a place in this intentionally dysfunctional food-chain.

    • Shantanu Arya

      Well...intro VP 295 level 15 vault level 13: I used to attack day long and upgrade. It worked for Me till now. But now players on my radar are level 40+ . can't attack any more. So this game isn't about going straight. Its about strategy . recently defeated Dr Terror and made a lot of resources as my offence is strong. Defence is weak. Attacked by higher players..lost a lot. So had to put the HQ on beach . do you get it??? Its not an over night game. I play with my friends via task force. It need precision.you can enjoy the ops with friends but managing your base is your management not ego. (M not a teacher, can't be sure if you understood my point. But there is always a new game to suit you. I love here..I love offensive but this game may be teaching me patience and a will not to pay a single rupee. Cheers mate.

      • skpiecemaker

        Sorry, there's no way that you defeated Dr. Terror at your level. Maybe a few of his bases but you did not defeat him - this I promise

    • Jeff Driscoll

      This ain't rocket surgery fellas... When you raid your vp goes up... When you get raided it goes down... The higher your vp the higher the lvl of players who appear on ur map... The higher ur vp the higher lvl of players whose map you appear on. If you attack constantly you will find bigger bases on ur map and will be attacked by bigger players

  • rewind

    Very helpful guide. Seems as if you enjoy the game, and I'm baffled by the 3.5 star review.

  • trazer

    I got raided 22 times while I was at work, and not one was successful. Awesome way to get diamonds if you ask me. I'm level 17 overall, headquarters at level 7. Radar at level 3. I've only been raided one time successfully since I started playing.

    I'm upgrading everything to max before doing headquarters and radar again, with radar way behind, this keeps the matchmaking pretty fair.

    • DtheGOPkiller

      I agree. If you do this game right you can make your base very hard to raid. I am level 18 and have a very very hard to raid base. I haven't been successfully raided for a few days at least. I haven't spent a dime. Now my base is so hard to raid I think people scout me and just pass because it is work and they pass onto other more easy bases. There really is a way to play this game and have a blast.

  • DtheGOPkiller

    Don't know why but I always do very good at these games. I am level 18 and have tons unlocked a almost impossible to raid island and am having a blast and spent zero bucks and zero cents. This game and COC I have been playing for a week or so and haven't spent a dime. And have gotten really far. It's just about being smart with your diamonds and coordinating timers and projects and plans and time management and being patient. If your not patient better be ready to spend some serious dough. I plan on buying a $10 spot of diamonds on this game and COC this weekend. First off just because I think they are worth it and why not? Second because I would like to have some on hand for that special upgrade or fight. But I really haven't found their free to play model they offensive at all. Dungeon keeper? Yeah that one was horrible. I find you can have a really fun time with super cells games without paying any or very little money. Now sure if you want it NOW then spend the money. But if you don't with time all is available. In fact I find the pace fun of some of these games. It's part of the thrill. You really appreciate that upgraded barracks when you played for a few days saving up what you need and it takes a few days to finish building. I never tried COC even know it seemed so flipping popular. Finally broke down and figured why not? Tried it after my son who's 11 told me how fun it is and was willing to do tons of yard work for a $5 bag of gems. Happy I did try it. Because I am having a blast with this game and COC. Some of the gems could really be a bit cheaper. I think they should do a sale. 50% off gems purchase 24 hour sale. I would drop $20 for that.

    • joy patel

      Not really.
      Your opponents will keep raiding you, so you will eventually have a tough time upgrading.

    • IG PolaroidPapi

      whats COC

      • hudson50670

        clash of clans

  • joy patel

    Except that you can't really win in a game like boom beach. It goes on, and on and on, and on and on and on and on and on. No fun, just upgrade and upgrade and upgrade and upgrade and upgrade.

  • araczynski

    The only way to win at crap games like this is to not play.

  • rewind

    Btw, I am #50 on the US leaderboards!

  • Kevin McCarty

    Hello, do you need free diamonds, coins, or maybe just some wood for Boom Beach? It's a great program that made the game even better than it is. Hope this helps! Here it is:
    g4mehacks .com/boom-beach-hack-v1-6/

    • skpiecemaker

      Keep your cheating hack bullshit to yourself

  • Toney Prescott

    I keep geting attacked by a player... almost every day he tries to beat my base. How can I find him and attack him ?

    • Evan

      You cant

  • Jonny

    They all said avoid raiding! Stop reinterpreting what they said! Their matchmaking algorithm is one sided. They said so. It is purely on VP points! It needs a far more complex algorithm! Taking everything into consideration.

  • Jonny

    Proving that algorithm sucks & is haphazardly random!

