Just when I was totally ready to say we've officially seen it all when it comes to Flappy Bird clones, spin-offs, and mash-ups something like this has to hit the App Store. Imagine, if you will, the gameplay of Flappy Bird mixed with Street Fighter. When I say mixed, I mean mixed. The sprites and sounds are directly ripped, and you play as one of the classic Street Fighter characters avoiding dhalsim's arms. Yes. Really.

upload-2 upload-3

While it's infringing on Capcom IP in just about every way imaginable, the iTunes description does mention the game is totally free of ads and monetization and they'll take it down if Capcom asks. So, we're really just looking at a fun and silly fan project. Street Flapper may not be the Flappy game we deserve, but it's certainly the Flappy game we need.

  • Stormourner


    • Kane

      Birdie dislikes flappdokens.

      • Stormourner

        flappic boom!!

      • Design by Adrian

        Spinning Flap Kick!

  • Bool Zero

    This can't possibly be legal, can it?

    • C. Stubb

      Nope. If this somehow appeals to you in any way, get it while you can!

  • coolpepper43

    This game is great! I hope the front page expose doesn't get it removed too quickly.

    • coolpepper43


  • Yum Cha Games

    Thanks for the plug, Eli!

    About the legalities... Yeah, I'm not too sure. I mean, I'm not actually taking any revenue away from Capcom (I even ask customers to purchase Capcom games in the description!) and if Capcom want me to remove it I will.

    I figured I should at least give people a chance to play it, since it is quite fun.

    • coolpepper43

      Yes. This could easily be a promotional tool for Capcom. I think this game would only help them.

    • witedahlia

      I'm glad you did. It makes me want to play Street Fighter again. Plus, it's hilarious. Good job!

  • iBaloney

    This is an awesome idea !

  • VirtualBoyFreak


    Flappy V's: from V's tv series (the 80's, please).
    Flappy M.A.S.K.: from the tv cartoons.
    Flappy G.I.JOE.
    Flappy Starcom.
    Flapper (a mix of flappy and frogger).
    Flapman (Pac-Man can fly, right?).

    • Design by Adrian

      Transflappies: Flappy in Disguise

  • Echoen

    Flappy Bird Simulator. There's goats so why not?

    • thiagovscoelho

      A Flappy Bird where you actually flap your wings, having to deal with wind resistance, air pressure, altitude maintenance and avoiding stalling?

  • defunct32

    This got me lolling.

  • Bob Kay

    I can't believe Apple has approved this game.

    • coolpepper43

      Thank god it did.

  • Cookies

    Nope. Definitely not.

  • Emotive

    What's the code for Bison?

    • kiancheong

      Up up down down left right left right B A Select Start?

      • Emotive

        I knew that 😉

  • lancheta

    Is there an option to change to landscape mode? Seems very cramped

  • Ezio Auditore

    Tiny Nemo similar game, but difficult because of the two zones, water and air with different physics.

  • salvee

    How do I unlock bison or akuma!?!?

    • Yum Cha Games

      Check the first post in the forum thread. I've put the unlock codes in spoiler tags.

      • Design by Adrian

        And of course Bison doesn't use the Psycho Crusher because that would have made the game too easy!

  • BalckJoe Joes

    The best iPhone 2048 game ever! It's free and beautiful and you cannot lose!!! Try to get the best record!


  • DemoEvolved

    How does this get approved? I though the AppStore was curated

  • Design by Adrian

    *downloaded before it's pulled due to legal issues*

    *then will sell the iPhone for $1000 with this preinstalled*