Galcon developer Phil Hassey has a new game up his sleeve called Breakfinity, and it's coming out next week. Breakfinity takes your typical brick-breaking game and makes it an endless affair. There's all the normal stuff you'd expect, like different brick patterns and power-ups for your paddle, but each level is constantly scrolling downward, forcing you to be quick with all your brick breaking lest you be smashed from above.

Additionally, as you can see from the needlessly epic trailer, there will even be boss fights in the game, which sounds like a nice addition to the brick-breaker formula. Breakfinity looks pretty neat, and is set to launch for free on April 10th so be on the lookout for it.

  • WP

    hmmm That felt rather... lacking? Long before tower defense games, I loved brick breaker games. This video shows only two power-ups: wider paddle and firing. Really hope there's more! Otherwise, besides scrolling, this game looks extremely rudimentary so far. (Love playing Galcon, though!)

    • philhassey

      For the sake of the trailer I actually disabled two of the power-up types. (Slowdown and rewind. They would have thrown off the flow.) It's definitely a simple game for sure, but I've done a ton of little things to tune it to being a slick mobile game. I'm really happy with how it came out!

  • coolpepper43

    Very interesting take on the classic genre. I just wish it was a little more flashy.

  • Jeremy Pilcher

    Looks good! It doesn't need more flash. It's perfect as is. Don't add even one more feature, Phil. I would hate for it to take any time away from finishing Galcon 2 for iOS! 🙂

    • philhassey

      Don't worry Galcon 2 is still in the works! Sometimes it's good to step back for a little while, and do something else, just to gain perspective before diving in for the final push on a project though 🙂

      • Jeremy Pilcher

        That makes sense.

  • bitbit

    If anyone remembers pop-pop from Ambrosia Software, this looks very similar