  • Charles_Miller

    To me, freemium games are the biggest scam of the century (so far). These aren't even very challenging games -- they're just repetitive, redundant tests of endurance, designed to frustrate you and drain your bank account. I mean, I'd much rather buy a challenging single-player shooter for fifty bucks or so and enjoy it for a couple of weeks, rather than paying hundreds of dollars monthly just for high ranking in a stupid power-up app.

    • SirTKO

      I've been playing for months now and not once have I paid for anything on it ,, I'm lv 42 with a lv 16 base and about 320 victory points ,, all it takes is Strategy and carefully timed builds and the drive to win and have funn even when u lose lol n blow stuff up mannn

  • Yougottabeshittingme!!

    Skammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrssssssssssssssss. Just for you to know if you got lied to

  • Evan

    For anyone interested, here's what I do. I have two accounts. One is my main base and my priority. I found out the hard way that constantly raiding drives up your VP, exposing you to harder opposition. I think I have it balanced out now.

    My other base is one that I just started a few weeks ago and am already at lvl 22. I never raid, except where resource bases are concerned. I have only been attacked twice, one of which failed.

    Do I make less income from no raiding? Hell yes. But I also get to keep everything that I earn. I have 85 vp, and the game pits me against other players who are of a similar vp, most of which couldn't hope to raid my base.

    So on one hand, I have a base that I use for pvp and raiding and ops and have a lot of fun, playing the way the game was intended. And on the other, I know I have an *almost* untouchable base and am free to not worry over being raided.

  • Evan

    After you have been on for long enough, the game starts a timer. After the timer expires, you may be attacked whether you are logged on or not

  • Stephen Marsh

    This is my first post so I have a question or two people who are trolling and giving bad info do the moderators check these people so that they can ban them or at least take their posts off because they are not helpful for people who are trying to help themselves sexy

  • Stephen Marsh

    I do know for a fact that victory points do matter extensively on the amounts of attacks from higher-level players I have tested this myself by putting my HQ right in front of the beach for a week and let everyone attack me after that I put my HQ back and it's defenses

  • Stephen Marsh

    And every single person I encountered when I clicked find new was much lower than I ever had before. So in conclusion it's a good way for them to match you against people because if your victory points are high it means that you are destroying a lot of others therefore you should fight other people who have done the same

  • Stephen Marsh

    I hope this helps and sorry for posting so many times I just felt it necessary after seeing what some other people whom who "troll" i'd also like to think this website for its development because I find it very useful when I have questions I am a game developer and network administrator and this is by far a great website I will be referring it to my employees and friends

  • Jon

    I like a challenge but fair is being matched up with people at the same level. At the same level you all have made strategy choices with respect to building your defense and offense. If you keep winning... and not getting raided you maintain your resources and will continue to level up sooner, thereby will keep playing progressively harder competition. It is a punishment to be outleveled by 10 or more just because you are successful at your current level. You end up losing force points and when you are completely missmatched you are at a standstill unless you are willing to shell out BIG MONEY diamonds just to build up your forces to compete with much higher level players.

  • RedDeath

    The matchmaking is broken even if just based on the ease of gaining medals and the impossibility of losing them. I avoided conflict early and built up to a decent 13 -14 level base and had never been attacked. The problem was that even with every resource tile and max statues to resource production, it still took over a week to build or upgrade anything further. So I attacked everything on the map and got a huge boost of resources. Took my base up to a fully upgraded lvl 15, my medal count got to 250...and then the attacks began. Complete destruction over 20 times a day. No resource gathering or upgrading or attacking possible at all. That continued for over 2 months before I had lost a massive 10 medals and then they slowed down to weekly. Then I was able to do a little more and now have my medal count down to 235 which seems to be playable. However, I am now well behind my friend who has still never attacked anybody. It is annoying because the people that attack me usually require no troops. My TH 16 goes down to barrage and artillery alone. There is still nothing on my map that is not 20% higher level than me and the guys attacking me are insanely beyond that even.

  • Joeyaz35

    Like your advice towards the end much better than Valerie's

  • Dave Leblanc

    Don't keep upgrading the radar
    It opens up more land for you to attack but
    Also opens for tougher competition

  • Talon

    This article missed the most important point - if you pay money into this or any other freemium game, you lose.

  • disqus_o4GJxwb8WV

    Boom Beach is a excellent strategic game that requires the user to also learn that for every action, there is reaction.

  • Coach Z

    Why don't various defenses blast themselves while trying to shoot my troops in close quarters? If my gernadors launch an attack and hit my bazookas they're toast.